Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 12 – Dr. Winifred Monaco

Dr. Winifred Monaco is a chiropractor and owner, researcher, and designer of “Dr. Monaco’s Natural Remedy” CBD products used by world-class athletes and people all over the United States Dr. Monaco’s Natural Remedy: https://doctormonaco.com

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Hello, this is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky here with Hello, this is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky. We’re on episode 11 correct? Yep. Episode 11. We are with Dr. Woody Monaco from Orange County, California today. Dr. Looney is a graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences where she received her doctorate in chiropractic. She also received her Bachelor of Arts and biology with a minor in Chemistry from Vanguard University. In addition to that, she completed a somatic therapy program in 2016 with the French osteopath guy Boyer, who’s a doctor of osteopathy, osteopathic sociopathy. Dr. marcoh also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training which I Like, I like yoga a lot, and currently teaches yoga at Glenwood House of residence for special needs and doubt. A dad special needs adults in Laguna Beach, California. And Dr. Wen he also owns Dr. Monaco’s natural remedies, which is a CBD formula that we actually sell in our office here in West Fargo, North Dakota. And we’re going to talk about the benefits of CBD today and how our formula is unique and unique to the CBD marketplace, as well as the different herbal herbs that she mixes with their CBD to to help us heal and feel better. So welcome to the podcast, Dr.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Whitney. It’s good to be here, Dr. Dan.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:57
Yes, it’s good to see you. So how did you So how’d you get started with CBD?

Unknown Speaker 2:06
So I’ve been using CBD or recommending CBD to my patients for a long time. We’re lucky in California and that hemp products and cannabis products have been legal for a relatively long amount of time out here, especially CBD. So that’s that the extract that comes from a hemp plant. So I’ve been able to recommend it to patients for a long time. And if you had a medical marijuana card, you could actually go to any dispensary and buy CBD. So typically, either I go by it for them, or I show them which shop to go to and kind of what to get but, but I also noticed that along with the CBD, I’m always recommending other herbs as well like okay, not only in an acute injury, do you want to get CBD on board for the inflammation but you want to add these other herbs. And so I’d send my Patience or I’d have to go do it myself sometimes, you know, go to mothers get all the stuff I never really wanted to carry a ton of inventory in my office, because I really felt like sometimes that clouds your judgment and are you selling the stuff because it’s there. So I would usually make recommendations and then send people to mothers and I started getting a little bit of feedback from my patients about you know, it being cost prohibitive if I send them to mothers for school, you

Daniel Pozarnsky 3:29
know, it’s like a natural Oh, it’s

Unknown Speaker 3:31
just like a natural health food store. Like they have like Whole Foods but a smaller more local chain to California. Okay, so they they carry and they always have, like, you know, hippies and herbs section you can ask questions and stuff so I always like to send people over there. So I started getting some feedback from patients as well as the CBD can be kind of expensive, especially, again with our laws and it being in a dispensary and there’s lots of taxes. added to it, and then worrying about quality. That’s a problem too. So I really went about this to create a product that I could feel confident was clean and the highest quality for my patients, specifically targeted at the types of injuries and illnesses and wellness patients that we see are

Daniel Pozarnsky 4:24
so specific to what we do. And you see, you see you have kind of a niche patient base that you’ve told me about when I visited your office. Yeah, but you see athletes and I see

Unknown Speaker 4:41
I kind of feel like I see everybody but I definitely see like some, you know, higher end athletes that maybe they do that for a living, or athletes. There’s a lot of retired athletes in this area. So working with like how to rebuild the body once you’re done kind of beating it up, especially as a younger person. And then I would say, the majority of my patient base, though, is pretty athletic, whether they’re professional or just like to be active, they’re, they’re active people, for sure. Plenty of people are generally more active than they are.

Unknown Speaker 5:17

Unknown Speaker 5:18
well, we have all this great weather and people definitely, you know, get outside and make the most of it. And I would say even my older patients, you know, in their 80s and 90s still actively participate in some form of exercise. Like I feel like people are pretty movement oriented here, for sure.

Daniel Pozarnsky 5:35
Awesome. I hear it’s cold, like eight months of the year, so like, moving to summer, but like, right, yeah. So I have to, that’s a skill to motivate people to like, keep moving. Yeah, tough when it’s cold.

Unknown Speaker 5:56
Yeah, I agree. So we’re lucky that way, so When I started out to do this, I started thinking about our patients in terms of like an acute patient and what kind of herbs and what the CBD would need to do for an acute patient versus a chronic patient or a patient maybe that’s having difficulty I feel like sleeping anxiety I saw you you right away, put up the calm formula that we have

Unknown Speaker 6:26
calm and the pain ones are, are the big ones you probably use. Yeah,

Daniel Pozarnsky 6:30
pretty. Also,

Unknown Speaker 6:33
the ways I started thinking about like the other herbs you would put in there and that you could do a remedy that would calm you down if you’re anxious. But that could also calm you down enough to sleep if you needed that. So I wanted to do one that could really target both of those things. So that’s really why I did this Was I a little bit of personal history is that I have a family member who suffered from lupus My aunt, over 40 years, and I watched her. You know, I think when we think about drug addicts like addicts to opiates and things like that we think about people who are like scoring drugs on the street, right and partying. But that isn’t my experience. My experience with those types of drugs are that the people start out taking them for legitimate medical reasons many times and either don’t notice that they’re becoming addicted or have no other options like for my aunt 40 years ago, there wasn’t a lot of great options for pain control. Plus, she lives in Virginia where the laws are very restrictive towards THC and CBD. They were anyway. So kind of watching that destroy her body and destroy her other organs. And again, she was somebody that took Xanax to sleep, and then tons of pain medication during the day and just watching over a 40 year period. What that actually does to a person. And so knowing that we have people now in our society, right that we have, that have legitimate illnesses that have legitimate diseases that need pain control, we can’t just say these drugs are bad and they’ll hurt you, we have to have alternatives. And over the counter drugs, we know do just as much, not just as much, but they do damage of their own over time. So even saying, relying on over the counter drug is not going to help your your liver over time, and it’s still going to tax your body and we know now that it does damage other things like the muscles like the tendons, so all things we’re trying our jobs to avoid and to make healthier and a person. So I really needed to create something that if not to replace a an opiate, at least to maybe cut down on how much somebody needs, especially poster I’m really encouraging my patients like mixing the CBD try you know holding off on that opiate and I didn’t really get in touch with the pain and see how you can help it

Daniel Pozarnsky 9:13
it did actually did help the pain formula worked really well to like get off the horse I was the opiates they give you right after because they don’t give you as much anymore.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
No Not anymore so they probably either gave you vitamin or Norco those are the typical

Daniel Pozarnsky 9:35
bikin but they only gave me like three days or they used to be there two weeks or so and so a lot of pain after like can be a third degree separation of my shoulder.

Unknown Speaker 9:45
Yikes. Yeah.

Daniel Pozarnsky 9:47
And that the pain point and really actually did help take the edge off. Good that I have. Yeah, like Tylenol and Advil

Unknown Speaker 9:55
and right. Well, it’s a it’s a better anti inflammatory and one of the reasons It’s a better anti inflammatory is, you know just for the organs alone, it’s not going to go through the liver it is going to go through the kidney because everything that gets excreted out in the urine affects the kidney, right? But there’s no toxic limit because it’s not going through your liver. So anything that doesn’t get down to the receptors is just going to go out of your body in the urine. It’s not going to sit around anywhere. And that’s a great benefit for it as well knowing that it’s safe and then again, you’re not taxing the liver and there isn’t this toxic limit for it.

Daniel Pozarnsky 10:34
So the CBD and and the different herbs don’t aren’t

Unknown Speaker 10:44
our mood are not the CBD is not affecting the liver that is not processed through

Daniel Pozarnsky 10:50
the liver. Oh, it isn’t. I thought everything crossed to the liver that that’s where we get our enzymes.

Unknown Speaker 10:56
Not the same way that you’re thinking of a drug where the reason why there’s a toxic level for alcohol is your liver can only process so much of it right so it backs up. That’s not true with CBD, it’s just going to get excreted through the urine. There’s nothing that you’re waiting for to happen to that would make it make it toxic

Daniel Pozarnsky 11:16
liver. So like, it’s it’s just more natural, it’s not synthetic. Right. So you put the body in process.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
Yeah. I mean that’s how herbs are meant to be taken to right in their, in their, in their pure form the way we found them. The rad thing about pharmaceuticals is, is that most of them that’s where they find them, right we have, we have bought notice that our pharmaceutical body is looking for new drugs all the time in the forest, right? The beauty of that is then they’re washed in a lab and made super clean because lots of herbs have allergens and things on them. So you know it’s it’s we need both things. But in the pain control realm, and especially with the patients that we’re seeing because of the downsides of end saves to the musculoskeletal system, I do feel like this is the best route for most of my patients and I really encourage people to at least see if it’s effective for them.

Daniel Pozarnsky 12:21
If it’s not really affect my patients like the road to the end, like the pain and the heel formulas especially like for neuralgia that was one thing that Oh, awesome, older patients like that have neuralgia in their feet like it would start going away. Nice and that’s something I didn’t expect

Unknown Speaker 12:44
It’s funny how now that I’m, you know, at first I did all these formulas list kind of specific injuries or ailments in mind. And now that I’m getting feedback, I’ve got patients getting telling me all kinds of things that they’re getting results with, which is great. I obviously can’t make a lot of those claims because that will just get me in trouble. But I love people that are willing to experiment and see, you know, there aren’t a lot of downsides. So I don’t see any reason why not to give it a shot.

Daniel Pozarnsky 13:15
And the patients that I have that like are taking Tylenol or Advil or whatever, ibuprofen every single day, because they do it to to, to preemptively stop the pain. I try to get them to switch over to the seizure, because that, like the body just can’t handle that forever. And I don’t think that really been gaining effects from it. It’s more psychological than anybody have

Unknown Speaker 13:44
it. Yeah. Yeah. So that was you know, one of the other reasons that I thought about like in my own life, and when do I take pain medication, what do I need? So I definitely did a formula for around my period because a lot of women think well, I’ll just take ibuprofen And when I get crammed certain, but the bottom line is you can’t take ibuprofen once a month for you know 30 or 40 years and not think that’s going that’s chronic use that is chronic use. And there is a downside to that. So I did a women’s formula specifically because for myself because I don’t want to be taking ibuprofen every month and I put other herbs in there, valerian root, Kava, Kava, melatonin, other things again, all through your system and I put Tansy blue in there and that’s for like the grouchy part that you get during your cycle. That’s what I get anyway. So again, like I really tried to think about all the other herbs that will complement the effect of the CBD. The CBD is great for by itself. You know, you’re just getting many on say inflammatory effects, and then you’re binding all these different receptors which is great, which can help your system but I really do feel like it’s the herbs that give everything just that little push that it needed to get Yes,

Daniel Pozarnsky 15:01
your formulas compared to other ones are usually just like straight CBD but like,

Unknown Speaker 15:07

Daniel Pozarnsky 15:08
like herbs and and supplements and and oils and things like that because they are more natural and they do actually help whereas we stray CBD house but the other thing is how to like the white willow bark which has looked at Asian and magnesium which helps the nervous system and the muscles and tumeric which helps inflammation. Peppermint helps your stomach orange, I’m not so sure what does that do?

Unknown Speaker 15:38
That is a couple things. It’s more blood flow and then a lot of these herbs that I put in there to have most most of them are again to increase increased blood flow and blood perfusion. And some of the topical ones I put on there are actually like frankincense and myrrh and things like that are actually antibacterial wound healing

Daniel Pozarnsky 16:01
Oh, you use it for wound healing?

Unknown Speaker 16:03
Yeah, frankincense is really great for scar tissue so I put it in my heel lotion formula. Okay. And myrrh as well. That’s why they gave him Well, that’s why those were gifts given to Jesus right, frankincense. Yeah. Yeah. Those are really old herbs used for skin and wounds and antibacterial properties as well and both of those

Daniel Pozarnsky 16:26
Yeah, I do that about frankincense and myrrh. I don’t have any help or the heal lactic I ordered so Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
And again, like another one that I getting for the heel is like great on bug bites, great on burns anything really that’s healing that’s that’s an allergy. You know, I don’t, I don’t use the pain if I’ve got like an open wound because it’s a little steamy because of the peppermint. But I will put the heel even on like a bug bite even if it’s a little open. And it seems to take the sting right out again because you’re getting that night. CBD which is causing the inflammation, which so many problems on the skin or inflammatory, right?

Daniel Pozarnsky 17:06
Yep, yep, totally. And a lot of people just have a lot of systemic inflammation and for sure, bring down that the tincture. The

Unknown Speaker 17:16
heal formula is the one that I did with, like the well patient in mind that doesn’t necessarily have like, Oh, I’m taking CBD because my knee hurts or my shoulder but knows that they want a daily dose of it. Or as a female really after you oscillate your body starts producing less natural endocannabinoids so that’s when you’d want to add it into your system. So I do take a daily dose. So for patients that don’t have a problem, I give them the heal remedy. Because that’s got other great things in it for you right like vitamin E collagen, just stuff you need in general. And

Daniel Pozarnsky 17:55
then with the and then with the women formula. Take, you have like women take that just like the week of their pay period. This

Unknown Speaker 18:08
is a great way for women to actually Oh, sorry.

Daniel Pozarnsky 18:11
Sorry, you cut out on there. Do you have it? Do you have to take it like throughout, like their wedding, the cycle. So usually what

Unknown Speaker 18:21
I tell women is, is that, first of all you should know when you ovulate, I think it’s really important for women to be kind of in tune with what’s happening in your body. And we’ve kind of been taught that you should just ignore it and, you know, take all these pills and you won’t know what’s happening. I don’t think that’s a great idea. So if you know when you obviously, you know that after you ovulate, your natural endocannabinoids are going down. So that’s when I switch from like the heel formula or if I’m taking the calm at night, I’ll switch to the women’s formula during ovulation. And then just take the women formula for the rest The cycle

Daniel Pozarnsky 19:01
as estrogen decreases and progesterone increases. Is that what happens?

Unknown Speaker 19:06
as to why your endocannabinoids decrease? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:10
I’m not sure why the production goes down. I’m sure there’s a hormonal purpose for them for that happening. But you have receptors on for CBD on your uterus and your fallopian tubes in your ovaries. And those are all places especially the ovaries right? When you’re oscillating, and things are moving. What do you get low back pain from those attachments right from the way the ovaries attach via ligaments to the low back. So I will get a ton of SI joint pain and actual ovary pain that’s relieved if I take that.

Daniel Pozarnsky 19:43
I know like a lot of my like younger patients get a lot of pain because I think one of the reasons because most of them are on birth control. They’re just dominant and that causes most what most women’s issues because of the food. They To see more as to everything.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
Sure I’m a big proponent of not eating estrogen.

Unknown Speaker 20:08

Unknown Speaker 20:09
that’s a whole nother podcast. But yeah, you don’t you don’t need, you shouldn’t be getting estrogen in your food. And I’m not a big proponent of that kind of chemical birth control. I feel like there’s a million other ways to do that and that are better for you. And I do think that birth control in general is really depleting of a lot of things that I’ve actually put in my formulas by lots of B vitamins, it’s a liter of magnesium is a depleted of a lot of the things you need to have a healthy cycle. So if you can’t convince them to at least get off of that, maybe they could add, you know, a womens formula to at least make their their system a little healthier because,

Unknown Speaker 20:52
yeah, because of the problems you mentioned with estrogen dominance. That makes a lot of sense because

Daniel Pozarnsky 20:58
a lot of like women Just think more birth control or higher amounts or switch it up, but they just think too much.

Unknown Speaker 21:06
Yeah, I mean, we do have to wonder at some point, you know why when you see problems with fertility and things like that, you have to, you know, they’ve made they’ve made some conclusions. I don’t think that’s me stepping out of my lane. We know now that you can’t take birth control for 20 years and think you’re going to be super fertile with the menu. When you stop taking it. You’re just not.

Daniel Pozarnsky 21:28
Yeah, I mean, these natural processes have to restart again.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
Yeah, so I’m, you know, I’m a big I’ve been alive a long enough time to know you can get pregnant when you want to be and not pregnant when you and especially with apps now, there’s so many good apps that will just take your temp every day and tell you whether you’re oscillating or not.

Daniel Pozarnsky 21:50
Yeah. Is there any that you recommend?

Unknown Speaker 21:54
I forget with the one that now it’s like, I don’t need to because me and my ovaries know each other very well. Well, and I can just tell what they’re doing. I don’t need to track my cycle anymore. I can actually just feel it. But I forget, I’ll have to look them up for you. Because I think there’s some good ones that are really easy to use.

Daniel Pozarnsky 22:14
Yeah, we can definitely put that like in like the show notes and on our website, and then for sure, yeah, we’ll find some good ones that are easy for people to hear. And that’s important. Yeah, it is important in a lot of people don’t get that information around here. Yeah. And so moving on then I guess so you also do you also have performing for animals?

Unknown Speaker 22:38
Yeah, I love I do have a formula for animals. I actually did my post a postgraduate. course in animal adjusting I did a few different methods. I’ve always loved adjusting dogs and cats and horses when they need it, but there’s a lot of people that specifically adjust horses out here. So, um, so I did this formula for my little dog and cat patients. And just because I love them so much, and I to create money for a couple of Riley rad charities out here

Daniel Pozarnsky 23:13
and look at that on your website up to Kiva. And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:21
What scout

Unknown Speaker 23:22
month scouts is a great organization out here. There’s mud scouts. Kiva Viva love that rescue, which is horses, and I don’t think they’re listed on there. But we also help sponsor I can’t give them CBD because they’re in China, and it’s very restricted there, but we can give them some funds. It’s a group called slaughterhouse survivors. And they actually purchase the dogs from the meat farms there because

Daniel Pozarnsky 23:48
dogs there.

Unknown Speaker 23:50
Yeah, so they eat dogs there. So we would like that to end so this is a group that’s actively there helping to end the trade of dogs for me.

Daniel Pozarnsky 24:00
Hmm that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
Yeah, it’s great. It’s been it’s

Daniel Pozarnsky 24:09
it’s interesting Yeah. Um, so you got that you have that and then you also have some I saw you had you work with a some who is it here? Lima les.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Oh Lima is a Lima is a fighter in Hawaii. She’s based out of Hawaii. She is an MMA fighter for Bella door. And she’s the world champ and we were sponsoring her with product and having her you know, just be one of our athletes, and she’s really amazing and she has a rad foundation for little girls called the Lima foundation. And that foundation helps Indigenous women with scholarships towards enhancement programs and different things. forms of education for those girls so we still plan to work with her on her foundation going forward. That’s awesome. Yeah, she’s great.

Daniel Pozarnsky 25:09
I do amateur boxing here and I’ve done that for the best 10 years and nice. Um there’s a snare did like Bella Torre UFC, but there’s a fighter Bri Prussia and she has a big following and she helps out Oh, yeah. Man and, and women in general. So that’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
Yeah, I love that whole world. It’s been really cool to I got she got her fight in December. That was awesome. Right?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
It was in Hawaii. Oh, right. Yeah, it was her title fight. She won, you know, who’s defending her belt and everything. So it was really exciting. And she’s a total hero there and the lions just love her. She’s there girls. So it was really exciting. And super fun to see her win.

Daniel Pozarnsky 25:54
Cool, good for you. It’s been a part of the time is that like, right? The shimmy your train there he trains in San Diego. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:05
Yeah, and my media is run by the same company that does her media so they kind of hooked us up with me sponsoring her with you know, product and doing some things with her. So that was super fun. I really really loved it. Cool. Yeah. Um, did you want me to talk about some things that everybody out there should watch out for when they’re buying CBD? Because I definitely feel like that is another place where people get ripped off.

Daniel Pozarnsky 26:35
Well, I don’t know the big thing is between or there’s a big there is a like, you should know if it’s full spectrum, I know or if it’s not in how it’s processed. And where the sources come from and the THC levels I know people worry about. Yes, those things that way.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
What’s important is that it why it’s important that it’s full spectrum is if something says, I select or pure, they’ve taken just the CBD which is only one of five cannabinoids that you find in him. And they’ve isolated just about one. Now back to my example about pharmaceuticals. That’s what pharmaceutical companies do, right? You find something, then you isolate it in a lab, and then you manufacture it. Now, if we’re doing that with him, you’re going to isolate one little cannabinoid. Where did the other four go and where did the other over 113 terpenes go that belonged in there. Well, now they’re gone. Yep. That’s not how it’s meant to be taken. You want the other four cannabinoids, you want all those other terpenes it’s got amino acids also in there. Vitamin E like you want everything that came in the plant to be with it. Otherwise you’re getting is a very cheap product to make that’s tricking you into thinking it’s pure. Well, no, it’s just cheap. And it’s not going to an isolate is not going to be effective. Like the full spectrum again, because you’re you just took out, you wiped out all that other good stuff that belongs there. So far, that’s part of what takes it into the cell. Right? is when all that’s present.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
Yeah, because they work synergistically.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Yeah, that’s how it’s meant, you know, that’s the difference between herbs and pharmaceuticals, right? Is that’s a very pharmaceutical way to render something. And in the process, you’re destroying a ton of the other elements that you really do want to keep and again, to me what you’re paying for. So I always tell people, if you see that it’s water soluble. That’s an isolate. If you look in the pipe If you draw it up and it’s clear, that is an isolated, you don’t want that. It should be a nice pretty yellow or amber color. It should be really clear. It should not have any contaminants in it. And it shouldn’t be cloudy. If it’s cloudy or colored. That makes me wonder what they’re hiding. Oh, it shouldn’t. And you don’t want it to be flavored. It should taste like the earth. Yeah, I don’t want you don’t want sugar in it. Dear God, like right?

Daniel Pozarnsky 29:35
And yeah, no flavor things and add other things that will.

Unknown Speaker 29:41
So looking at the labeling, there are tricks, right? It’ll say pure THC free. Why do you want the THC in there? Well, the reason why you want it in there. It’s one of the cannabinoids and you want just that minimum level. So it is legal. CBD in all 50 states with point 03 percent THC. So what you have to do then if you’re looking at a product is you need to go on their website and they should have lab value and the lab values should tell you first of all it better say that their CBD in it you want it to make sure it’s been tested for CBD. And then you want it to say what the limit of their THC is so that you know you’re getting a product that’s point 03 or below.

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:31
Yeah, that’s what lab values and looking for lab values, those should be readily available. Always think that they’ll have too much THC THC and SSM and get tested and like trouble.

Unknown Speaker 30:43
And you know, that could happen, but it doesn’t let’s just put it that way. Most I don’t know anyone that’s taken a team. Sure. The one of the labs that I work with eco science has said that people have made claims that They’ve turned up positive after taking capsules. But again, you’d have to prove you’re not at home smoking weed all day too. So, you know what I mean? It’s like are Did you really turn up positive for my capsule? Or are you hitting you’re wrong or what’s happening? You know, I don’t I personally have not had anybody. But if you had an employee that was like, you know, getting tested again, you’d have to find out what kind of test which one are they using? What else are they taking? And you know, even the NFL might start relaxing soon, I think on their rules.

Daniel Pozarnsky 31:35
Yeah, I heard that if the seasons

Unknown Speaker 31:38
they’re gonna have to write those guys have been sitting around for how many months now? You think they’re not all just sitting there? bongs Come on.

Daniel Pozarnsky 31:47
Sure, they probably are.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Maybe they’re doing whatever they want. So I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re relaxed, which is good.

Daniel Pozarnsky 31:57
Well, yeah, exactly. Can they figure out wait covered up anyways. Yeah. So let’s backtrack a little bit and like what’s the difference between a cannabinoid or annual cannabinoid and terpene. And that’s really important.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Well, those are just different chemicals and Endocannabinoid means you made it in your, your own body. So a cannabinoid and terpene. Those are just different substances that have different effects. And I can’t even go over all the terpenes because there’s so many. And there’s, there’s just like an endless amount, but those are just different, different elements of the plant that make it more effective. Again, together in synergy with each other. And CBD is easier to use than like, like marijuana and things like that. Because like that how well a cannabis plant actually doesn’t have the same level as a hemp plant of CBD, right the roles are reversed in a cannabis plant. You’re growing the cannabis plant for a high THC and lower CBD. In a hemp plant. You’re changing that right? You’re growing the hemp plant that variety for the really high CBD low low low THC. So different species really a plant.

Daniel Pozarnsky 33:18
Yeah, they just legalized growing hemp here last night. Great was and it’s supposed to be like a great like cash crop but they have to like plant it by hand that’s big part it’s pretty like hard. It’s kind of hard. That’s the

Unknown Speaker 33:34
other thing about my hemp is in America again because we’re dealing with injured patients or patients like my aunt with lupus or you have patients like I do with Ms or other things and even if you’re not treating it, you still have to be aware that a system like that is obviously going to be more sensitive to chemicals, right? So I didn’t get my hair from America. I do feel like the standards for organic are very relaxed, and they’re very self regulated, which is always in my mind suspect when you’re regulating your own industry, right, so in again, I found this company eco science whose whole mission is just getting this clean hem. We get it from the Netherlands because pesticides have never been legal there and they’re never going to be and they’ve been growing hemp for 3000 years not like us for you know a few hundred. So it’s gotten there super clean, their soils never been contaminated. They’re like ours has and then the extraction process is done in Germany. And co2 extraction is again considered the gold standard for him. Heat extraction will destroy some of those other chemicals. We talked about the terpenes and then the other cannabinoids so I feel like the next level My product was then, with these patients in mind, what kind of bottle is it going to go in? So am I going to buy a bottle in China that’s potentially got contaminants in the glass? Well, not not for my patients and I don’t want that in my own body. So my glass is coming from a company in Idaho. I really tried to make sure that every step along the way I thought about my patients, like each one of them was my hand, what I was and what I would put in her body and what I was trying to do for her, so I really, really thought about those things and made sure that, you know, I’m paying a little bit more for my bottles here, but it’s worth it. You know, that is an important thing to find out. Where is your company that you’re buying something from? Where’s it getting its products, who’s making it?

Unknown Speaker 35:54
Who’s in those factories, right? And

Daniel Pozarnsky 35:57
you have to find that in the grocery store or The gas station?

Unknown Speaker 36:01
No, no, it’s it was actually pretty hard to do. So think of all that and make a product that wasn’t a million dollars.

Daniel Pozarnsky 36:10
Like just something out there’s a lot and then yeah, you get your name and get everything. Get the good traction. It takes a long time. How long does it How long did it take you to get your first product out? The first product?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Um, I did all seven formulas at the same time because again, they were they were my brainchild I’d been writing all the things that I wanted for so long. So when I finally turned it over to the chemical engineer, I was like, here, okay, see what you can do. And that process I actually went through three other companies and argued about things like I was told by a chemical engineer that tumeric was very dust and that it had no You know, meaningful effect on the body. And so going through that was a very interesting process as well. Most chemical engineers tend to be men and they tend to be foreigners from different all different kinds of places. But having some female chiropractor come along and talk about these things with them with challenging and challenge some of them. So I actually wound up firing a couple groups of chemical engineers to until I could find some that could understand my vision, you know, for what I was trying to do. And I actually found a great group that I really felt like helped me not only with my original idea, but make it even better and bring it to life and an actual formulary, which obviously a chemical engineer has to do that.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
So it took about two years,

Daniel Pozarnsky 37:53
two years,

Unknown Speaker 37:54
tinkering around in a lab and getting products back that you would just get back and be like my god, no One would be able to put this in our mouth like, so. You know, where are you just think oh, maybe this is impossible. I mean, there were definitely times where I thought this would never happen.

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:08
This just tastes like like alcohol though.

Unknown Speaker 38:10
Some of them just tastes like

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:13
really? Like I’ve tried all kinds of tinctures since being in this field, gentlemen are the ones that are better good, better for you, but like you that that do have to be palatable.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Yeah, for sure. So I did. I did feel like the other thing that helped my product was a lot of the herbs, the other herbs actually made it taste kind of better than just the plain CBD to so

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:39
I don’t I don’t mind the taste. But I’m used to taking like weird things. The crusher is like oil and butter. Yeah. But somebody stood and they’re like, what’s that? Like? They can taste the peppermint I think and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Yeah. And when people aren’t used to that it definitely tastes Earth. You know in plantea and that’s definitely something people are not initially, you know, used to. But I think that’s a good thing. You definitely don’t want it to seem like you know, I don’t want it tasting good or sugary. That’s not it.

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:14
Yeah, cuz you’re not getting the real like distill product.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Yeah, they’re hiding something for sure.

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:22
So do you have any any new a new things coming out?

Unknown Speaker 39:26
Yeah. So I have some new things that I’m working on that are more just clinically based, like lotions, I’m doing some lotions for clinical use because I love to use my lotions on my actual patients when I’m working on them. And especially for cupping, I love to use the cup, the my silicone cups and kind of drag it with the lotion on so I’m working on some bigger pump lotion for professionals. Yeah, yeah, like a massage therapist.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
Yeah, for massage

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:58
therapists or doctors. Because like there’s some people that have never systems are just so like over sensitized that they can’t get a massage, but they need it. And the CBD helps just that nervous system calm down a little bit so it doesn’t it doesn’t hit that action potential and yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:20
how’s everyone I’m doing one that’ll be the pain formula and then one that’ll be the healing formula. And that will reduce the these are pretty strong. The the concentration of everything in these, if you’re doing a massage and you’re using multiple pumps, you don’t need it to be this strong plus it would cost you know, it’d be cost prohibitive for me to produce one this concentrated. So it’ll be a little less concentrated just because you’re going to be using more of it anyway, if you’re working on a patient or doing a massage. Ah,

Daniel Pozarnsky 40:53
that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yeah. Other than that, I don’t know. Do you have any recommendations of products that you could you could use produced. Um, I feel like I covered most of everything.

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:07
It could be a good digestion formula, I suppose, but not be a bad idea. Yeah, for that, cuz that leaves a lot of people that have different that’s really common and women actually like digestive issues for sure. That will be one that I would be a good formula if you put some different like herbs in that you can choose from. Or you could even mix it you could do turmeric, magnesium,

Unknown Speaker 41:35
maybe some papaya for digestion,

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:37
some enzymes,

Unknown Speaker 41:39
enzymes Yeah.

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:40
Or some like I don’t know if you can mix like berberine or things like that, that help kill some of the bad bacteria they start.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
Oh, I think that would be really good.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
That would be good idea.

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:56
there’s a there’s a supplement that has I have use for to cure like candida overgrowth in, in, in the gut is made up of essential oils but I can’t remember the formula. It’s by metagenics. Okay, well maybe I’ll check that out. You could look that one. I like that one as well and that’s what’s in it. Okay, that makes sense, like pizza was really powerful. So he had to just put a little bit, but that’s really good for that gut. So I think Yeah, Jessica, it’d be really good. Nice. Um, and then, like you do your lotions a little different than most companies. You put them in a roller.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
I did put it in a roller because, well, especially with the pain. I do, you know, it’s called peppermint. And then the willows bark, which you definitely just don’t want to get in your eye. Yeah. And I felt like a roller you could just roll it on and you don’t have to touch it. So you’re not contaminating the lotion. And then the same for the heel I thought well if you’re going to use it on like, you know your your own self, you don’t want somebody you don’t want your finger going into a lotion and getting the lotion contaminated, especially if you’re using it on a whim. So that was my reasoning for putting it in, in a roll on is just not having people get their

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:30
hands on it. I know it’s easier for I like the roll ons to with anything because it’s just not as messy and you’re sure it’s like work. That sort of people get sore and stiff because they’re sitting at their computers. Yeah. Or just doing repetitive stress type things all day. So I like the roll ons when it comes to anything that’s like a pain reliever.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Yeah, me too.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
And I just read it super. It’s super thin. So you can just Roll it on, and then it dries pretty quick and you can just get dressed or whatever. So I tried to think of those things too, because I do I use the pain roll on actually for cramps and everything too.

Unknown Speaker 44:11
I just roll it right on there and get my gloves on.

Daniel Pozarnsky 44:15
Yeah, like for the neck pain headaches and then just just really spasm perhaps learn from the cute tip or use that.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Yeah, and then the heel and I really switch people over to use the heel after an injury, um, you know, isn’t painful anymore. Because you have so many receptors on your skin, and especially people like you they got like a C stuff. It works great even to put on topically for healing over

Unknown Speaker 44:43
like long term as well. Yeah, this is switch people over to that,

Daniel Pozarnsky 44:48
um, issues with that AC joint because when they repair it, they don’t like they, they drill through your clavicle and then they go down into your scapula and it’s not the same, they don’t attach act to the AC joint. So you still it still moves more interesting, which I don’t like so much, but it was not really my choice I guess. Right?

Unknown Speaker 45:13
He didn’t ask you.

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:15
Yeah, and I didn’t know that many different ways to repair China. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. When it’s like your skin.

Unknown Speaker 45:25
Yeah, scary.

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:26
Yeah. No fun. I can be as painful as it was, but it was.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
You’re lucky you can adjust and everything again.

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:37
I was adjusting with one arm for like, three months. That’s crazy piece and like, like a mechanical adjuster. And you could think I’ve already said to get creative. That Yeah, and then I could like, I could turn my wrist pretty fast, but like my pec wouldn’t fire. So my god And then I would wear like a clavicle brace underneath my, underneath my shirt or whatever as well because if people saw me this thing then they didn’t want to come in

Unknown Speaker 46:12
for sure. Yeah, nobody wants to hurt her words.

Daniel Pozarnsky 46:17
Oh, I don’t make pay my bills.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
I got to keep going.

Daniel Pozarnsky 46:23
They only took a couple like a week and a half off after that. That’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
I get it. I mean, you gotta do what you got to do.

Daniel Pozarnsky 46:31
Yeah, definitely. But it’s been killing and I’m actually boxing again and great. And it’s getting stronger. My arm shrank quite a bit, but it’s coming around after it’ll

Unknown Speaker 46:43
come back. Yeah, yeah.

Daniel Pozarnsky 46:46
Awesome. So I think we covered just about everything. Well, including the crazy how, how crowd was crazy out there, we could probably add that

Unknown Speaker 46:58
we could definitely do a whole podcasts about that I’m sure you’re getting. Are you keeping contact with doctors from different places and stuff too?

Daniel Pozarnsky 47:07
Well, when I do the podcast I asked them a little bit about and I don’t know, a lot of doctors, like a lot of chiropractors or regular doctors are just kind of over it because they kind of know. Yeah, seems like like the local ones are like they have to follow I don’t know really what they know or not because they state guidelines and nobody wants to say too much or anything. Yeah, but I just, there’s not a whole lot you can do.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
I mean, do all

Unknown Speaker 47:40
this shit. Wash your hands. Don’t go anywhere if you’re sick. You know, don’t cough or sneeze on anyone. But we can’t sit inside until all the germs on the earth die.

Daniel Pozarnsky 47:54
Exactly that we

Unknown Speaker 47:55
should be talking about

Unknown Speaker 47:56
how to make the human more healthy. No I

Daniel Pozarnsky 48:00
say like get sleep get movement. Get vitamin

Unknown Speaker 48:04
D go outside get fresh air exercise your body.

Daniel Pozarnsky 48:09
Yep, I have like different supplements that can help like boosts your immune system.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Well and CBD is a good one for that too right CBD is all over your immune system. Yes

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Oh over

Daniel Pozarnsky 48:23
yeah totally you are decreasing your inflammation because that’s for sure a virus it just kind of some new virus or just picks out your weakest link basically for sure. Yeah, if older or have some sort of immuno compromised in some way. And I just think the media at the beginning just blew it out of proportion. Pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 48:51
Because now like if you look at the numbers like more people get it but they’re not gone. I’m dying. Same thing, Gavin just shut everything down in California. Two people died yesterday in Orange County. You? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 49:04
mean, I’m sad. That’s sad. It’s tragic and sad. But those two people were probably going to die anyway.

Daniel Pozarnsky 49:10
Yeah, that’s the thing is for people like no, like, it’s not young people, it’s really not middle aged people, especially like, you know, takota here like, no people that are kind of, they could catch anything, basically and die. Yeah. For sure. News takes like, you know, the water two cases of somebody that might be healthy or kid are

Unknown Speaker 49:31
not the outliers, they find the outliers in every situation. And it’s like, that’s so unusual.

Daniel Pozarnsky 49:38
Everybody, and I don’t understand, like, they’re talking about, like, what they’re gonna do with schools and stuff and kids aren’t even affected by it.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
It’s ridiculous. I mean, it makes no sense. They’re not getting it. They’re not dying from it. We know they’re not spreading it. But you know what? My little my 13 year old is not getting super healthy. sitting inside now they counsel you know, all his stuff. He looks like you know, he looks like a fat little squirrel.

Daniel Pozarnsky 50:07
They can play with their other friends. Like cuz moms are scared and I already terrified. I mean, close the playgrounds down I just I think they’re opening up now here but like I know like in California, so no way. Totally California

Unknown Speaker 50:23
is just total lockdown city and

Daniel Pozarnsky 50:26
yeah, a couple of texting with and they’d sent me a picture with them with their masks on and they go nice mass.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
The worst fears

Daniel Pozarnsky 50:36
don’t have many people that are doing that anymore, which is nice. Oh, that’s good. I think that just just increases the fear level of every does.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Well now everybody’s afraid of everybody. Yeah. Can you see a person and God forbid you see a black person on top of it. Now you’re just like, holy shit.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
It’s like we’re just terrified each other now. All the time.

Daniel Pozarnsky 51:00
Yeah, it’s just, it’s just sad.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
It is because they’ve just used so many things. And now like, you’re gonna say the wrong thing, you’re gonna do the wrong thing like and, you know, and everybody’s just pretty much just avoiding each other now.

Daniel Pozarnsky 51:17
Yep. Yeah, well, people are starting to come around here. But it’s not as diverse as like California for sure. Yeah, I mean, if we had the then there’s more like people are more separated. Whenever Minnesota, Minneapolis or the forest and that was where all the Big Black Lives Matters. All that stuff went down. And I first time people that actually came out of their houses. And they’re asking me like, how long is this gonna last? Like, I’m like, Oh, the crop is probably around for a year to like, but can’t really do anything about it. You just

Unknown Speaker 51:51
do you want to live like this. Like I’d rather take my chances. Like, you’re gonna go back to my life and maybe I’ll get the flu and it’s okay, you know, are you I’d rather have

Daniel Pozarnsky 52:01
the I would rather have the Coronavirus in the flu like flu is horrible.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
For sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Yeah. So ya know, it’s been it’s weird in California again because we’re more diverse and orange counties not as diverse as La la la is a disaster of epic proportions you just you know will probably never go to LA again if I don’t have to.

Daniel Pozarnsky 52:25
Yeah, that’s from there from LA and and they said it’s pretty bad there.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Yeah, it’s pretty bad. And the political stuff just makes everything more tense and worse, you know, you don’t really need that on top of this.

Daniel Pozarnsky 52:40
They’re they’re trying to get votes you know, for November like that. It’s just all this is Yeah, wrong. I just think it’s disgusting, but I gotta be good at that. I like North Dakota i think is one in the top 10 for like, like reopening and things like that but we have less people sure but it’s also it’s also a red state those ones

Unknown Speaker 53:11
makes a big difference

Daniel Pozarnsky 53:13
and like I we actually only live like five miles from Minnesota you just go over there and everything’s closed. So weird is weird

Unknown Speaker 53:21
but it is weird to see that like political

Unknown Speaker 53:26
agendas like lines you’re like why how did

Unknown Speaker 53:29
this become an issue? This is science it’s not it shouldn’t have anything to do with politics like medicine and politics really should have never they should never be happening now. And like I just

Daniel Pozarnsky 53:44
you know, it’s the any media like major media channels I just tell people not to watch because yeah, there’s so people are so programmed because it being watches and sir young, right, believe whatever comes on there.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
That’s like This person’s an entertainer they’re not they’re not even disseminating information. Totally entertaining you

Daniel Pozarnsky 54:07
they constantly have the numbers up there and read Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:09
like, Jesus Yeah, it’s terrible. I think we need to quit testing unless you’re symptomatic and and think you need to go to the hospital I then I don’t think we need to know and we should just

Daniel Pozarnsky 54:23
that’s what they’re doing more like people can go and get tested if they want to but like the doctors aren’t going to test you here unless you are symptomatic yeah dematic they ask you different things like that but sure. And there’s clusters when we first open up which is gonna be like, it’s gonna it’s gonna go up for a little bit and then it’s gonna go down, you know, in the next three to six months and Michael, I’m sure it will. But people just don’t know that they don’t know how how long word See how I’m trying to get a word?

Unknown Speaker 55:07
Yeah, they don’t I mean, it will they don’t understand like, you know, communicable diseases and how it all goes. And this is how it works. And this has happened a million times, and we’re not all gonna die. And if we all die, there’s nothing we can do. Like, sometimes the species gets super fragile and they become extinct.

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:25

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Well, I might be, it might be our turn, but I don’t you know, I’m okay with it.

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:33
Okay, country and like, so. Whenever there’s an overpopulation of like animals, there’s always a disease that

Unknown Speaker 55:39
wipes them out.

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:42
And that’s just how nature balances itself.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
Every humans it might be

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:49
so like something to die and it is sad, but we’re all gonna die anyways.

Unknown Speaker 55:55
Well, that’s the thing.

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:57
So like, just try to be so Be as possible and live your life is what I what I think.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
I agree. I agree. I think it’s time

Daniel Pozarnsky 56:05
to get back to normal. Cuz Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
Well don’t come to California if you want to be anywhere normal because it’s not going to be normal here for a while.

Daniel Pozarnsky 56:16
parts of the state that I’ve wanted to but like I’ve heard it’s not a good place to go. It’s not. Yeah, I think it’s good. I bet tell out till next summer, it things are gonna settle down across the country. I

Unknown Speaker 56:31
think it depends what happens in the election. And I do think there’s a live steam.

Daniel Pozarnsky 56:36
Yeah, there’ll be some a little bit after that. And then it will come betting

Unknown Speaker 56:41
on who wins. They’ll either be another major crisis or not, you know,

Daniel Pozarnsky 56:46
I have a virtual assistant in India, and they just did another shutdown in India starting today. He did. Yeah. But she does 3 million people, right. So they I actually have a legitimate concern except imagine they don’t have a lot of hospitals and things and

Unknown Speaker 57:04
they have a she I was just gonna say their health care system is shit. So I mean for sure you don’t want to go to a hospital in India?

Daniel Pozarnsky 57:12
Probably not understand that but like yeah, in the

Unknown Speaker 57:16
health system here is good though, you know they will not remember they sent all those ships home like

Daniel Pozarnsky 57:24
Yeah, I was just the other podcast yesterday like no that one hospital anywhere is overrun anywhere

Unknown Speaker 57:31
No, it didn’t happen. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:34
So it’s time to move on. I think

Daniel Pozarnsky 57:37
so also. Yeah. Well, it was awesome to catch up.

Unknown Speaker 57:42
And that was good to catch up with you too.

Daniel Pozarnsky 57:44
And, and we’ll get you this will get you the recording out to you and

Unknown Speaker 57:50
Okay, and I’ll get you all the other stuff too that you needed

Daniel Pozarnsky 57:53
few weeks. Okay. We’re like two or three that we had to get done. And then So

Unknown Speaker 58:00
yeah, I’ll get you like a discount code and all that stuff too. That’s easy.

Daniel Pozarnsky 58:04
Cuz we’re gonna make a website and then we’ll have like a resources page for everybody’s different thing. Cool affiliate stuff, and we’re just awesome figuring out how to do this.

Unknown Speaker 58:16
That’s so fun. Good for you for doing all this. This is great.

Daniel Pozarnsky 58:19
It’s fun because like I get to talk to people that aren’t. Yeah, I don’t get to talk to them.

Unknown Speaker 58:25
So awesome. I love it. Friends.

Unknown Speaker 58:29
Super fun.

Daniel Pozarnsky 58:30
I totally I thought it was gonna be a lot harder. But it’s it’s it’s

Unknown Speaker 58:35
good. It’s just like a conversation. It’s so nice.

Daniel Pozarnsky 58:37
Yeah, I’m just yeah, lobby of my office. So that’s cool. It’s easy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
Well, thank you so much for offering now beyond and everything is gonna be fun.

Daniel Pozarnsky 58:48
I’m gonna have you and we’ll, we’ll we’ll get your product out there. I got patients that love it like the websites and buy it if I don’t have it in time and things like that. When they’re great, I’m hearing that during the pandemic, so they really do like it.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Awesome. That’s great. I’m glad to hear that. All right, well, hurry. Will you be in touch on I’ll be in touch with you soon. I’ll get you that stuff and we will chat. Hang in there.

Daniel Pozarnsky 59:16
Totally. All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Talk to you soon. Bye Dan. Bye bye bye

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