Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 3 – Dr. Matthew Loop

This podcast is with Dr. Matthew Loop,

Dr. Matthew Loop is the best selling author of Social Media Made Me Rich, a Nasdaq speaker, philanthropist, and highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps doctors and professionals multiply their influence, impact, and monthly income by harnessing social media. Since 2005, he’s trained over 20,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions of business owners have viewed his business tutorials online.

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All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back Episode Three of Dr. Dan’s Power Hour. Well, I guess Dr. Dan’s business and health Power Hour. This is how I am internet and I am back here again with the doctor himself, Dr. Dan, and we’re not alone. today. We’re not alone. I’m gonna let Dan introduce you to this very special guest and close friend of his. Why don’t you take it away, Dan.

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Hi, this is Dr. Dan, with a balanced chiropractic rehab here in Fargo, North Dakota. We have a special episode for you today. I’m here with a good friend of mine, coach and mentor, as well as best selling author, Dr. Matthew loop. Dr. Loop. Yeah.


Dr. Luke is the best selling author of social media made me rich. He’s a NASDAQ speaker. He’s a philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps doctors and professional helps doctors and professionals multiply their influence, impact and monthly income by harnessing social media since 2005. He’s trained over 20,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions of business owners have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. We’re going to talk about about them today. He has also appeared on the NASDAQ in New York City. And he is he’s he’s the guru that you want right now. If you are struggling with the Coronavirus government shutdown in your your business owner. Some of the things we’re going to talk about today are discovering the secrets to position your business or brand at the highest level. So people look at you as the top authority in your market. And we’re going to learn what’s working right now on social media to increase your impact, influence and monthly revenue. One of the things that Matt has taught me as well as a lot of other doctors is not to depend on just your brick and mortar business, but passive income. So we’re taking it away and I’m gonna introduce Dr. Matthew Luke. Thanks for having you today. How’s it going in Atlanta?

Dr. Mathew Loop 2:50
It’s great to be here, Doc, appreciate your friendship and also just having me on the podcast. You know, it’s always a pleasure. It’s going very well actually. Aside From all the craziness about beautiful day, and you know, just optimistic about what the future holds,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 3:05
you’re optimistic what so in times like this when people are hiding in their homes scared to get this cold virus, you’re optimistic why you have to think.

Dr. Mathew Loop 3:20
Because whenever there’s a crisis, you know, and I haven’t seen a crisis like this before, but I studied history and I have a lot of great mentors. There’s always opportunity with crisis, opportunity to help a lot of people opportunity to make a lot of money opportunity to just live better in every single way, even though it might not seem. And the first step is really to take a step back and, you know, divorce yourself from all the hysteria regardless of how you feel you need to objective look at a certain situation and figure out where the opportunities may be, because they’re always great transfers of wealth that happened during these times. And you know, those that are Don’t allow their emotions to override logic reasoning critical thinking, have the best chance to be able to capitalize on what is going to happen.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 4:10
Yes, logic reason and critical thinking that is, what we’ve seen a lack of lately, I i is what I seen. People are either in the camp of hiding their homes or they’re doing what they’re trying to save their small businesses or they’re working to work out where I live in the country where we’re blue collar, and there’s a lot of hard working people building infrastructure. And those people aren’t gonna let a cold virus slow them down. And we’re also where we’re at we really band together really well and try to help each other out what they were doing in the offices. Sending out community care packages to people that can’t get into stores or can’t get things that they need because other people have hoarded them due to due to the fear. And we’re also also put together different supplement packs to help optimize your health during this time. And it’s also it’s not only like it’s not only like pandemic season but it’s but it’s, you know, it’s cold season, it’s allergy season. So, you know, optimizer, your health with Chiropractic and different types of nutraceuticals is a great thing that we’ve come up to come up with for people. And then we’re also doing this podcast to help small businesses in the area and we’re bringing on special people like Matt here to talk about like what he does so I’ve seen lately Well, first of all, we’re supposed to be in the Caribbean right now. Right?

Dr. Mathew Loop 6:08
Yeah, that’s been tabled to it’s gonna be July or October. So yeah, we have our event, the Caribbean adventure mastermind, which you are a regular out every year. And I’m glad you find it valuable, but it’s our way of kind of getting away and learning new information, partying, playing and really just being in the room with extraordinary minds that are committed to big growth in practice or business and in life. So yeah, we had to that was this so that we can the 24th have been this weekend. Yeah, totally. Yeah, we are postponing that to later this year. But yeah, you know, you just gotta roll with the punches.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:47
Yeah, I would definitely do one day at a time. But I would definitely recommend that to like, that’s the first time I think that’s the first time I met Matt. And I went down there. I think I got his book. I had his book are a couple copies of his book. And I went down to they’re determined to learn how to do social media because I couldn’t do it on my own. And it was one of the best moves that I’ve ever made. Like, you meet great people you get out of, you get out of town, you get out of your house, you get out of your, your business, you get to relax. It’s not, you know, you’re not inundated with you get an incredible amount of information. But basically, the the seminar runs from eight to 12 for three days and then we go and play like the rest of the time go to the beach, we go on some different excursions. It’s always a great time and that’s the time you get to network with like, with the great minds that from around the country that you just don’t get in your local area. So I totally recommend that to any chiropractor or any entrepreneur that is listening to this. And I really, really wish I was there right now rather than stuck in Fargo with a pandemic going on, but hopefully in July we can get down there and this year it’s in the

Dr. Mathew Loop 8:21
Bahamas in the Bahamas. Yeah, Atlantis in the Bahamas. They are officially right now they’re closed until I think it’s the end of May. It could be could be longer just depends on how this madness goes. So but yeah, we’re looking at July. The other secondary date is October so we’re just kind of hoping it’s going to be July but we just don’t know their situation. Yeah, unfortunately.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 8:45
Totally. And

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can’t remember.

Anyways, so we got the Korean man mastermind. The next big thing that you have that you do every single year is the social media revenue summit down in Atlanta that I got a chance to, to participate in this year for the first time.

Dr. Mathew Loop 9:16
Yeah, last year. Yeah.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 9:17
Yeah. And he always holds it in, in a guy I got fancy hotel was out the red carpet. Again, you get to meet. You know, this is a bigger event. hundreds of different entrepreneurs that that come from all over the country to hear him speak and then he has special speakers along with himself, that will talk about different things from celebrity marketing, to marketing on Shark Tank, to figure out how to get on to Shark Tank, different things like that. He has something new every year and is anything we’d like to add to that one.

Dr. Mathew Loop 10:00
Yeah, that’s a five star experience in Atlanta where any business owner can, can come out, we roll out the red carpet for you. I mean, and you can attest to this we do it high end because it’s about one getting your mindset in the right place. It’s like you know, this is you deserve to be in an environment like this with some brilliant people half I would say half of all of the doctors and business professionals in the room at the event they’re doing high six figure and into seven figures every single year, because they’re at a different level mindset wise, but also with the tools, resources and tactics. I personally coached a lot of them, you know, like yourself and so plus there’s an application process to even get in the room so it really vets and you get in the room with a high quality of people and then afterward we take everyone to a nice steak house and then what do we do last year we went to

a was last year, four seasons and we went to

fogo de Chao. Yeah. Oh, you can eat

Really nice Brazilian steakhouse. And we’ve done some amazing things. And you know what we’ll do an after party after that. So it’s just about taking care of people and helping them grow their businesses multiply their influence social media changes every year. So it’s important to be updated with the latest tools, strategies and resources. Some things that worked last year are not going to work this year. And definitely now that the consumer minds mindset has shifted spending habits, people are trying to be a little bit more constrictive at this point in time. You know, you have to understand how to navigate that environment and ultimately to to be successful, a lot of businesses are going to be hurt. And unfortunately, after after this whole thing shakes down. But there is still tremendous opportunity for those that are coachable, those that are willing to adapt and play by the rules. And that’s the key is adapting, pivoting and

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 11:53
playing by the rules and figuring out what the rules are in the first place.

Dr. Mathew Loop 11:57
Sometimes you have to break the rules or bend the rules. I should But you need to know how the game is played. First of all, it’s just not a level playing field. The same thing with you know, financial elements. I was listened to guys like Robert Kiyosaki talk for the longest time about the system, how things are set up and it’s the system is set up to keep you in a certain financial state, a certain mindsets. So you’re just an obedient worker, you do what you do every day, you don’t question the system and you collect a paycheck and then listen, that’s fine. It’s nothing wrong with that. But if you desire more out of life, if you want true freedom and flexibility, if you feel you deserve more, you’re gonna have to think outside and way different than what your current paradigm is. And just like with marketing or social media, at our events, or with my trainings, you know, I try to get these entrepreneurs, doctors or business owners to think way outside the box and to learn from others that have done 678 figures online. So this is these are the strategies this these are the resources that you need. You know, no one says it’s going to be easy, but if you would to somebody that’s already been where you want to be a mentor, you’re going to get there 50 times faster. And it’s going to be a lot less expensive. It’s kind of common sense. If you think about it, you find people that are doing what you want to do. And you just model what they’re doing. You do whatever it takes to get in the same room to associate with them. It’s a lesson that I wish, I wish I would have learned this many years ago, it would have just saved me so many hard knocks. And it’s it is, if there’s ever a shortcut in business, that is the shortcut to align with those people do whatever it takes, I would agree with you too. Like, I wish I would have came to one of your events like five years before

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 13:35
we before I actually came because I feel like I could have been way ahead of the curve because it takes it takes a lot of hard work to put these different systems together. So you got to be willing to, you know, spend the time at and people aren’t just gonna hand you hand you money. So but Matt Matt and Mike and the people he brings to his events will give you the tools to, to get where you want to go, if that is really what you want. So what is interesting we use Word mindset a lot and and I feel like that really applies to what’s happening kind of in the world right now with the whole pan debit, like people’s mindset. There’s, like I saw I saw I saw a Facebook ad or if not a Facebook ad, a Facebook post that like really spoke to me like it was actually kind of scary is by Frank. Dodd Frank up in Canada and he he would talk he was talking about like, he said something about sheeple. And I was like, what’s that sheeple hashtag sheep was it caught my attention. He said like, if They pulled up some trains and they said they’re gonna haul you off to Coronavirus three camps where you wouldn’t get sick how many people would jump in? And I was like holy crap I bet there will be a lot of people on on those buses on those trains and that is that is scary as scary like when what the media what the media can do and that’s one thing that I’ve been like preaching to people is just turn it off because there’s always somebody making money off of you off the one of the news channels are the

Dr. Mathew Loop 15:42
fear. Yeah, the first step in fighting the Coronavirus is unplugging your TV or your phone and throwing it out the window. Yeah, it’s like, you know, the, the stats do not justify the hysteria. You’ve got medical doctors, scientists that are just coming out across the board. blowing the whistle and it’s just trying to be suppressed. And everyone I think in their gut knows something’s not right about the situation regardless of what you believe, you know, the virus is real. It’s gadget killing some people, yes, but it’s just not even close to what we’ve been told. And hopefully, someday certain people will be held accountable for the misinformation and lies that they’ve just pushed on the public and ultimately destroyed a section of the economy like you and I were talking before this. You know, if we were to end this shutdown today, I would say still, maybe 20% of all US Small businesses would be out of business in a few months gone. Oh,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:43
yeah. Oh, go ahead.

Dr. Mathew Loop 16:45
Yeah, and you know, if this goes on another month, then that’s probably gonna jump up to 30% or a lot more. And it’s just, you know, this is not rocket science. The average small business owner just like the average individual might have enough income to sustain themselves for another. I think I’ve read 27 days, in fact, and that’s just it’s not a lot. So we’re going to be very surprised when we go and I think certain people think that as the businesses open up and the governor say, hey, okay, everything’s cool. We’re going to be able to go to our favorite Persian restaurant again. And we maybe, maybe not maybe,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:25
maybe it will have tables like I’ve been into like a subway or a sandwich shop and they’ve removed all the tables yet this stand six feet away from everybody and there’s this tension just everybody’s kind of eyeing each other it’s so odd I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Dr. Mathew Loop 17:40
It’s just it is just a it’s a tragedy is what it is. And so, you know, that’s a separate topic for a separate discussion. But you know, with all this madness, like we talked about before comes a lot of opportunity with the fact that even if you do have some type of business what what I’ve been teaching to A lot of my doctors and professionals is like, especially during this time, you need to be the voice of reason and certainty that your market needs. And you need to stay out in front of them. Like I’m doubling and tripling down on our content and our advertising that specific content. When I say advertising, I mean, just paying to promote great content that you have, like stuff that people liked, it gets them closer to the result they want to generate. And by doing that, like, right now we’re seeing I read this article a few weeks ago on CNN, of all places. They talked about how Facebook could barely keep up with the activity like they literally were scrambling because they’ve never seen this many users on one place. And you’ve probably noticed it. I’ve noticed it. I’ve been doing this since 2006. And been on Facebook for that long. And I’ve never seen usage at this level. So we have a large opportunity to get in front of the people that we want with a specific message and if you can do that and be an asset, a value provider in resource for them, they’re going to remember you and you’re going to gain so much more market share now, because everyone literally like there’s a huge sale on advertising right now. Because everyone’s pulling back, they’re trying to hoard. But those that are those that are creating the most influence and wealth, they’re actually pouring money into it because they see the opportunity here at hand. So that’s, you know, I’m telling people to take your best content, push it out, spend as much as you can to get it and you’re going to get so many eyeballs on that thing and potentially large volumes of shares that once this crisis blows over, and it will blow over, whether it’s in two weeks or two months, it will blow over then you’re going to start getting recognized everywhere of like, Hey, you know, that’s Dr. Dan, he was really valued I your videos on how to wash your hands and what you were doing to sanitize your office that was just really cool. You know, I mean, it was something nice to see you know, you’re giving value to the community of people have stuff that they want. So I’m just telling you, now if you put the time in and if you put the budget you can see Dramatic gains and then with Facebook, we have an amazing opportunity to be able to come back around in what’s called retarget. These visitors that have watched our videos 50% of the time, which means that we can show them more great content. So this is like the stuff that I’m trying to teach a lot of business owners how to do and to capitalize, because even though this seems like a very detrimental moment, it can be the exact opposite if you know how to play it in if you really build your tribe, and ultimately deliver value.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 20:31
And that’s the key is building your tribe is your if you’re a small business or a business of any type is building your tribe, building your group, building your list, like that’s where that’s where your followers are, and that’s where you position yourself and your products, correct.

Dr. Mathew Loop 20:50
Yeah, you know, it’s so funny because if you have a tribe, an email list or a group of followers all equates online sales, you know, if you’re a very skilled in online marketing. And in fact, you know, we were just talking about the internet income Club, which is a course that I released, which teaches people how to, really the top five ways to create income online legitimate ways like selling private label products on Amazon, or starting in selling an online course or launching a book or using what’s called affiliate marketing, you know, or buying a business or stuff like stuff like that. And, you know, when you apply these methods, one at a time you start to have your, your income streams like the Parthenon, if one pillar goes down, you still have others that support the entire structure. And nowadays, especially with the time we’re living in, I mean, wouldn’t you just love to have another source of income at least that you didn’t have to get all scared and contractive basically, because you’re thinking oh my gosh, I really we don’t know what the next month is going to be in. The reality is I could not do Do you like certain elements of my business, the way that they’re set up, I cannot do anything for six months and still be really, really well, because of what I’ve set up online. We have passive sales that come in every single day from all these different channels, your online courses through Amazon, all these things, and that wasn’t set up overnight. It was set up over many years. And I did, I did things a slow way. Quite honestly, I didn’t align with mentors early enough, but you have an opportunity to at least start something and grow it. And now if you look at the habits, I just read an article last week Amazon stock is ridiculously high and then never had purchases like this because you think people can’t go out to the the toy and the trinket shop or to Best Buy or wherever they’re going to buy their stuff. They’re going on Amazon. And now what’s going to happen is people once this whole thing is said and done, they’re going to realize, well you know, maybe I don’t need to go out necessarily for that I just ordered on Amazon anyway. Which is going to hurt a lot of businesses. Now for a chiropractor people still need get adjusted, they need that physical contact. So that’s not going to really play as much there. For many retail outlets, they’re going to be in for a very rude awakening come this thing. So if you’re in one of those businesses, then you have to say, Okay, well, if my days are numbered there or if that’s a little bit risky at this stage, given how consumer habits are changing, I need to go ahead and pivot to potentially you know, what can I start to sell on Amazon, because once you once you sell something on Amazon, that’s available to a global population 24 hours a day. And if you know how to just rank a product really high and be competitive and do your market research, you would be amazed on how much income you can bring in just from Amazon. And of course, you don’t have any of the brick and mortar overhead.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 23:45
Totally. And that’s the, that’s the key is, is the audience and then not having to care of the overhead and they ship everything for you. Like there’s not a lot of work once you get set up. That’s one thing that we’re working on. Here in the office is is setting up our different Amazon

Amazon products

one thing a couple of different things that we sell like the massage gun people really love that and like we also have a like a massage ball like because we we do a lot of truckers and different things like that it said like blue collar people that work really hard and they’re really sore and stiff at the end of the day and and we really want them to be able to help themselves at home as as well as here. So that’s where I’ve started to position myself because it’s something I use and something I like and and it’s something within my value system. You got to believe in what you sell is what I value.

Dr. Mathew Loop 24:53

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 24:54
So you you as seen that you have your wares is the income what’s the income

Dr. Mathew Loop 25:00
Yes, the internet income club that’s the newest product that I’ve launched. And that’s essentially it’s a six module program, but we actually included a seventh module as a bonus in there. And it shows you me right now. I think we have at least 50 video tutorials in there, that walk step, and this is a very comprehensive program. I was going to launch this anyway, later on this year, and then I just literally as soon as this Coronavirus stuff happened. I got bombarded with clients first of all that we’re talking about, like hey, you know, I’ve been wanting to create that online business but I’ve never reached out to you. You know, sir, what do you have available and a lot of Doc’s are reaching out, and I’m like, Alright, well, I rather than launch this later on the year, I’m going to launch it now. And I’m just going to have to create it as I go. I already had the outline, of course that I was in create, but normally I would create the course beforehand and then launch it. There’s no right or wrong. I just but I had to launch it and then I begin Creating the course every single week and people are loving it because it’s just expanding their mind to different possibilities that you know somebody that can’t even fathom the idea of like, how do you? How would you make money on the line like what is what is that they came and connected to, but I try to distill it into the simplest form. So if you’re talking about, let’s say affiliate marketing, which is basically taking somebody else’s products and selling them, and they give you a commission, you don’t have any inventory to stock. You don’t have to do any customer support. No recruiting like MLM or anything like that. It’s pretty simple. That’s how I got my start. Companies like Best Buy Target, WalMart, all major companies have what’s called an affiliate program, that once you sign up and get accepted, they give you a link which is basically an entire website and if you drive people to that link in a purchase, you get a commission. It’s really that simple. So if you understand how to drive traffic and visitors to those those properties like I showed you in the internet income club, things can become real very quickly. And that’s just one element and area online, you can develop your own online course not as simple as affiliate marketing, but it’s a lot simpler than it was 14 years ago, when I began, you don’t have to piece together six different systems now has everything digitally downloaded, you have platforms like cartridge kajabi clickfunnels, that can consolidate a lot of this stuff for you. You know, when it comes to, let’s say, launching an Amazon business right now, you don’t get to keep 95% of your profits, like with the online courses, or affiliate marketing, but you you know, you make between 30 and 50%. On average, you’re selling physical products. But Amazon is a very trusted resource. Everyone goes there to buy stuff, and they ship it for you. They make things very easy in a startup cost is relatively low. You know, affiliate Marketing only cost you less than 100 bucks to even get in the game. Sometimes not even that Amazon based on your initial inventory order and some other tools you might want to get, could be between 515 hundred dollars to actually start a full Amazon business where like your listing is up and running and bam, you’re ready to go. I mean, you can’t even if you compare that to something like real estate, this isn’t even close. So you can get in the game very, very, with very little risk and very little investment. So

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 28:31
everybody that just got their stimulus checks last week could basically start their own business with your program that we’re going to have the link in our show notes.

Dr. Mathew Loop 28:44
Very intelligent thing to do. You know, most Americans, most Americans are probably gonna blow it on toys, trinkets or booze or whatever they’re gonna do. It’s not gonna help their quality of life. Oh, yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 28:54
booze is the big thing here like the liquor stores are essential. Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Mathew Loop 28:59
Well, you know We all have a choice every day, hey, listen, I love to have a glass of wine too. But I’m disciplined enough every day where I’ll do activities. And I’ll make sure that the priorities are laid in you know, and if you’re just bootstrapping, everyone was in the same position like I didn’t start off successful by any means I had a limited amount of cash to begin with. And you just you got to do what you need to do and prioritize. Well, is going out this Friday to a five star restaurant, is that a priority? Or maybe I could save that hundred dollars and apply it toward my business or applied towards so we have to make those sacrifices every one of us does. And if you you know, I can promise you if you’re willing to do that, if you’re coachable. This is, your life can be way more than you ever anticipated or imagined. I grew up in lower middle class America, small town in Monroe, Michigan. My father worked in a steel mill. I worked there for a summer I was working the midnight shift stamping these Red Hot tooth out 2000 degree steel billets you know, and on a casting floor watching the, you know, the steel come down and getting poured and stuff like

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 30:09
that. You can feel the fire, huh?

Dr. Mathew Loop 30:12
Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, it got so hot in there that we had to wear long johns. And the reason why is because like underneath our clothes because you would sweat so much. In the long johns would be soaked in sweat. And but after they were soaked in sweat, they would actually cool you off. Oh, wow. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. So I’ve been through a lot of situations in my life and certain situations, I realized that I don’t want to ever go back there. I’ll fight tooth and nail I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll learn this new course whatever I have, I’ll put in the time because I’m worth it. My family’s worth it. You know, people that I care about and you got to have a big why vision and something that’s going to keep you motivated when you get knocked down because you will get knocked down and it will be hard periodically. But it doesn’t have to be that hard again if you align with smarter people than you are I, when I when I first started and I give this example, in the course, I was learning from guys that were doing like, I suck. I make a million dollars in one day in a lunch one day.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 31:11
Yeah, I’ve heard I’ve heard you say that for a lot just blows my mind.

Dr. Mathew Loop 31:15
I I was like, I’ve heard about that happen. But when you’re actually seeing the blips on the screen and seeing the refresh button, boom, boom, boom, boom, I like that never changed my life. And I said, Listen, if this guy can make a million dollars in a day, I can do a 10th of that. I’m a pretty smart guy, I can figure this stuff out. And if I don’t do a 10th of that in a day, I can surely do a 10th of that in a year. Like that’s, I think that’s a very healthy comparison. It’s like, Well, you know, some some comparisons can be unhealthy, but it’s not like you have to have any.

I mean, they’re specialized.

There’s their specialized knowledge This involves, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make this work. You Just have to have confidence you have to align with mentors and take action every single day, get the best tools and resources. And then you might have, it starts with a goal you get, you can’t hit a moving target, you got to have something. So if $50 a day in extra income is seems realistic for you, well think set it there and then double it say $100 a day, set it at $100 a day. And that’s an extra $3,000 per month, 36,000 a year that could change a lot of lives. Just by that alone. I would encourage you to set your limit much higher, because that’s how we expand our thinking. And we start to ask the question, How can I make $100 a day or how can I make $1,000 a day? What do I have to how many courses do I have to sell every day? How many affiliate products how many Amazon products, you can reverse engineer, and that’s powerful because now you’re starting to develop a plan. Like oh, yeah, I have to sell six courses a day at this particular price to reach this amount. How can I sell six courses a day? Well, I can get traffic to my website. sight. Well, how can I get traffic Facebook advertising YouTube advertising LinkedIn like, okay, so you can start to really figure some things out really quick, if you’re smart about it.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 33:10
Yeah, and if you do it, you don’t have to look at it as one big mountain to make a million dollars in one day, you can cut it down to small steps, like you said, and, and one of the best things that I ever did in my life was to run to run a marathon. Because like, you have to take it one mile at a time you can’t figure the whole thing at you can’t think of completing 26.2 miles at once or else Or else you won’t finish but if you take it one mile at a time, you get you get there little by little by little and at the end, it’s one of the best feelings. If you go through all the training and complete a marathon I would recommend it to anybody that it will improve your life like you will have more confidence you’ll Something that only 5% of people that have ever done and you’ve done something hard and you’ve made yourself tougher and stronger and and that’s what you need to do. In business also you have to keep pushing, pushing, you’re pushing the limit increasing your boundaries, increasing your circle of influence. And keep working I like you said you do get knocked down. And you just got to keep getting back up. And, and keep working at it. And I’m lucky enough to like, like I started out with nothing myself like I one year out of chiropractic school. I was I was basically living off credit cards and bankrupt like a lot of people are coming out of chiropractic school and I was lucky enough to, to walk into the right office with the right doctor that mentored me on how to run a business instead of taking advantage of me, which, which, which a lot of chiropractors do unfortunately to the younger, to the younger doctors and and I was lucky enough for that to happen and now I have my own clinic. We got our own podcast, we’re, we’re marketing on social media people know me in Fargo and we’re continuing to grow and, and prosper and I get to go to the Caribbean once a year and hang out with with some really great people and some good friends and they become like family and it I recommend it to anybody out there, you know

if there’s What? Oh, go ahead.

Yeah, yeah, it really is like I look forward that to that every year. I think last year I was the first one to buy a ticket to come this year. Because like I think about an October, and I set my goal like, because the winters here are rough, like we don’t have big sun, maybe three quarters or like a quarter of the days and by but by this time of year people are vitamin D are sore. I mean it’s similar Michigan and you’re ready for a break and you need that mental break to just relax and, and de stress so you can come back refreshed and it’s great to have new ideas and be able to apply them, especially ones that I like going out of the state to different things and bringing it back because everybody will look at the guy next door and try to copy him but not many people are willing to, you know, go out of this Gora state or not really even to market a lot. They think people are just gonna walk in their doors and it’s not like that, you know, it’s You gotta work. You gotta work for it. That’s for sure. All right. Is there anything else that you’d like to add to the podcast today? I know you have a book, a book club, or not, not a book club, but how to write your own book club.

Dr. Mathew Loop 37:18
Yeah, that course. I actually put that best selling profit blueprint course I included that inside of the internet income club. So that’s actually module six. Oh, nice. This I used to sell that entire course. The book selling course for 997 alone, because so valuable there. And that’s how pretty much everything that I did to get my book, social media made me rich, you’re talking to the same for you ranked like 287th on Amazon at one point in time launch it and then market it and actually help a lot of people and make good money with the book, which was what most most authors don’t do so. So yeah, that’s module six. That’s over 30 videos alone that are in that training. And we keep adding more to, to the entire course. But, you know, I just, you know, I would leave you with the fact that there’s so much crisis, I should say there’s so much opportunity with the crisis at hand, you know, definitely look, be a, be an optimist. Don’t be naive, but be an optimist and see the opportunity and make sure that you are hanging around with the right people that are going to fulfill and be good for the soul in your mind right now. You have to protect them on the next 30 days, could shape how your next five or 10 years evolve for you. It’s about the relationships that you build who you’re hanging out with. Because if you’re in a doom and gloom mentality, this economy, this situation is going to devour you. And it’s just, there’s you know, I’m just being real here. I see some bad things happening. I don’t have trust in our leaders on both sides at all. And I’ve never personally had have been one to rely on the government to come and save me anyway, you’re gonna have to save yourself. If that’s not plainly obvious to you this, there’s nothing I can say that will make it obvious. So don’t wait till to, for somebody to come and save you you’re going to need to really put your feet in motion and really get the steps in place and then ultimately seek out mentors grab the best tools and resources and connect with your your vision, your why. So you can have you know, have a have a better life because you deserve it.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:28
Totally, and everybody deserves to have that better life and Dr. Matthew loop has the tools and I’m living proof that it can be done. I have a successful chiropractic business here in Fargo, North Dakota, and we are open Tuesdays through Saturdays. And that’s a big thing I want to mention to business right now. Just get the word out that you’re open if you can be open right now because people don’t think you are and fail. But the easiest thing you can do is just have people check in. Like, I’ve had a couple people check in there at my office and then a couple new patients came in tomorrow. We’re we’re actually booked for tomorrow, which is which is, which is pretty amazing. Considering like, two weeks ago we were, it was it was. It was doom and gloom around here dressed

Dr. Mathew Loop 40:25
man, people are stressed they need to get adjusted. You know, adjusting is a great way to alleviate the physical and the emotional stress on your body. So, so yeah, people know they get it, you know, so you’re a chiropractor in particular, it’s a valuable service that you can offer and don’t be afraid to let people know that. You know, you’re you’re still in the game. You know, you’re not you’re not folding.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 40:45
Totally, totally. No, we never fold. We go into the end here. Well, Matt, we really appreciate you coming on this show. And helping us out and helping others out at this time. of need. And I look forward to seeing you at the crew mastermind and getting a little sun here hopefully in July. And for anybody who’s interested in any of mats, content that he talked about today, we will have a link in our in our show notes and, and get in there and get to work if you if you’re out of work right now or you’re sitting around watching episodes of Netflix, do something positive with your time make, you know, make some money. Then get out there and and do the things that you like to do and enjoy your life. So I will leave you with that. And Matt. Have a great day and we will talk to you soon.

Dr. Mathew Loop 41:48
Thanks, Dan. Good chatting

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