Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 5 – Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher

Jeff Uhrmacher is an affiliate marketing guru and Social Media Marketing Media Buyer, Jeff was also a chiropractor that once ran 3 separate 7 figure clinics. Today Dr. Dan and Intern explore the world of affiliate marketing.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 0:37
Dr. Daniel presents with Down’s chiropractic coming to you from the living room of our clinic and I’m with Dr. Jeff or mocker and we’re here to talk about health, chiropractic and marketing today. We were just talking about when his experience first Coming out of chiropractic school and starting trying to start his own business. And he was just leaning into that. Could you go back to that one again?

Unknown Speaker 1:13
Yeah. So again, mine was not a typical right out of school type of deal. And again, I didn’t know anything on the business side either.

Unknown Speaker 1:22
So I did my internship in Lincoln

Unknown Speaker 1:26
ended up meeting my wife, now in a small town in Nebraska, and there was two clinics there wanted one of them, actually, that the doc was in a little bit of Medicaid fraud trouble. So it was timing was well for both of us, but I did I took it over. It was very successful practice. Big building. You know, I think it was 2600 square feet had a fitness center and it had all the things that were just great. But then I went in there and all the patients they stayed I mean, again, small town and he kind of transitioned me over. But like any patient, if you do Don’t keep communicating with them. If you don’t keep nourishing, nurturing that relationship, they start to go away. And I’m like, wait a minute. They want I was making good money. And now I’m starting to not make good money. And pretty soon it’s going to be losing money. So it just went downhill really quick, not because of me. I mean, patient Sunday, like the way I adjusted everything else. It was I didn’t know that I needed to go out and get new people in and I need to do something about retention to keep the patients that I had, which is same for every business.

Unknown Speaker 2:35
Yeah, retention is huge.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 2:39
Like a stepping stone in the chiropractic business, because like, generally, we might get a little taste of going out and doing screens and stuff who were first in school. And we can get you know, those first few people end, but like it’s keeping them wanting to come back. So like, what’s your, when you teach marketing and philosophy? Like, what’s your philosophy on that? Because a lot of people come in for pain, but they don’t get the wellness part. Unless it’s, it’s almost like only seeing is believing. So like some of the new digital stuff works really good. But I suppose they had x rays use x rays.

Unknown Speaker 3:21
Yeah, that’s across the board when it comes to chiropractic. But I’m going to tell you, I think it’s the same across every business, I treat them all the same doesn’t matter. You got to create value and you got to create relationships with the people. So when it comes to retention, especially, I talked about dating your spouse, if you were you remember how much effort you put into courting your spouse and date them and get them to like you and doing all this stuff. And now all of a sudden you get married. And a lot of people stop the dating and stop recording. It’s like we’re here. We’ve arrived I can let myself go. You know, all Those things happen and the relationship starts to go down. You don’t notice it as much until like, after the fact. But if you were, again, let’s use chiropractic for example. You get this new patient in the door, you’ve done all this wine and dine and you show them all this marketing stuff. And then you don’t really keep communicating past the first few visits. And what happens that relationship, it goes downhill and it goes downhill a lot further, because you didn’t have the whole dating thing like your spouse, you have to continue that value in relationship with them. I, and again, I’m a chiropractor, I help a lot of chiropractors. But again, they’re there’s so many of them that just are big policies when it comes to marketing. And I don’t even mean doing a Facebook ad or a Google ad or anything else. They’re so afraid to pick up the phone and talk to someone. Hey, Mary, just called to see how you were doing. Not even asked them to come in, you know anything like that. Send them send them a card, send them an email that’s just personal to them. Hey, Mary, remember talking about Jimmy soccer game? How did it go? You know, they’re they’re so afraid of those touches and relationship, they want to be able to send a mass email, they want it to be free, and they want it to get them 50 new patients. And that’s just not reality. So if they would just really focus on not new patients and not new on retention, and focus on value and relationships, really new patient assess and retention, you don’t even have to worry about it goes through the door. That’s all you’re doing is you’re just just creating that with them and that there’s a lot of things in it. You want to do it for the right reasons. But there’s the reciprocity. When you reach out to someone that wasn’t expecting it. It’s like giving them a gift. They feel like they have to give back. You know, so there’s a lot of psychology behind it, but just do Because you want to have relationships with those people. And the like I said, the referrals will come from at the retention. It’s all going to be there. And they just like I said, they just want to be able to click a an email, and send it out to everyone. They do it for reviews, which again, it’s okay. But then you got someone in the office with you. I did a video on this with doctors ama cough, he grabs their phone, he brings up their app, and he says, hey, what you just said, put it in right now. And he doesn’t let him live. Of course, he does not hold him hostage. But he has a good relationship with his patients. And they’re like, Oh, yeah, they’ll do it. But instead, a lot of people will be like, Oh, yeah, I should. I’ll send you an email later. And you can do it. No life gets in the way. Do right.

Unknown Speaker 6:43
60 seconds. And it’s so valuable. Just you know,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:47
that’s how I got most of my Google reviews. And like, I don’t think you can leave a Google review right now. Because Yeah, yeah. Like, the best way is like we have the roads Bad at attraction table awake but they’re laying on that they’re always on their phones like why don’t you just leave us review for you know what those words you just told us over here and we do testimonials in the office and like they’ll tell it to you right away then we have suddenly got one say I don’t want to be on TV or like you know, I don’t want to be video but a lot of people actually don’t mind. But that’s the truth. It’s like that timing is so key in chiropractic is far as the flow of the office and patients in and out and just making sure everything is is is to the tee which is not easy. And in school, they make it seem like you’re just gonna walk out the door and become you know, a millionaire $100,000 your first year or something like that. And it’s just not the truth.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
I think about that when we’re talking about affiliate marketing to that’s with any anything Online Marketing, a network marketing MLM. Everyone talks about how much money you can make how fast you can make it. And it’s true. I mean, I have a very good following now. So I can click some emails and communicate with people and make a fair amount of money. But until you generate that list, you generate that following you do those things. It takes the time. I mean, everything either takes time, money or both. And people just they want to get into affiliate marketing. And they want to be able to, again, share it on social media, and do it for free and make a bunch of money. And it’s again, it’s just I just want people to know the reality is it’s rare you might get those first couple of people but you keep posting about the same affiliate thing. And people are like guy, Jeff enough. We know you’ve got this great thing. It’s awesome. We need to buy it but that’s a good check. They check out you know, so

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 8:57
So are you mainly doing Like affiliate marketing now or what? What’s your specialty?

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Yes, actually, what’s

Unknown Speaker 9:06
your company?

Unknown Speaker 9:09
I guess it’s just me. I’ve got a couple. I mean, I do media buying for chiropractors. And all of my clients went away when people were starting to have to shut down offices. It’s really hard to you know, when the new patients are afraid to come in and everything else so my, my clients when it came to media buying went away.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 9:32
What do you mean by media buying like Facebook ads or Google ads or

Unknown Speaker 9:36
Google ads? Yep, I set up you know, squeeze pages in there, their marketing funnels and stuff like that. Okay, so funnels, okay.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 9:43
Yeah, that’s one thing that we’re working on.

Unknown Speaker 9:46
Not much of an all a cart type of person. Pretty much when someone does it. It’s like, all right. It’s kind of all or none because there’s too many components. It’s hard to just run Facebook ads, because then it’s like, well, you need to get your test. Money videos and I need those because I need to retarget with those and I need, you know, there’s, there’s all these things that go into actually getting a new patient. So I just do I just won’t be someone’s Facebook ads guy. It’s kind of an all inclusive, like whatever works now because what if Facebook changes policies, and then one their marketing stops to I’m out of a job. So you know, and I love YouTube ads right now. So it’s like I want to be able to roll and change

Unknown Speaker 10:28
YouTube ads for chiropractors.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
Yeah, I do, and they’re good. That’s

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 10:33
one thing I haven’t tried out yet. But that makes sense. I did try it. Though it was a while back and you got to know exactly how to do it for us. It can be really expensive.

Unknown Speaker 10:44
Yeah. Well, here’s what I’ll tell you to again.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
From what I found and from other people I talked to YouTube ads themselves are cheaper. Getting a patient from YouTube is a little bit more expensive, but they tend to be better and worth a lot more. Really. Yeah. So again, I mean all these things when you’re afraid to spend money to find some of these things out. I mean, I spent thousands of my own dollars, figuring things out. But it’s like, Okay, if I never would have known that I would have given up after let’s say 5075 100 bucks. But instead you keep pushing on because like, well, I need to know. And again, I need to create this relationship though. You can get people to watch a lot of YouTube video as an ad to just that first bumper, you can have an hour long video. And if people get to watch in that they’ll never click Skip and they’ll watch the same, you know, video for a long time.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 11:45
But the bumper is kind of the key to capture

Unknown Speaker 11:49
the first five seconds you got to get their attention, but you can make that video really long.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 11:54
Same kind of set that up the same as a like a Google AdWords campaign, don’t you

Unknown Speaker 12:00
It’s in the same interface. And

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 12:03
I’m guessing that you probably like retarget. Similar to Facebook, I think you can do that with Google.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
Google does not retarget the health. So what I’ll do is any of my Google ads or YouTube ads, I retarget them on Facebook. Okay, they don’t like you to create custom audiences on a healthcare site.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 12:27
Yeah, I heard Google says they acquire the pharmaceutical companies. They’re a lot higher than that. Was it like that before? Or is it

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Thank you. It’s been like that for a couple of years anyway. Yeah, just as far as not being able to create that custom audience. You know, visitors to your website.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 12:49
What’s your like? So you do do you do custom funnels or do you use like, cartridge or Click Funnels or

Unknown Speaker 12:59
I just have it all built. on WordPress. Yeah, I don’t do it personally. But it’s the same thing. It’s just all a page or a post, Click Funnels and those they’ve just made it simple because you can drag and drop it. I use Thrive Themes. And again, I don’t build any of it. I put the words out and my guy does it. And honestly, it’d probably take like, you know, 20 minutes anyway, I just hardly touch the stuff anymore.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 13:23
That makes sense. So that’s curious, like going back again, like, like you came out. You had three seven figure clinics at one point

Unknown Speaker 13:33
did I actually started doing a lot of decompression been in 2005 that came on the scene really strong. And I ended up doing a lot of decompression and I got really good at it. I’m really good at the marketing for it as well. And they were all killing it. But like I said, I just had I think I even put in there I was really piss poor at money management. Yeah, yep. That’s what I have here. Next. During the same time that I was going through with all of my virtual assistants, it was the same thing with my associates, I expected them to just do what I do. And they didn’t they were, they were there to show up and collect a paycheck. You know, again, if they weren’t, they would have been the entrepreneur type two, you know, jump out and take their own chances and their own risk and create awareness. And I just didn’t know that I was. My first business was 2003 You know, when I bought a half a million dollar clinic, so it was I just didn’t know I there was so many things I didn’t know. I got good at treating patients and good at marketing, but all the other stuff. It was just like, you know, dumpster fires everywhere. Yeah. And so it just came to a head there that I had no associates then and still out all the overhead three practices and just couldn’t, couldn’t run them all, you know,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 14:56
so you’d run through yourself or like Had associate doctors and other practices. Okay. And then. So what was the hard part like that’s the one thing I’m coming up with coming up to now as hired an associate like, it’s because I’m pretty much for the way that I do things that can make it a little bit different. So some people do the rehab and things like that, but it’s getting around that point. Like, that’s the big thing I’ve noticed in chiropractic is a lot of clinics can’t keep associates or basically just can’t keep them because they can’t afford them is the big thing I think. And they can’t reproduce their processes. I don’t believe either, because you can’t create that same relationship.

Unknown Speaker 15:49
I even recorded myself in consultations and everything else. This This sounds bad, but it’s really not lower your standards again. You have to have someone come in not because you don’t want the best for your patient or they’re just not you. Yeah, and I won’t be you, I could come in there and you might hate me, you know, in your clinic. So you just have to lower that and say, Can I just get you to, like, do the stuff to start with? And if I can get if here’s my expectation, and I can get you to do 70% of that.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:26
Yeah. So john Jhansi Maxwell, I think says that when I read that, yes, 70%

Unknown Speaker 16:32
to be happy at a certain level, then if they jump to like, 72 and then 70, you know, or maybe they never do, but you just you just have to know they’re not you and they’re never going to be you and they’re not going to do it like you even if they learn from you, and all those things. They’re going to massage it their own way. They’re going to go out and they’re, you know, so just as bad as that sounds lower your expectations.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:54
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I miss lessons. But I’ve thought that one a lot of times, like In my head when I get frustrated 70% 7% so um, so do you do like mainly like affiliate stuff then now?

Unknown Speaker 17:10
I do. Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve been doing that, along with my, because I still have I still, I mean, even though I’m a media buyer for people, I still have my own business. I still I mean, I love doing the media buying i don’t know why i just like doing it. I like when someone comes in and says, Hey, I’m having troubles with this. And it’s like, just to be able to go through and tweak little things, change little things and be like, Oh, I know what you’re doing wrong. They’re being able to it’s I think it’s the competitive side of me that likes to be able to go in and do it. Yeah, I do. All affiliate marketing now. And lots of different things because I’m in the online marketing world, and the health world I’ve got oodles of products and people and everything else that I can share with the people that I influence, you know, people that are on my email list people that are on social media with me that there’s a lot of things I could sell, but I only do things that I believe in or I use myself. Because there’s a ton of things out there via email. You have to do that. Yeah, well, again, when you get Yeah, you get in the affiliate world when people are like, hey, check this out, and I look at it I’m like, I don’t know how you could ever even get behind that thing. You know, maybe a few sales, but that person would never trust me again. No, you know, that’s that’s the thing I think in the the online marketer world is and maybe that’s why so many people are afraid of it because they’ve been burned by so many people. They’re like, you know, listen to someone, they really hyped him up. They got excited about it. They bought it and then they started going through and they were they’re confused or it didn’t work the way the person told them. That’s honestly why I over the years have been so transparent and just recorded even recording my screen and showing When people when I’m doing it, because that attracts people to me that I don’t have to try and sell it, I can say, Hey, here’s, here’s all the stuff and go do it, you’re as smart as I am. Or if you want someone to help you do it, then buy this product or hire me or hire this person. And I can affiliate that way. But it’s just taken all like the selling out of it for me to be able to just share it. And I know there’s people that still go out and do it without spending any other money. And that’s what I want because like I said, I learned it from someone else somewhere along the way. And I just want people to have every advantage that they can.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 19:38
That’s where it’s if you believe in something, and then you master what it is. It doesn’t become solid anymore. It does become just like you share knowledge. I have noticed that in the chiropractic field as I’ve gotten older, that they when I first came out of school, you don’t know if they’re gonna come back one or two times and now it’s like now that’s Take you know, 12 You know, it might take three months and you got to do this or else you’re not gonna get better. I just say it straight out they’re like, okay and it’s the truth they it’s not a sell at all it’s just a fact. And you know, and some don’t do it so no care but a lot do. And I’m really I also am very transparent with people like almost too transparent. I’ve been told because I don’t like the selling part or like the, the pressure of playing a doctor, you know, when when I I can figure it out without wearing you know, a white coat or or whatever. I think people appreciate being comfortable around me and I always say that it’s good that I’m I dress comfortably because you wouldn’t want me to adjust your neck if I was kind of stressed out. Would you That’s always my thing but like Yeah, I like it comfortable and that really helps as far as sales go. So do you use any like platforms like like Clickbank or things like that or do you just find specific people that you affiliate off?

Unknown Speaker 21:23
Yeah, I use a couple of things off Clickbank shareasale max bounty on occasion. So there’s different ones but if it’s usually if I’m looking for something particular Otherwise, I’ll see stuff and I’ll be like, Oh, I’m gonna go check this out, you know, and see if they have an affiliate program because I like it or I’m using it or friends using it. But I don’t go out so much and like really look for something. It’s usually something that comes across my feed or friends. You know, like I said, using it, and I start checking it out that way.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 21:57
Okay, so you don’t have like You just have specific products that you find that are affiliate, they have a list that kind of likes those specific things you’ve built over the years.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
I’m in for a certain thing on my list. But people are people. So I try and communicate with them about those things. So if they come in for health, I communicate with them about health at the beginning. But I know there are people who doesn’t want to make a little more money, whether it’s online marketing, or want to get a few more customers or a few more patients. So I talk about that. You know, as that goes on, well, who doesn’t want to feel a little bit better? You know, so I talk about health, that’s who I am. I really tell people it’s like, it’s, it’s monetizing my life. This is what I do. I just want to tell you about it, you know, oh, again, it’s not a I do marketing. I do health, you know, and if I we lived on a yacht for nine months. So we talked about that, you know, we’re just waiting monetize my life. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:01
we did. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Yeah, we bought a 53 foot. Bluewater yacht we actually just moved into this house three months ago something like that beginning of March was very You said you were in the the St Petersburg municipal Marina for nine months.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Oh nice. So they came on onshore

Unknown Speaker 23:23
Yeah, we had planned on the cruising more getting down to the keys getting to over to the Bahamas. Oh yeah never one thing after another you know whether it was kids schedules are kids not want to do this and it was just like, Alright, it was when it becomes pulling teeth. Then we we changed our mind. So

Unknown Speaker 23:44
okay. A lot of people do that then down there and say puberty.

Unknown Speaker 23:50
I mean, yeah, there’s, you know, people definitely that have liveaboards there’s people that will anchor out you know, on their sailboats and live full time and we were surprised how many there were Really we’re that we’re full time, you know? liveaboards it was pretty cool. Experience.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 24:06
Yeah, cuz we’re up here in Fargo, North Dakota. So it was just that close. We’re as far as ways you can you can get in either direction. I think Florida pays the closest army, the East Coast. So for like new people out there trying to get into like affiliate marketing, what would you recommend?

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Keep it simple. There’s so many shiny objects. Again, someone might say Oh, get clickfunnels and that’s fine. But just having Click Funnels Pete because I’ve seen this in lots of forums. Oh, I got Click Funnels. Well, it’s the words on the page or the video on the page. That’s, that’s doing the stuff. Just Click Funnels. Again, that’s just a page. That’s just another page. That’s just a button. Those don’t do anything. So keep that Very simple. And really, really understand and I asked you this at the beginning, understand who your market is, you have to start out, like I said, mine turns into me, but not at the beginning. You have to understand who you’re talking to, and what they want. And then just provide it for him. You know, so keep it simple as far as an add a simple value page with an opt in, and then communicate with them until they buy or die. That’s another big thing people fail is they’ll want to send them they’ll have Oh, I got three emails set up in my autoresponder and then they never email them again. And it’s like you spent a lot of energy and money generating that lead. Now again, build that list, build that relationship, they don’t know you. So it’s hard to trust you. Maybe if you got a $7 product, but if you want to make money with them, you really need to communicate

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 26:00
So if I’m not a chiropractor and I’m just like a regular like, regular guy, regular entrepreneur like coming to you How do I start a list even just like my friends and family are like Yeah, well yeah make sense? That’s how you say

yeah with the pay dad. You have 5000 followers on Facebook. They won’t show it anyways.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
Especially post a link. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Yeah, you might get a couple hundred this year and you might get a dozen. Yeah.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 26:55
Yeah, exactly. We need like a couple thousand and then you find The you take them through into into a funnel, which brings them to whatever product you’re trying to add.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Yeah, so even as far as that content goes, Okay, so let’s go the ad. And like I said, I love to give people value, even before the squeeze page, because some people and it’s okay, people have different preferences. Some people like to go ad and directly to a squeeze page where you don’t get anything until you give me your email. And that’s okay. And I’ve done that I still do on occasion. But I love to give away some sort of valuable content without asking for anything. So they might get a video that’s on the page. And then towards the end of the video, I’m saying, hey, if you want, I just talked about x, y, and z, if you want more of X, Y and Z because you just like that, drop your email in and I’ll give you 22 more of those. Okay, that’s I already I already gave something before. I asked for Something. Now they’re like I did like that. So yeah, I’d love to see some more of that. So now they’re willing, more willing to give you your email. And then they get onto your list. And then you can immediately take them anywhere you want, you can offer them something for sale. Oh, by the way, since you like this, and you wanted 22 more of these, we also have this other thing that will help you out and it’s this and it’s only 37 bucks. I mean, that’s the simplistic version. But that’s how you can take them through that process. And again, I gave them something first. Now I have a little bit of goodwill with them. Now maybe they’ll buy something small. And over time, I give them more and I create relationship through the email process. And now that will work into bigger things. Now, you know, I’ve sold $10,000 products without ever talking to anyone, you know, just like this. So, but it didn’t just happen on the first try.

Unknown Speaker 28:55

Unknown Speaker 28:59
It’s done. Definitely a process to take them through. But again, that’s how I like to do I love to give value first because it just shows them look, you could walk away from this piece of value that I gave you. And you could go do something successful with it. You don’t need the next thing. It’ll benefit you, but you don’t need and so if they can walk away with that value, then that’s a win for me. And I know that a certain percentage of those people

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 29:28
Yeah, that makes sense. So do you have like any specific who’s who’s your target audience?

Unknown Speaker 29:38
Like I said, different ones. I even actually during this I kind of started a prepper audience. Yeah. But it’s weird because the prepper a, there’s so many things I didn’t know either too. So you know, I start immersing myself into it because I get to know my audience and it’s like a way of do I really want to be in this niche because I know as little but I was like, Oh, wait. It doesn’t, which brings me to the point it doesn’t always have to be you. So what I started doing is there’s a lot of great info in the prepper world, you can put up a video of someone else sharing information. You know, you can run an ad that says, hey, five things you want to do, or five things you don’t want to go without, during a quarantine, and send them over there and it’s a video of someone else explaining those five things. And then you have a button below that says, hey, by the way, do you want this thing you know, I got my prepper niche. I’ve got my health niche. I’ve got my online marketing niche. Now who those are you really have to dial in. Okay. So for example, you could go out and say, right in the online marketing world, I need to target Gary Vaynerchuk that’s

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 30:51
what I just kept thinking about when you’re saying you know, lead with content. He has that punch, punch jab book.

Unknown Speaker 30:58
Different because I do not like to rise and grind. I work an hour or two a day. And I’m more deliberate in my stuff. I don’t know what that people do for 1318 hours a day, I don’t. But again, I’ve got a virtual assistant that does my grunt work. So I don’t advertise to his that’s not my target, because that’s not the way I talk. I don’t talk about that I talk about Hey, should I spend 50 bucks on an ad to do all my legwork for me? Or should I rise and grind? No one really, that I know, really wants to rise and grind and do stuff. Like I said, I went fishing this morning, but my marketing was still working, right? So I avoid Vaynerchuk people love him and that’s okay. It’s just not my target because we’re different in that way. So that’s what it means by really knowing who your avatar is. You know, you want to know if they’re male or female, like Talk more to males, you know, some females resonate with me most probably don’t. You have to find a certain age group too. So it’s someone for me that does have some money, and has been working hard. And they realize, gosh, I do want to spend a little more time with my family, how can I still make the same or make a little more but work a little less, that’s who I talked to. So males probably in the 35 to 55 range for me, again, an entrepreneur, but looking to do a little less, not a little more. So you really have to kind of narrow down and talk to those people in your immediate funnel. Now again, that’s when you can monetize your life after that and talk about other things. But on the front end, you really have to know who you’re talking to.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 32:46
So what’s a couple of examples of products that you are your flagship products?

Unknown Speaker 32:53
Oh, my hair in the last couple of months, I’ve been promoting some of it like the docu series. There’s some really good health ones on thyroid I actually just got some the transcripts for the healing key series is what it was called. So it talks a lot about health in the you know, not the pill, a potion or lotion, and they also talk a lot about it taking time to heal, you know, but they’ll they’ll do a series of videos where they’re giving it all away, it’s you’d like that day you can watch three videos of experts for free, and then it locks those down. And then the next day you get three more and it goes on like that. And then of course they’re selling it if you want lifetime access, then you can buy it and then I get a usually like a 50% commission if they buy it. Oh, one that starts tomorrow will be a really good one. It’s called the paycheck solution. And I don’t have the list of people in front of me, but it is an all star cast of all send me the link. After we get done here. It’ll be too late for your listeners unless they kind of make it evergreen, but it is. Mike Dillard is one of the guys on there. I can’t even think of the other people on there. But I’ll be watching it for myself too. Because it is it’s a really all star cast of people that are on it. Hey, check over here that’ll be in the online marketing world. But the very timely right now is people are looking for Hey, how can I start some something right now because I’m not working. My work cut. I know, I’m going to go back to work. But Gosh, I could do something right now. And I need to be prepared for the next time it happens. Yeah, because for me, my immediate mind went away. But I don’t have to miss a beat. Because now I can say oh, I’m just going to do more of the affiliate side. Because now I have time to do that. And so it really didn’t affect me. And that’s what’s nice about affiliate marketing is you can make it recession proof. There’s always something in there. The prepper stuff was great to promote

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 35:01
What do you mean by prepper? Like like products or, or like multiple streams of marketing or different types of straight

Unknown Speaker 35:14
up like how to prepare for a pandemic how to prepare for if you know someone comes to your home during this because they know you have food how to protect family how to prepare if we turn into Venezuela, you know that type of thing. So it’s more of that how to prepare if there’s nuclear war which again, I don’t go quite that deep. I think that’s a ways off yet. Uh, gosh, they turn this into socialism pretty dang quick

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 35:45
to see Yeah, they did. Yeah, they did. It was pretty scary. Like it still is. It’s just like, tiptoeing on the lines of the constitution for sure.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
And teaching my kids that stuff too is great. So we talked about little things when it comes to prep. And of course, you know, I, I grew up on a farm I’ve hunted I’ve had my rifles I did, but we talked about little things like, people get crazy and everyone like, I don’t care how prepared you are, people get crazy when they get in a panic and they don’t have something they need, and especially if they need to take care of their family. We were talking about 22 rifle, it’s quiet. So if if you get into a situation where you need food, but you don’t want someone else to know, you use the 22 I said you’ve got your bb gun and see those turtledove out there, you know, so it’s like little things like that, that that’s completely out. But you know what I do? We’re down. So but ya know, but as I was learning about it, all these things came up and I’m like, I can’t just be the only ones prepared you know, I got to make sure my family’s

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 36:56
Okay, so then you’ll go look for a product like that online. See if they have an Associate Program and then just put that out to your list?

Unknown Speaker 37:04
Well, the beauty is, is once you start searching and looking, Facebook shows them all there. Yeah. Because then someone starts return their algorithm. Yeah, absolutely amazing. I actually do. I want to say it’s probably the last year maybe a little bit longer, I do less targeting. But my message in the ad is very specific. Because as soon as you post that thing, Facebook knows I know exactly who’s going to look at that. You know, it’s like that even a video you can post a video I think there was research couple years ago said that within the person first like point 03 seconds, with no words or transcript going to a video, Facebook knows who to show that to they know who’s gonna watch that video already.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:55
So with your Facebook ads, you usually just go for engagement or for messaging or In the websites, what’s what’s your go to button

Unknown Speaker 38:04
is where they’re at in the funnel. So top of funnel, I go for engagement, and I try and get people to watch a certain period of it. So then when I go to retarget, I might say, Okay, I only want this second video, show it to people that have watched, depending on the length of the video, let’s say 50% of the previous video. Because if you’ve got a person, let’s say a four minute video, and they spent two minutes with you, that is a lot of time to spend with you. So that’s a very engaged person. So you want to show them the next step. And I think that’s important when sometimes on a budget to not not just retarget everyone that engaged with you, because you can waste a lot of money that someone clicked over there looked at up this wasn’t for me, and they bailed Well, you don’t want to retarget them. Totally. A friend of mine, Justin Brooke told me about this couple years ago, even though it’s your facebook pixel. And I do this in Google Tag Manager. You can delay your pixel. So it doesn’t fire on everyone that comes over you can say wait to pixel that person, only if they stay on my site for 15 seconds, eight seconds, you know, so then you can start to do it so then when you go to retarget they’re really better prospects because they’ve been on your site for X amount of time or they’ve scrolled so far through your your page.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:24
You retarget those by Is there like a pixel retargeting? I haven’t done that one before yet. I don’t think you target by pixel from the Google side or the Facebook side.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
Oh, website visitor.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:43
Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay, what about who are good sources? Who would you recommend? Or who did you learn from for as far as creating your funnels? Like I know there’s I got it like three of the books. The guy that made Click Funnels I can’t remember his name. Russell Brunson. Yeah. I haven’t read all of his books yet. But he wasn’t, he didn’t come up with. Well, he even says books. He did come up with it. It was it was all you know, mail snail mail before. Exactly. I

Unknown Speaker 40:21
learned old school and I’m so glad because it was so not shiny. I learned from Dan Kennedy. Yeah. I mean, my first stuff was run a newspaper ad and sending out talk about someone wanting free It was so not free. Then I sent out Yeah, 11 by 17 folded. Three reports in you know, big first class envelopes, trying to think it cost about two bucks to send those per deal. And I would send after think the first one would go out immediately, they’d call an 800 number, so you got to pay for an 800 number that leave their mailing address. I’d send it to them if they didn’t respond. I’d send them one a week later if they didn’t respond and send them a week later. And then I’d send a newsletter every single month to these people. And

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 41:10
they do that with postcards for patients. They do every single month, every single month, but now we do email that’s kind of going down just went up during the COVID thing, but now it’s

Unknown Speaker 41:24
everybody’s gonna learn real marketing. Because again, it’s always the same. That’s why no matter what niche I go into, or who I talk to, it is it’s just always the same know who they are, know what they want, create value, create relationship. So look up Dan Kennedy. Bill Glazer is a good one. Gary Halbert. Look up the Gary Halbert letters, anyone that invest the time and looking at those things, they’ll be ready and again, everyone just kind of wants Hey, Jeff, just tell me how to do this ad how to do this funnel and how to get this sale and it’s like, it’s Just not that easy. You know, I you got it for me. I’ve just been immersed in it since 2005. So now a lot of it so natural. The only thing that’s new is this little thing. Now I can text someone now I can pixel them. Now I can put this script on my site that does this. Yep. But those aren’t marketing. Those are the widgets, learn the marketing. Anyone can do the widgets. I mean, I’ve got my guy that does the widgets, you know, but I’m, I’m the crafter of the message and the relationship.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 42:32
So to get those books, internet, he’s a marketing major. He’s just finishing up school so he’s getting it I bet he’s never even heard Dan Kennedy have you know, he has never

Unknown Speaker 42:47
you can impress your friends with that.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
You actually should read one of his books at least because he’s the godfather of marketing. Yeah, look at all marketing content.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
No, no BS. Books. Yep, sales letter. He’s got like, dozen no BS, books a great.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
My thing is like I like you gotta hire somebody to build one of those giant sales letters.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
Like, I don’t know who the first one were to ever write one was I don’t even know why people click on, you just know that it’s at the bottom. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:22
you know, it’s the way that I did those because my highest producing as far as money goes, video was an hour long. And the best way to do those Of course it’s just a transcript but it was word for word. I sat down in front of something and I just recorded it. And then you go back and you refine, you’re like, what was I stumbling through there. And then you you record it again and you find out what it is. And it’s just that thing, I never was able to really just sit down and write it. I always had to talk through it. You know, I could even come back to this and I could like write a transcript could turn this into like five pieces of content, repurpose it. Yeah. Because it’s just all these things that like, come up. Oh, now I can go this direction. So that’s a secret for anyone that wants to even record a four minute little video. Just sit down and record it. And then go back and transcribe it and take out the garbage that you didn’t mean and say what you really mean. And then recorded a second or third time. And it’s so much smoother. That’s it’s just worked great for me.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
Oh, that’s, that’s a really good tip. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
Yeah. And don’t be afraid to fail at it. So many people are like, Oh, that was horrible. Oh, yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 44:34
that’s the truth, especially with video. Yeah, especially if it’s yourself like, there’s not one that I like that it’s me on there. But some do really well and some don’t. But so it’s just it’s just what your messages and how you’re in your passion. I think about what you’re selling really goes a long ways. I think we’re getting towards the end of our time limit here is there a else you’d like to add? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Now if it’s something someone wants to do, honestly just get started, do it. And again, don’t be afraid to put a little time in it. Don’t be afraid to. I say spend money. But honestly, you’re going to lose money for the most part at the beginning. But what you’re doing is you’re buying your education. You’re finding out who resonates with you. You know, I mean, you look at how much money we spent on chiropractic school. If we looked at that, like, I’m losing money, every trimester I put this up, it’s like, No, I’m, I’m investing in something. And people forget about that. Because again, someone said, All this is a great product. Just tell your friends about it on social media, and they’re going to buy it and you’re going to make a bunch of money. That person lied to you. I’m going to tell you that it costs money to do this thing, and don’t spend anything that you don’t have to lose.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 45:55
All right, well, thank you very much, Jeff, really appreciate you coming on the show and helping us out and give In the viewers, some tips to get started, we are going to leave the names of all those of the three different books as well as maybe some some old school, Dan Kennedy links to Amazon and his books on the show notes and we have some different links to Jeff’s affiliate marketing. And we look forward to We look forward to seeing you next episode. Thank you, everybody.

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