Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 2 – Flatland Brewery

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Intern Nate 0:39
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the podcast second episode here Dr. Dan’s Power Hour here with internet and Dr. Dan as well. And we’re not alone here this evening. We have a third with us this evening. So tonight we decided to go local, big, big, big part of our podcasts. Here’s we really wanted to make sure that people in the Fargo Moorhead area To really get their voice out there, I feel like a lot of people in the Midwest just as a whole don’t really get their voices out there. And if they do, they get drowned out by the people on the east coast in the West Coast who are a lot louder and have a lot more influence. So I’m really trying to bring the I’m really just trying to bring the Midwest kind of culture and just really kind of bring it back out there. We are joined by Kim, the tap room manager. She’s gonna be the tap room manager. It’s gonna be a year now in May so congratulations for that, Kim. Yeah. And we have a lot of things to ask you. We have a lot of questions to ask you. So let’s just dive right in.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:38
duck down with our health and business Power Hour, episode number two. Today I am here with intern Nate. He gave us a fine introduction. And today we are talking with Kim from flatland brewery. We are shooting In our we are shooting out of our, our living room in the in our opposite bounce chiropractic here. And Kim was our neighbor or platinum brewery is our neighbor next door. And we have invited them to talk about open. We’ve invited him to talk about the brewery, what are the history of the brewery and what they’re doing to help out the community in the cobit pandemic crisis right now, as well as what their businesses doing to keep the doors open to the community. So that

so that everybody can

get some quality beer. As you may may or may not know Fargo has won that title of the drunkest city in North Dakota. earned the drunkest city in the USA, year after year after year after year. So you can imagine what people are doing without any structure right now. So with that, I would like to introduce Kim from flatland. Kim, how are you doing today? Not too terrible. How are you? I’m doing good just got finished treating patients for the day and

and excited for our second episode

with they’re excited for the second episode of our podcast

which is, which has been pretty fun to put on so far.

Um, let me see here. What would you say or can you give us a little background about flatland brewery and their history.

Unknown Speaker 3:57
We opened up July of 2000 16

Unknown Speaker 4:01
We are the only taproom Brewery excuse me in West Fargo.

Daniel Pozarnsky 4:08
what’s different between a tap room and a brewery?

Unknown Speaker 4:12
Typically tap rooms are found.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Like for my understanding, and I’m probably wrong and people are probably shaking their fist at me but tap rooms I think no wrong answers are

Unknown Speaker 4:25
there yet? No. Well, there is no bad questions.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
Yeah, I believe the answers just a place where there’s a lot of taps the breweries where it’s like actually manufactured. Some people call them a brew house. Some people call them a tap house.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
I honestly don’t really know

Unknown Speaker 4:46
the book definition of the difference, but that’s my assumption, because I know there’s plenty of tap houses in the area but they’re not.

Daniel Pozarnsky 4:53
breweries. Yeah, I think what the tap houses they generally just Serve beers on tap, hence their name. And then the breweries actually you can when I attended her as I’ve been to the ones in the area like they have all of their equipment you can see that the back and like to actually do it right there which is it’s pretty cool process to see and I know it is a kind of lengthy process to brew one just one what would you call it like flavor or

Unknown Speaker 5:32
flavor style I mean it really depends on

Unknown Speaker 5:37
what you’re looking at here because I mean flavor I’m just pertains to how something tastes so like you can have a sour but you can have a raspberry sour so that’ll make it a different flavor, but it’s still a sour whereas if you have like an IPA versus a sour that’s the different type IPA is going to be more hops sort of sour is obviously well soured.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
just kind of depends on

Unknown Speaker 6:03
what you’re

Daniel Pozarnsky 6:05
Yeah, it seems like the the breweries have really blown up in like the last five years. It seems like in Fargo it went from just one which was Fargo Brewing Company to now there’s how many are in there you know?

Unknown Speaker 6:21

Unknown Speaker 6:23
honestly, I don’t know the number off the top of my head. I just know that. We have Fargo we have drecker junkyard. query brothers closed down in December. Just know, they close down. Don Ken is a fantastic person to talk to and work with and he was running

Daniel Pozarnsky 6:44
today so the need is that was that the one

Unknown Speaker 6:46
prairie Rose meatery actually just right up the road, Susan Rudd and her husband, Bob dual, all of their needs and stuff and we’ve actually been pretty fortunate to work with them and have a partner with them, we have the flat prairie bracket on top right now that we actually brewed in house with them.

Daniel Pozarnsky 7:07
What’s the difference between a need and just a regular beer?

Unknown Speaker 7:11
So a need is different because it’s

Unknown Speaker 7:15
I don’t want to say brewed but it’s created with honey.

Unknown Speaker 7:18
Whereas like beer is more of a hops,

Unknown Speaker 7:23
malt kind of mixture.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
It was really interesting to kind of figure out when they actually came over to help us. Susan can make Mead. But she can’t make beer because beer requires hops and other things like that. We couldn’t do a mean, because our licenses just didn’t work out. So a bracket is kind of, you know, the middle line, or you have to have a certain license

Daniel Pozarnsky 7:45
to do each one. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:48
so I don’t know. Like we can’t make ciders. I don’t I as far as I know, we can’t do ciders. We can’t do wine. We can’t do Meads. We can do our craft soda. And we can do our craft beers and

Unknown Speaker 8:02
craft soda.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
So, as an example, we have the sapsucker, everybody knows what the sapsucker is, I feel notice that suckers, that’s our cream soda. Okay, it’s, it’s made in house. It’s a shorter process then. A lot of the people when they come in the brewery, they like to do what we call easter egg beers. They’ll come in and get something like the cowboy. And they’ll take do half cowboy half cream soda, because they want a dark beer, but they don’t want the heaviness of the dark beer. So the cream soda lightens it up and actually sweetens it up, um,

Daniel Pozarnsky 8:42
with beers, so let’s try that.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
Yeah, um, I like when I drink dark beers. I want that dark feel. I don’t want my beer sugary. Because if I wanted sugary beer,

Unknown Speaker 8:56
but I mean, it’s good. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s not Just

Daniel Pozarnsky 9:01
I like the thickness, the thickness of like the darker beers just like

there’s, it’s like you

there’s more. I don’t know,

if you’re getting more than just like,

I don’t know, like a Coors Light or something like that that’s just like watered down.

chemicals or something is tastes like to me

Unknown Speaker 9:27
Right, right. Well that’s the thing with craft beers you can get a light beer, but it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking water. No offense to all my friends that like light beer or anything like that. It’s just, um I will put money on it that there is a craft beer out there for everybody. Even if you say you don’t drink beer. I’ve seen so many people walk into the brewery for the very first time and say that they’ve never had a craft beer before. They don’t like beer at all. And they try our raspberry blonde or our one eyed octopus sour or our Rogen, beer or something of that nature and it’s light, and it’s not heavy on the hops, and they’re 90% of the time, they’re changed. Like, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s an epiphany thing, but they are when they leave, they’re changed. Well, yeah, there’s so many different things, different beers to choose from. And then what I like about it is there’s not a bunch of preservatives in in the craft beers. Because the older I get, I noticed that if I drink Coors Light or something like that, like, I start, My stomach hurts and I just don’t feel as good. Whereas, I can go to a brewery and, you know, sample like three or four different beers, and then you sit down and actually can have a conversation with somebody and it’s not like you’re sitting there to, you know,

Daniel Pozarnsky 10:50
get get drunk. Like you’re it’s more of a cultural it’s laid back and more comfortable than like a bar. I appreciate that about, about the breweries like the feel of them.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
Yeah, and it’s it.

Unknown Speaker 11:14
It’s really nice. Um,

Unknown Speaker 11:18
I just, I would prefer going to like flatland or pixeled, which is downtown. That’s the big arcade brewery down there. I like those places. Because I mean, they’re quieter. They’re kind of I don’t want to say they’re out of the way but

Daniel Pozarnsky 11:33
pixels quiet. I heard this madness being loud.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
Well, I mean, you’re not gonna get the mass.

Unknown Speaker 11:41
Quarter people. Like, let’s say, director, there’s been a couple of times. I love drecker, too. I’m not saying anything bad. I just when I was up a director, it was packed.

Daniel Pozarnsky 11:50
Yeah. Yeah, I haven’t been to their giant, whatever they call it. Drew Holla Holla. Yeah, I haven’t been there yet. But I heard it’s I heard it’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
It’s pretty inside I really like that brewery

Unknown Speaker 12:05
Like I said, I really miss pics or I really mix Miss kill stone and Perry brothers those two I

Daniel Pozarnsky 12:11
like to kill soon

Unknown Speaker 12:13
kill stone it was July or August they closed they were the first one you

Daniel Pozarnsky 12:16
know they’re they’re right next to the boxing club that you are a part of.

They used to go in there but yeah, they didn’t have a lot of variety in there even the location wasn’t so great. I don’t think that was part of it.

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Well, I don’t really know, their owners. I just know that their former tap room Chris Larson. I’ve worked with him a couple of times and grant was one of their brewers too. I’m really good people really willing to help if we had any issues or we needed something, you know, they’d be willing to help us out and they were really supportive. Um, it was kind of a shock to kind of see them Go out. And then prairie brothers, we were talking about a collaboration and I think it was like two weeks later or something like that they announced that they were closing. And that kind of broadsided. Me too, because I mean, I really loved

Unknown Speaker 13:15
prairie brothers. I really did. Um,

Unknown Speaker 13:18
they had

Unknown Speaker 13:21
a Shandy beer. That was pretty fantastic. All of their beers were pretty good. But there Shandy was one of the ones that I really enjoyed.

Daniel Pozarnsky 13:30
Yeah, I like the uniqueness of like each brewery they have their own like, you know, character and they’re on.

I don’t know what you call what would you call it? Nate?

Unknown Speaker 13:42
I would call it there on the outs.

Daniel Pozarnsky 13:45
Honestly, everyone, dance or culture?

Intern Nate 13:48
Yeah, like culture, culture, everything has a different culture. And it’s not like the bar scene. It’s not like 100 it’s not like 100 Plus, you know? 20 to 25 2627 year olds like alright, line of shots, you know, I mean, it’s not like this huge like party rave. It’s more like a sit back have a real conversation with someone who actually cares. It’s not like you sit down with your friends. You’re not when when I guess I don’t know, could be my young age, but when I think of a bar, like I’m there to get drunk, you know what I mean? But like,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
Yeah, right.

Daniel Pozarnsky 14:27
Yeah, even though that even though you’re, you’re the you’re the brains behind this podcast. Um, but thank you for your input.

So, getting back to Kim.

Yeah, so there’s two small, small breweries that kind of went out of business and like, there’s a really tough time for small business and small businesses in general. I know for my business. We’re dirty percent. If 50% less clients or patients than

then we did before the

COVID pandemic started. And I’ve heard across the nation that and even Canada. I have some friends in Canada then they’re down 6%, too. So it’s a stressful time for a lot of people. Is there anything that is flatland open now for like delivery? Is it Are they What are they doing right now Kim for for the community to be able to. Can I still purchase beer?

Unknown Speaker 15:38
Certainly. So two to 5pm. On Saturdays, you can call us ahead and we can get a Growler ready for you. And fill it and bring it out. If you pay over the phone. You can also just come into the brewery. We have been doing very, very limited staff. So actually our president his wife, um, have been pretty much doing the Saturdays As to kind of keep us at home with our families to kind of keep this shelter. We’re not in the shelter in place, but to kind of keep us at home to kind of, you know, make sure that the staff stays safer. We are two to five we do cans we have cans, we have our first love coffee stout, a raspberry blonde, and our Sim kosis IPA. soon to be released will be our prairie sunrise, which is the orange width that we have. Or if you know those styles and whatnot, don’t fit your tastes, we do have our casks available and we do have what’s a cat’s

Daniel Pozarnsky 16:37
really all about this brewing business.

As we’re as we’re as we’re speaking before the show, tell us a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
So our casks are actually kind of fun. Some people are kind of uneducated as far as what a cask is, um, but a cast is usually about Beer that we pull off of one of the bright tanks and we put it into for kids and for kids our little like mini kegs pretty much they’re something that we set out at room temperature and we sometimes put other things in it so like we have a tropical one eyed octopus sour that we have tapped in the past or we had the holiday cheer. Actually, it was the holiday meant I guess. And we just we put things into the Firkins with the beer. So it ages when we have it at a certain age we put it into the warm cooler we call it because it’s at like 48 to 52 degrees, which is the perfect serving. And then we tap them when they run out and they’re typically warm. Like I said they’re flatter or flat. But it gives off a whole different flavor profile to the beer. It’s just really interesting to see

Unknown Speaker 18:03
just what’s serving beer traditionally does.

Daniel Pozarnsky 18:06
Yeah, that’s a cool thing about flatland is like you can go in there and really get that traditional deal of a real, authentic brewery, as opposed to, like I’ve been in, in some of the other ones in town, and they shoot for, you know, their different type of ambience that they want. But like, I like the authentic. The brewery or authentic feel that flatland has that? I was there. When they first opened. I think that three years, maybe like three years. I think it’s four or five years ago.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
So or in July?

Daniel Pozarnsky 18:50
Yeah, four years ago. And now they have at least how many do you have on tap?

Unknown Speaker 18:55
So we’ve got 11 rotators. And we’ve got the one mainstay which is our saps And then we’ve got the two casks, but we have, I believe 20 some varieties overall that we have available.

Daniel Pozarnsky 19:08
So 20s 20 different varieties of beer that you’ve never tasted before. You know, so there should be something that anybody, everybody should be able to find something that that they like. And that’s the cool thing about a tap or not taproom I’m getting confused now on a brewery is like you get to sample the beers. And that’s like one of the funnest parts is just trying something new like we don’t get, you know, living in the Midwest like, a lot of people like everybody contracts to stay the same or follow the same norm. You don’t want to step outside that step outside your circle per se, but like I like trying things new. And that’s what I’ve really noticed. That’s The flatland has done since they first opened and

and I have one of my favorites is the copy settled.

ketose look about that one.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Sure. I’m gonna kind of give a shout out here to beans just up the road from us. They gave us a really good too. Yeah, yeah, um, beans get or helps us out with our first love coffee stout immensely. Without them. It wouldn’t be a completely different beer. They we go up there and we get our first love decaf espresso bean. And that’s like the main component. And I don’t remember exactly the poundage that’s in it, but there’s a substantial amount and

Daniel Pozarnsky 20:45
so they do they like like, like, soak the beans like in the I don’t know the malt or Is that what it’s called the monthly.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
I honestly don’t know, too much on that process. I just know But it gets incorporated in there and it has to be you know, the first love coffee bean and espresso bean from like I said beans and I know that it has to be introduced other than that I don’t really know. I just know that it’s really freakin delicious.

Daniel Pozarnsky 21:19
Yeah, that is my that’s my hands down favorite

from flatland over from flatland. I like to go in there Saturdays. I take it don’t work. And they have. I don’t know. Do you have? Do you have it in cans right now? Are you?

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Yep. So we have the sim kosis. The Raspberry blonde and the first love coffee stout all in cans right now. If you don’t make it to that two to five window on Saturdays to come to the brewery and get some you can find our raspberry blondes at the bottle barn here in Fargo and the one well I should say the bottle barn in offices. to university in Fargo, and the one just right up the road from the brewery off of veterans Boulevard here in West Fargo. For you Grand Forks people were founded happy Harry’s both locations. I believe I’d have yours. I honestly I don’t know on that one. I just know the bottle barns for sure.

Daniel Pozarnsky 22:19
Yeah, yeah. Actually, I could probably find out.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
I just know that a lot of people kind of have been looking for us and kind of, you know, seeing where we are with our cans. And right now we’re kind of just mass producing beer to put into cans so we stay open. Um, I know that we’ve got a collaboration that we’ve done with bird dog brewing out of, I believe it’s Bismarck, um, that we’re planning on putting into cans. We’re pretty excited about that.

Daniel Pozarnsky 23:00
Tell us more about that. What’s the collaboration like what what do you guys put? Put your heads together to come up with a certain type of beer or?

Unknown Speaker 23:12
Um, well backtrack one second we are at three of the happy Harry’s locations here in Fargo.

Daniel Pozarnsky 23:18
Oh so you can get this everywhere in Fargo basically then

Unknown Speaker 23:21
well right South University drive is a bottle bar in the blue stem drive is also bottle barn, the 50 53rd Avenue South, the 45th Street southwest and the 19th Avenue North those last three are the happy Harry’s locations. As far as the bird dog goes, we are doing a collaboration with them and what a collaboration is is we work with another brewery, meatery Winery, etc. and get their input and we brew together. So Jeff Thompson is our head Brewer and he does all of that for us. He’ll go to Bismarck or man Dan or Might not or wherever it needs wherever he needs to go in North Dakota and he will brew with another brewery. The most recent one besides the bird dog, one we’ve done was a typical and we did the swamp bite with them, which is a dark pepper stout. And we used tea in that one. Tea. Yeah, from lovely people across the street is steamy tea. Oh, they have an awesome arrangement. They have like the most like the biggest arrangement of natural teas that I’ve ever seen. They’ve, yeah, they’ve helped us with so many things with our Firkins with like I said that swamp bike collaboration. I know that there’s other beers in the making down the road that I’m sure that we will do with them. We just I really like to help promote the brewery so I will talk to other breweries and see if I can help Jeff line up things with other breweries. So we can get a different you know, clientele people don’t really know that we’re here because I mean we’re in West Fargo behind a bunch of other stuff off of veterans. There is no immediate signage out there. But they are right next to bounce chiropractic

Daniel Pozarnsky 25:11
rehab which is well known spot

in West Fargo.

Just kidding we just opened. But we do have a solid client base and and this is a great area when there’s not a pandemic going on. There’s all kinds of smoke businesses. It’s just it’s it’s the it’s kind of like the epicenter of West Fargo. As far as its like, booming south. This is where a lot of people are building their homes now. There’s a lot of apartments is like college kids. This is when they talk about West Fargo growing so fast. This is where it’s happening. So this is a great location. If you like just checking out new small businesses, like there’s probably 100 different ones if you drive down veterans Boulevard, which is, which is pretty cool to see them can’t see that what other towns?

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Well, and just being at flatland there’s businesses that I’ve had the pleasure of working with that I would have never known that was here. Granted, it’s gonna sound funny, and you guys are probably gonna giggle but one of the ones that we work with, we need some good one. There we go. Is man stache.

Daniel Pozarnsky 26:33
Yeah, yes,

Unknown Speaker 26:34
they do. I don’t want to say manscaping but it’s more like grooming your beard, your nose wax haircuts, stuff like that. Anything that?

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Um, they they did the Orange is the New stash beer with

Daniel Pozarnsky 26:47
burger leaves open up the the hair, hair joints, I think because I’ve had I’ve actually had patients like saying the haircuts lately and

Unknown Speaker 26:59
I’m sure Justin was

Daniel Pozarnsky 27:00
one of probably I had trimmed my own beard earlier this weekend and and I genuinely liked going to places like man sash or something like that because they have a cool feel to.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Yeah, Barb over there is a really fun to work with. We had a beer naming, like what we’re going to be doing here for balance chiropractic as soon as we reopen. We named orange. This is the new stache. And we were doing a cross promoting thing on Facebook and we were handing out stuff for them. They were handing out cards for us. They were giving discounts if they said flatland sent them, stuff like that. We’ve done that before for them. And then like I said, steep me again, we really, really appreciate everything that they’ve done to help us out and all the advice and working with that they’ve done for us too. And those are two just two examples of businesses. I mean, there’s many like Dr. Dan said, up and down just veterans Boulevard. alone, but we’re definitely worth it. If you’re coming from downtown, you’re coming from Morehead. You’re coming from mapleton you know, it’s definitely worth the drive because I mean, we’re just the tip of the iceberg. We’re just starting you off into the rest of the, the brewing committee or community until this new one opens up in mapleton. We’re pretty excited. I know a couple of guys.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
We are not a couple of people that actually helped flatten out a little bit are opening one up in mapleton and it’s called ice wind. Rick for anvil. Yeah, Rick, Brandon gold and Tyler Mandan are behind that. They’re really big with the home brewers Guild. Same with that. Susan Rudd. They’re really big with the home brewers guild and we were really lucky and blessed to have worked with both of those gentlemen and it kind of helped us learn

Unknown Speaker 28:56
some stuff and

Daniel Pozarnsky 28:58
well, that’s nice that you work you You guys all work together. It’s a little bit different than the chiropractic community. Like, they’ll kind of

they don’t necessarily like to share their secrets.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
I feel that’s like a more doggy dog where we have a brother or sister. Yeah, friendly rivalry kind of thing.

Daniel Pozarnsky 29:17
Yeah, totally. chiropractors pretty cutthroat in Fargo here.

But we’re trying to we’re trying to change that. Hopefully the younger generation of chiropractors coming out. wasn’t gonna say so what’s your favorite beer at? What’s your favorite app flatland right now,

Unknown Speaker 29:39
right now, I would have to say the prairie sunrise. It’s like I said it’s an orange wit. It’s pretty fantastic. I’ve had a couple patrons come in, and it made me sad a little bit, but I get it. They compared it to a blue moon beer. And I mean, I guess in a sense That’s kind of what it is. But it’s better when

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:04
they don’t allow people like haven’t tasted a lot of different varieties of beers so they can’t make you know, relate it to a lot of different things I think is the the issue that comes up.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
Yeah, that makes sense.

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:18
So do you so would you just drink that by itself? Or would you put an orange in it? Or would you put like, would you do something like that? Or

Unknown Speaker 30:26
Honestly, I just drink it as it is. It’s good as it is. I’m one of those people that if it’s not fixed, don’t vote or if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Well, if I can

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:36
fix don’t break it.

Unknown Speaker 30:38
Well, yeah, there you go.

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:40
It’s not fixed. Don’t break it. It would have to be broken.

Unknown Speaker 30:46
Philosophy hour here.

Unknown Speaker 30:50
But yeah, no, if it’s not broken, don’t fix

Daniel Pozarnsky 30:53
it. It’s not broken. don’t fix it. Yes, exactly. In that one is available on Saturday. Also,

Unknown Speaker 31:01
we’re hoping to get it labeled and get it ready for Saturday. Um, it may not be I don’t want to break any hearts but we’re hoping it is it’s Can we just got to label it? You know get the price points eventually will be

Daniel Pozarnsky 31:13
just maybe not this Saturday. Yeah. Yep. Which is what today’s the 14th? Yep. Okay, so it’s possibly available this weekend or

probably the next weekend for sure.

else we got here in the you can get you can get cans. You can get growlers and what was the other one?

Unknown Speaker 31:35
You can get a holler and a lot of people don’t know what hollers are because they’re

Unknown Speaker 31:41
well, right. They they they’re kind of the baby in between crowler which is a can typically a 24 ounce can so like you go to jail beers. Hey, I want that beer they’ll put it into a crawler seal it right in front of you give it to you, I’ll holler. So 32 ounce bottle versus the Growler which is 64 ounces

Daniel Pozarnsky 32:02
for those people hollers smaller

Oh I thought would be thicker.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Um, yeah,

Daniel Pozarnsky 32:10
more people drink more.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Yeah, maybe but unfortunate well I shouldn’t say unfortunately these laws are here for a reason but August our laws changed a little bit we can’t sell over three gallons of beer at a time.

Daniel Pozarnsky 32:24
Um, you gallons up here that would be quite a bit

Unknown Speaker 32:29
so that limits the number of four packs that limits how many calories crawlers etc you fill. So we have DS beverages as our beverage wholesaler here in Fargo. And we also have one up in Grand Forks. That’s Dakota sales. We sell it to them essentially they go and they sell it to like the unhappy Harry’s bottle barn etc. And the district they sell it themselves. That um so without bottle bar and happy Harry’s that kind of stuff, none of us would have beer being a Wisconsin night originally it really shocked me to come out here and see that there are barns that sell liquor yeah so weird I used to be able to go to Walmart in Eau Claire and by my by my boobs and by my beer now I come out here and it’s hey let’s go to the barn place and

Daniel Pozarnsky 33:23
yeah bottle barn and

Intern Nate 33:28
happy happy here

Daniel Pozarnsky 33:31
Well, it’s it’s it’s a farm country so it makes some sense I guess.

What are saying like you’re open to to five on Saturdays. So make sure that you come in there trying to support the community keep you guys occupied and not to where they try to keep the cabin fever at a minimum by giving you a free variety of different


I imagine you probably sell up pretty fast with just that many hours so I would get it right away.

Unknown Speaker 34:15
Like I said, if you’re, you’re worried about human contact and stuff like that. I

Unknown Speaker 34:24
mean, that’s like alcohol but if we’re

Unknown Speaker 34:27
making beer that is like that we’ve got a problem.

Daniel Pozarnsky 34:30
Yeah, yeah, but, um, the beer will not kill the Coronavirus. That’s disclaimer I will put on this show right now. But it may get you through the pandemic.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
It will definitely help.

Daniel Pozarnsky 34:48
Wherever so you have.

Let’s see. What kind of demographic usually comes into your like, is it younger kids is mentally like 34 to us.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
So a lot of I’m glad that we brought this up because a lot of issues that we run into is families coming in with a newborn baby. And they’re like, Look, we’re both over 21 the baby’s sleeping the whole time. We’re not feeding them beer. Can he be in here? No. We’re at No, we’re at 21. And over establishment,

Daniel Pozarnsky 35:17
is it different in Minnesota?

Unknown Speaker 35:19
Yes. I mean, that as far as I know, like, 18 years old, you can serve and pour your own beer and stuff like that in Minnesota, North Dakota, you have to be 21. Okay, um, different state laws. And I mean, if you go further east, like I said, Wisconsin, I’m, I’m in Wisconsin, right? And I’m proud of that. So don’t judge me. I’m sorry. But I’m like Wisconsin, Wisconsin. You can have minors sit at the bar right next to you the whole time as long as you can prove, as long as they’re not under 18. They can sit with you. Whereas here, certain establishments, they can’t even let you enter.

Daniel Pozarnsky 35:53
Yeah, you can’t be in the bar section. I’m not sure why that is. But somewhere If you’re think I

Unknown Speaker 36:01
was gonna say politics and laws and things like that, like Barney stone, just up the road, within the last year, I want to say they finally are allowed under 21 until I think it’s like nine o’clock. But they have to have a separate section away from the bar, just like everywhere else. So Boulevard across the way to this past summer, I want to say they I’m choosing now allowed 21 and under,

Daniel Pozarnsky 36:24
they totally closed down. Now, this thing’s going on, or

Unknown Speaker 36:28
I’m just assuming, and this is probably bad because I know it’s bad to assume things. I’m just assuming most restaurants in this area are still doing carry outs and stuff like that.

Daniel Pozarnsky 36:38
Seems like everybody’s trying to do something to keep, you know, to keep afloat. I mean, it’s tough times. So everybody’s trying to come up with something that they can do that is within the law to to get some revenue until this is over. And then you can also do offer like gift cards, anything like that, like any type paper sales yet going on. And what’s the What do we have to look forward to this summer with the flattening might be coming out with when maybe all of this craziness is over?

Unknown Speaker 37:20
Well I know as of right now we’re mass producing for cans so we can get some more flavors out in cans. I touched on the bird dog brewing, collaboration we’re planning on canning some of that Dennis out of Bismarck is the gentleman that came down and brewed with Jeff. So we’re looking forward to that. We’re also doing the kolsch which is a lighter

Unknown Speaker 37:43
beer that’s geared towards Mars the summer

Unknown Speaker 37:48
that one’s pretty fantastic. I know when they when Jeff brewed it last year. It was really popular.

Daniel Pozarnsky 37:54
Is that in Cannes, or no,

Unknown Speaker 37:55
we’re it’s fermenting right now. I believe it’s something that they’re brewing

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:00
Four cans. Oh, the course. Remember the course? nuts? What is that? That’s a German beer.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Yep. Um,

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:08
you know, a history behind that. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 38:10
it’s a specific style

Unknown Speaker 38:14
of beer. I believe there’s even a town named after it. I don’t know too much more about it. I just know that. It’s really fantastic. I’ve never had a bad cools. I’ve

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:28
never had a course. Excited. When is it once it is coming out?

Unknown Speaker 38:33
We don’t really know for sure yet. Just base. It really depends on the fermentation process and everything like that and

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:40
like the next month.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Um, I know. It takes four to six weeks, I want to say for the whole process to be done. Yeah. Um, I don’t know. Exactly for sure when they’re planning on releasing cans because we need to, you know, get labels and Other things kind of really depend on when we release it like our very sunrise right now we just got our labels silver. We’ll be labeling them this week sometime. So.

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:10

So you have the core spirit coming out soon. We got growlers, which are 64 ounces correct ours 32 ounces on on terror in cans that we can pick up on Saturdays for two to five Saturdays from two to five. Remember that? Get there early. You have looks like the raspberry blonde. He talks about that one.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
So the raspberry blonde is 90 pounds of berries.

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:45
90 pounds,

Unknown Speaker 39:46
90 pounds of berries, a lot of birds and it’s very, very easy. It’s very good.

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:53
There we go. Very, very, very good.

Unknown Speaker 39:55

Daniel Pozarnsky 39:58
the more you drink I’m sure it gets better.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Well, I mean, I don’t want to brag but our beer is pretty fantastic as it is but the raspberry blonde is a mainstay for the summer we just kind of decided to keep it year round because it has been one of the best selling beers that we have. Um It’s light for those people who are like oh, I want something fruity but I don’t drink craft beer I will put them one of those in front of them and they’ll drink it on and usually have another one and they’ll be happy

Daniel Pozarnsky 40:28
yeah generally like especially now it springs to be summers could get hotter like people like things more like the raspberry blonde. I know. I really like the sours in the summertime. It was my absolute favorite. I knew that was coming out.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
So we actually have one in Cannes right now we’re waiting on a name and labels

Daniel Pozarnsky 40:50
is either Cairo canine we have actually my super system.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Yeah, we have one for lady right now and mass Got,

Unknown Speaker 41:01
um we have a showered red Ale, Irish red ale that we have named for lady

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:11
I think she is part Irish I think, you know, there we go.

We haven’t done that what’s the genetic test thing come they

Intern Nate 41:20
like, Well I know that

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:22
was like 323 23 me we haven’t done a 23andme tests on it but I think I know she likes beer.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
Lunch she’s gotta be Irish or German.

Daniel Pozarnsky 41:34
Gotta be German are from North Dakota. Everybody’s a little bit German.

What else we got here we got the What’s this? The SIM kosis Sim. kosis single hot IPA.

Unknown Speaker 41:48
So the sim kosis is pretty good. That was one of my first beers I actually cooked with. Yes, I actually entered competitions and stuff. It’ll be two years ago now in June.

Daniel Pozarnsky 42:04
What kind of competitions do enter into

Unknown Speaker 42:07
so they didn’t have it this last year otherwise I would have totally done it last year but it was a beer bacon barbecue festival thing and for those of you who are from here it’s something like that it’s at center mall usually in Morehead. But we had such bad flooding last year. I think that they canceled it because of that. But on a baking events,

Unknown Speaker 42:30
I mean bacon and beer. I mean, it sounds

Daniel Pozarnsky 42:32
like it. I like bacon a lot. I grew up on a farm and we have like fresh farm made farm. Like right from

right from the pig, like bacon like, That’s amazing. I know

Unknown Speaker 42:48
that people can’t see it. But I’m going to show you and if you want to see it too. I made a macaroni and cheese with the sim kosis and then I made a barbecue sauce. With raspberries and silicosis, they made a bacon cheddar barbecue. Oh

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:06
burger like, oh, what’s the sandwich?

Intern Nate 43:09
Yeah, describe it for the people there.

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:11
Let’s see. Well there’s a beautiful Simcoe, Simcoe spirit right next to it. Yep. Beautiful. And say What’s up? Uh, honey, honey ale right next to it in color.

Let’s see we have a a.

What can happen is that it’s just a hamburger button. I guess. I

Unknown Speaker 43:37
don’t really know.

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:38
But let’s actually toasted it.

Unknown Speaker 43:42

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:45
is messed up your phone.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
He did.

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:52
It’s okay though. Okay, so we got a honey, honey, honey, wonderful light beer with a little flavor it looks like a little a little kick maybe.

And then we got we got the macaroni and then we got the it looks like brisket. Is that just bacon

Unknown Speaker 44:10
or that’s legitimately ground beef. Oh it’s ground beef ground beef

Daniel Pozarnsky 44:16
and then bacon on top of that with the barbecue sauce and some cheese. Yeah, like I could go for that right now. Yep. So if if you want to cook with some coasters Come on pick that up. If you have. I guess there’s a really any family gatherings right now but if you just want to cook for your family that looks like a great summer recipe. Maybe we can put that in the show notes possibly. What else we got here we have we got the raspberry blonde some coasters. We talked about the coffee stout. And then we have what was the these this

This mystery beer here.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
So that’s one of our prairie sunrise. It said

Unknown Speaker 45:08
orange wit. So I get a lot that it’s like a blue moon. Oh, yeah, we talked about

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:12
that. It’s like a blue moon.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
And I mean much better. Yes. Yes. Nothing against the Blue Moon drinkers out there. It’s just I

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:22
we are testing these right now. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Yes. Yep. And then um as an Easter egg we do have a

Unknown Speaker 45:31
limited release sour. We don’t have a name for it yet. We don’t have labels or anything for it yet. So once we figure all of that out, we will have a limited release

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:42
sour as well. sours are great for the summer members limited release, so stay tuned to

Unknown Speaker 45:52
flatlands facebook, facebook page, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and our website.

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:59
Yep, Yep, flatland brewery, we’re off or they’re off a boost and drive right next to towns Chiropractic and rehab, and get an adjustment and maybe get your beer or do it the opposite way. Whatever. It works. We’re open Saturdays Also, I’m gonna hand the hand it over to internet. He’s a millennial. So like he sees everything differently, according to the public is he has a couple of questions you’d like to like to ask him. Awesome.

Intern Nate 46:30
All right. Oh, gosh, let’s close. Let me just back this up a real second. So we’re in the middle of this right now. We’re tasting all these beers. They look fantastic. They smell fantastic.

Dan’s having a good time over to the right of me here.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
So what do you guys do

Intern Nate 46:47
to give back to the community? Do you guys do anything? Do you guys, fundraisers, charities events, lay it all on me.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
So we pick a couple

Unknown Speaker 46:57
ones that really counts. Have stand out, or could use the extra help. For as long as I am the taproom manager at flatland, we will always try to do something with the North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, ALS Association chapter. That’s awesome. My father was diagnosed two years ago in May lost his life in December. While he was battling it, and going forward, my daughter who’s now seven was a real big motivator to get kind of involved in trying to help raise funds and stuff like that. flatlined raised over $300 last year.

Daniel Pozarnsky 47:41
How did your daughter motivate you?

Unknown Speaker 47:43
Yeah, she was really interested in the cause like I was motivated because of my dad, but my daughter’s like, Yeah, let’s do this. This will help my grandpa This will help other people and this will help and you know, just to see the generosity coming off of a six year old Yeah,

Intern Nate 47:55
it really puts a fire in you. Yeah, it really makes me Yeah.

Yeah, especially from a small child because they’re not meaning it from like a malicious way at all. They just want to help, you know, they want everyone to have a good time they really do.

Unknown Speaker 48:09
Right. So, um, like I said, we raised over $300. Last year we did a silent auction for them. My daughter, myself, and one of our former employees actually did als walk last year. My daughter and I are doing it again this year. And anything that we can do to help them because they’re going to be holding it right up the road instead this year, anything that we can do to help host or anything like that we’re going to we’re also working with the Parkinson’s. People. I was reached out by fabulous people over at Edgewood, and we were planning on doing actually this week, a bake sale for the Parkinson’s and then we’re also going to do like a community mixer kind of thing to have them come in. We’re still looking forward to holding this with them. We’re still looking forward to helping them. Parkinson’s is another one of those things that a lot of people don’t know About and don’t necessarily the organization doesn’t necessarily get the funding that it deserves. Um, I don’t want to strike nerves but with the COVID-19 stuff there’s money coming out of the woodwork for this for our troops and things

Intern Nate 49:15
like that like you

Unknown Speaker 49:16
look at ALS and that’s affecting how many thousands or maybe even millions of people a year save on the Parkinson’s and there is

Daniel Pozarnsky 49:22
I would agree that there’s a lot of things that people are not paying attention to.

Unknown Speaker 49:30
That is getting

Unknown Speaker 49:33
that are that are

Intern Nate 49:34
very important also, um,

Unknown Speaker 49:37
als A lot of people don’t know what it is even Yeah, I don’t even know the actual acronym. Because it’s hard to pronounce, but it’s Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Intern Nate 49:44
Yeah. And like, I guess I don’t know. I was thinking like, for a quarter of a second I think a lot of people get it mixed up with like American Sign Language almost so like completely different thing in general,

Daniel Pozarnsky 49:56
right races is not what you want to get. Yeah, no Do you mind a disease of the central nervous system? Whereas MS is the peripheral nervous system? So

usually there’s only like if you’re diagnosed with ALS, like you’re

the outcomes are like you’d have max like five years to live because the myelination is what is the fat that’s around the nerve fibers and the nerves for whatever reason, I think it’s genetic.

Don’t create that. And then generally what happens is

people usually pass away due to not be able to breathe or eat. Oh, okay. And so it’s a

it’s a bad one. It’s a hard one to go through for family and for anybody.

Unknown Speaker 50:58
There’s not a lot you can do. Yeah. Wow. Yeah.

Intern Nate 51:12
Yeah. So you guys are doing the donation for that then yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:14
yo, very cool. The als community has been

Unknown Speaker 51:20
really helpful like I follow both the Wisconsin chapter and because my dad is the Wisconsin red resident, and I follow the North Dakota one. My mom’s cousin actually

Unknown Speaker 51:34
also has ALS, and he’s been going. He’s been going at it for 10 years now.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
He, he’s the big supporter for one of the Al is walks up in Hayward, Wisconsin, so my daughter and I want to try to do that too, and try to wait raise some funds for the Wisconsin side of it. But that’s different than the brewery with the brewery. We like I said, we just pick a couple Als and Parkinson’s are the two health related ones. We also did. We donated beer to

Unknown Speaker 52:10
one other

Unknown Speaker 52:12
health related one, whom remember what it is now. It was down to the sanctuary this past fall. And they sounded like they had some medical breakthroughs, which is pretty fantastic. But a lot of these organizations don’t get the funding and that’s kind of why I want to help them, you know, we can and I’m another one that we’ve done this past. July was for love a dog for love of dogs. That’s a huge, huge organization for me to that I really like to support because they’re giving, you know, animals a second chance they’re giving them the help that they need to find different homes and stuff like that. It’s foster care system. Not necessarily a shelter. And we raised some money for them last summer too. And that’s something I would like to continue going forward just because it helps our canine friends and one of my dogs, I mean, we found under a dumpster really So I think, you know, it’s just really a meaningful organization to me and we’ve done stuff with love a dog in the past too. So something that I want to keep going, that’s awesome. That’s really, really awesome. Yeah, we actually had a special permit from the City of West Fargo for a parking lot party kind of thing. We had to we had to block off some of the parking lot and we had to card everybody coming in, and we could have our dogs out on our little makeshift patio that we had. And they brought I believe they brought pictures of dogs and I think they made Problem a dog. Granted, it’s not like what Fargo brewings doing with putting the dogs on the beer cans and stuff like that, but it’s still money that they didn’t have before. And it’s still helping an organization that could really use the help. Mm hmm.

Intern Nate 54:18
Did flatland do any donations before you started as temporary manager?

Unknown Speaker 54:23
Yes, he did. Yes. Um, I don’t know to the extent um, cystic fibrosis was the other one. There we go cystic fibrosis, that

Unknown Speaker 54:36
we donated beer and a couple of us work the beer event and

Unknown Speaker 54:41
it was pretty good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Yeah, we like I said, I, I don’t know. With like the past or anything like that, how they were doing things but I strive on keeping things local. I strive on making good lasting relationships in the community and I strive on, you know, giving back to the community I mean, the community supporting us the least we can do is help some of the ones that are more in need

Intern Nate 55:04
of that extra help. And we kind of did the same thing here. We really tried to we really tried to give back if that’s giveaways or

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:11
we’ve been doing in the community packages for people

that are not able to

Intern Nate 55:22
if you want Yeah, here, take the mic over.

Daniel Pozarnsky 55:28
Yeah, we’re doing community care packages for people in need who can’t afford supplies. Or don’t have transportation as far as like canned goods or like clean, clean supplies to help disinfect their, their homes. Even toilet paper we have that here. So and we have an awesome lady Wendy that that has volunteered her time to deliver these packages and and she’s just great she had a stroke a few couple years back and like she’s still out there you know chipping away like help people out and, and it’s just it’s great to see it makes you it makes you feel better it makes you motivated to to help more people and that’s what that’s what we’re trying to do here with will bounce chiropractic like our whole goal is to help as many people in the West Fargo fire community as possible.

We also donate to Shriners

children’s hospitals.

I’m part of the Shriners here in Fargo and and We try to help out in every way that we can especially in times of like pandemic like this when people are scared and, and, and are unsure of what’s what’s coming up next. It’s good to be able to you know, what you want to be able to do is help what your neighbor because that’s really the Midwest North quarter away

and and

like I would I would definitely

recommend you know I would definitely recommend that like everybody does that during these times and and we’ve, we’ve we’ve mentioned that a lot on our Facebook page and we’re doing everything that we can think of to help out as much as possible here as a as a new business in West Fargo and And that was the reason why we started this This podcast was to help small businesses because like they’re suffering right now this is like the worst economic crisis probably ever in the United States history ever imagined. Are we close to it? and small businesses are hurting so like, we’re doing this to to help them and get their message out there. And

and to do what we can.


stick with small and like, try to go out there and and see who is open. There are a lot of people that are open still, and they’re taking the necessary precautions to not get you know the virus and And people are still out there helping others and, and that’s great to see. And it helps people that are, you know, stuck inside to get out for a second. So they can, you know, you know, breathe some fresh air and and it’s going to be sunny out here pretty soon so it will be nice to get out a little bit and and as I say six feet away from wherever you see, I guess that’s rule

Unknown Speaker 59:32

Daniel Pozarnsky 59:34
that’s what that’s our goal here is just to help and get the message of different small businesses and and to help small businesses and in different ways we have some larger and larger names that are will be on the podcast in the future that will be

giving tips on social media

and social media presence and develop And selling to selling online and so stay tuned. And you can also help us out. help our podcasts out, we have a Patreon account.

Internet, what is it? How do we find that?

Intern Nate 1:00:20
Yeah, sort of find our Patreon account. So what you’re going to do is go to patreon.com forward slash, yeah, help us out. Help us keep helping. Yeah, to help, honestly. Yeah, cuz every dollar that we get, we’re just gonna put it right back into you guys, really. So to really help us help yourselves. Our Patreon account is patreon.com forward slash Dr. Dan’s power hour I will put the link in the description of this podcast here. Head on over there anything helps in we really just want to help you guys help. You know we, like Dan said small businesses they’re honestly what I believe is the heart and soul some communities nowadays so the country Yeah, they really are. They really, really are.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
They’re the ones that are suffering, right?

Intern Nate 1:01:02
No, no Walmart’s gonna be fine this could last 18 years and Walmart’s still gonna be fine but 18 years from now who knows what you know what’s gonna happen to us? Right a weeks from now? Exactly. So that’s what you should really be putting your focus

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
on that’s the thing too with the brewing community community is it’s like you know yeah, we have Fargo the first ones here we have Trekker which is you know, they’ve got the brew hollow they’re huge junkyard first one in Morehead. And, you know, they’ve got their outside stuff, but then you’ve got like, drunken rats down to downtown. They just moved from April to in this past summer downtown. I mean, he’s Sam core is the the owner operator there and he’s just big on like the Irish feel. You’re gonna get, you know, a complete different experience and Neil without Oh, here at flatland, and he was one of our first collaboration. Well, one of the things First ones when I took over I mean, we had kill stone and we had drunken wrath. And I mean, he Sam’s been a help to us, Chris when he was at kill stone was a help to us. I mean, we all help each other. Mm hmm. And that’s just the glory of the brewing community. Because what retailer can you say? helps another retailer out? Yeah. Whereas if I needed something, or the brewery needed something, hey, Sam, do you have this? Can we borrow this? Hey, Nick, down at pixel, do you have this? Can we borrow this or whatever, you know, we swap chiropractic.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:02:37
That would be really nice. Like, we’re trying to, you know, push that. started a Facebook group for chiropractors in North Dakota to to get that brotherhood or sisterhood back.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
Well, and that’s like I said, a great thing about the smaller businesses. I’ll say it again, I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. great support from Steve. Me. Have any questions on Hey, what kind of tea would go good with this? Hey, I’m making a simple syrup out of tea. Which ones do you suggest things like that they’re always helpful. Something happens with the brewing committee or community.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:03:17
You gotta get a dream going on Lily’s ever dream.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
I mean, like I said, we’re short on something, we need something right away and we’ve got it on order. We always try to help out. And that’s the collaborations too. We’ve done collaborations like I said, with kill stone, we were doing them with drum contrasts. Bird Dog brewing, a typical out of my not prairie Rose meatery something different. We have fat fish brewing in Dickinson that we want to work with. Laughing son out of Bismarck we want to work with you know, if Trekker junkyard Fargo one of those three would like to work with us. We’d be more than happy to work with them too. pixel, same thing. We had something in the future that we were going to possibly talk out with them and kind of get worked out, which is helping us out by coming in and buying beer helps us. Help others. I guess if that makes sense. Because if we’re not here, we can’t help the community. We can’t help out other breweries we can’t help anybody. So with the support and stuff from the community that we have been getting, we hope to see it continue. And I just want to thank all the local breweries that you know, have been here that I’ve had have helped us opened or not, it doesn’t matter. We had a collaboration planned with Barry brothers, but like I said, they announced their closure. We didn’t get to it in time. Swing barrel out more head office center Avenue will be opening eventually. Yeah, yeah. They were set for the end of March, I believe, but all this pandemic stuff kind of

Intern Nate 1:05:05
going back a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Yeah, yeah. And then we have ice wind out in mapleton that’ll be opening and

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
I’m kind of excited to see how that affects our community. And, you know, I look forward to partnerships and collaborations and stuff like that with them moving forward. So community is a big thing to me. Locals a big thing we like to, like I said, work with local give back. We like to be a part of the community.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
That’s really what West farmers are.

Intern Nate 1:05:40
Yeah, I could definitely see that as well, especially in West Fargo.

Mm hmm. Really just, everybody helps everybody. It really does. Everybody does help everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
And I mean, I know this is a podcast for flatline but I don’t think we would go as far without the other help of the other Don’t think we would go as far without the community. I don’t feel 100% Um, we would be as popular without, you know, the support of other breweries and the support of like the community like,

Intern Nate 1:06:13
in just bouncing off what you said our podcast as a whole we this doesn’t happen if we don’t have a community that are invested that are listening that are here that care. Other than that, it’s just us talking into microphones Really? Yeah, right. I don’t really have that. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
Well, and with this COVID stuff, I mean, balance has seen a decline and guests. flatland has seen a heck of a decline with being open. You know, those three hours on Saturday? Yeah, but I mean, our hands are tied, easily you can do. Mm hmm. Um, we had a bunch of events. We do a lot of local events. So Midwest mud. Amber’s from his Midwest mod has been fantastic to work with. That’s our ceramics lady. She comes in and teaches ceramic classes. And I mean, if I could ever every week couple times a week. I mean, you love it. Yeah. Um, we also have trivia Red River trivia they Eric has been fantastic with coming in and having staff, particularly Jay. Come in and host our trivia every Thursday. I mean, we’ve had other events and stuff in the works that obviously we can’t do with the COVID. But as soon as we reopen, I know. We can look forward to this release of the Cairo canine beer that we have here. We named in honor of Lady, the Cairo canine here at balance.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:07:36
Number one assistant we got

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
she’s probably the cutest assistant. Yeah.

Intern Nate 1:07:41
I could agree to that as well.

On the watch, yeah, she is

looking at somebody out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
But I mean, that’s just that’s how we are. I mean, we like to reach out to the local businesses around us and I mean, if you’re struggling with some of your marketing or you want help get the name out. I mean, our clientele is different than yours. Usually.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
naming a beer people will be like, Oh, so where’s this chiropractic clinic? Oh, it’s right next door like we had oranges the new stash this past summer and it’s the man stash place just right across the way kind of in the strip mall in front of us. And that helped them get their name out a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
It’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
like I said, I know I feel like I’m name dropping a lot but like, these are people that have influenced me these people are people that I’ve worked with these people or people that have helped the brewery out. It’s helped us get where we are and I mean, I’m really thankful for the the brewing committed community. God if I could say community right wants to be good. But um, yeah, right. Yeah. The brewing community really is offering to help like, health problems. I know there was a owner operator that had some health issues and I know prairie brothers is an example their staff offered to step up and help.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
Wow. That is really awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
I know, trackers offered to give us some pointers and stuff like that and where to go. And I mean, one other place I forgot to mention that’s been helpful to us and they probably don’t even know it is a proof distillery downtown. We have a proof barrel in our tap room. And on tap right now we have a proof barrel red ale. It’s our flatlander that we put it into this gin barrel that we got from proof and we just let it age and we tapped it and I’m telling you what it is one of the most fantastic red beers I’ve ever tasted because you get a lot of the flavors and stuff like that off of it too. So, I mean, even the distillery downtown they’ve, they’ve been helpful to us too. And without these people, I don’t know where we’d be at. And I’m very, very thankful for everybody that’s set foot into that brewery to help us

Intern Nate 1:10:10
out. Mm hmm. So it’s all a big combination. And I feel like I don’t want to step on all the other breweries toes here. But I feel like if we had every other, you know, someone from the breweries come in, I feel like they’d say the same exact thing about flatland I feel like you guys have given back to them just as much as they’ve given to you and helped out and vice versa when it comes to naming a beer marketing when it comes to just you know, business in general, and just kind of really moving forward especially during these hard times. I really feel like you guys have grown closer as a bond than anything really.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
Well, right. And I mean, even we had a mass social posts. We had it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, like we gave shoutouts to Drakkar and Fargo and pixeled and junkyard and stuff like that, because I mean, we’re all struggling. We are Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
And together.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:01
Right? Right. And the support that we’ve been getting on our social media is just, it’s heartwarming, almost because I mean, I posted on Facebook or on Twitter first. And that blew up. Like people are like, Oh, hey, they’re acknowledging other breweries. Hey, they’re helping. And so then we get these mass pictures that were tagged in, and it’s a mountain or a pyramid of beer. And it’s, oh, there’s junkyard, there’s Stryker. There’s Fargo and here’s flatland on there, too. And it’s just, it’s great.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
It is. Mm hm.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
I mean, I don’t want to name drop this because I don’t know how they would feel but we literally had someone come in not this last Saturday, the Saturday before and bought a pallet of cans.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
Wow. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
come and do it. Please.

Intern Nate 1:11:51
Yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
I know that there’s some tap rooms that can’t deliver. I know that there’s some tap rooms that choose not to deliver flatlined. I don’t know where we’re sitting on that. I don’t know if we will. But I know delivery is an option. And it’s just really hard because you’ve got to ensure that your staff is all certified with the county. Yep. That they can even do that. You have to have your service license. And then on top of it, how do you get within six feet of somebody to ID that you can’t really it’s kind of a process

Intern Nate 1:12:24
a lot of set of binoculars.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
Right. And then, you know, they have to prove that they have insurance on their vehicle that they have a license that all this other insurance nonsense, I don’t want to call it nonsense. Insurance, business hoops,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
right. But, Mom, yes. Oops.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
I don’t quote me 100% but I’m pretty sure our friends over at Fargo brewing are doing delivery. I do not think director is doing it at this time. I do not think junkyard is doing it at this time. Granted, that’s Minnesota so that’s a whole can of worms. Yeah. is really shut down. And like I said, as of right now we aren’t Yeah. But I know the Saturdays two to five times thought we we really try to push it we try to emphasize and get people in the door during that and I understand that sometimes that’s hard but happy Harry’s bottle barn they’re willing to take us in with open arms and supporting us and that’s, that’s really huge. I mean you can find us Grand Forks and Fargo shout out

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:13:28
to Dustin I know Dustin over there works really hard with everybody

who is the manager of copiers? There we go. Really good.

Intern Nate 1:13:39
That’s awesome. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
we’re looking at getting signage in the bottle barns really soon. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
it’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
it sounds ridiculous, but it’s a lot of working together and coordinating that really, it’s more than social media. It’s more than just marketing because you could market the heck out of something you can pay for boosts. On Facebook, you can do whatever it is you need to do with social media, but you’re still not going to go far without the communities behind you. Oh,

Intern Nate 1:14:07
yeah. 100% 100%

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:14:10
Mm hmm. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:12
I agree.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:14:14
Okay. Well, wrapping up here. This is Dr. Dan again. I want to give a shout out to flatland brewery. They’re helping out the community and we’re asking that community to help them out there. We’re open or they’re open from two to five on Saturdays right now and they have the raspberry blonde available. The SIM kosis. The my favorite,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:14:44

First love coffee stout. That is my favorite. And there one more

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
hopefully soon the prairie sunrise. It’s an orange way in the Paris sunrise hopefully soon.

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:14:57
come in and buy it by the palette. And they will be able to open another day and, and get you guys through this, you guys through this challenging time.

Also, don’t forget to

check out our Patreon account if you would like to keep hearing from us and help us out a little bit and thank you to inter ne and Kim for helping to put this out there and and the community in general. Everybody stay safe and healthy out there. And we will see you next time.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
And I don’t want to be too cliche, but we’re all in this together. Hashtag we’re all in this together. Hashtag we’re all in this together.

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