Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 6 – Nate Worrall

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We are back with Episode #6

This week Dr.Dan and Intern Nate talked about a variety of FABULOUS topics throughout the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
All righty in 321 and we are back.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 0:44
Hi, this is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky with balanced chiropractic coming from coming. Coming. Coming to you. Coming to you from West Fargo, North Dakota. Thanks internet

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in our podcast center

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:00
Yeah our small podcast located 12 miles of each

Unknown Speaker 1:09
other here under 32 inches of titanium steel and

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:13
we’re no Coronavirus I guess

Unknown Speaker 1:17
the Coronavirus Oh my

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:19
Yeah, so have you got it yet?

Unknown Speaker 1:22
I am just pulling it up right as we speak.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
While I’m pulling this up,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:29
have you been affected or know anybody who has been affected by it?

Unknown Speaker 1:32
Honestly, no, I was literally just gonna ask you the same thing. Um, I have swore honest, honest to God, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone who’s really been affected outside of it. At least in my circle. I haven’t I got nothing. In How old are you? 2121 Yeah, okay.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:50
So I don’t know anybody personally that has any I don’t know anybody personally that has the Coronavirus is contracted or tested positive for the Coronavirus The only thing that I’ve heard from patients is that in some of the old folks homes, there’s like two or three cases. Oh, really? And it’s more, because they test the nurses every week down. Yep. Also in Fargo and I won’t name any to start confidentiality for and it’s more like actually the nurses and people coming in from the outside that actually have contract it. Because all the older individuals they’ve been in, they’re stuck in their like little room. They’ve been there for like two months. Like, could you imagine that? No, I don’t have visitors. You’re eight years old, nine years old, horrible. And

Unknown Speaker 2:51
they can’t do activities. They can’t meet up and do activities like they normally do.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 2:56
No, they can’t do them together in the In I can’t say that for sure. Yeah, I don’t know. But I think they have to stay in their room. And I think they have like nurses or activity people come in there to do things. Mm hmm. And then I’m not sure but people could comment on this and see but I’m guessing that they probably teach them how to do like online stuff with their families and families call on Oh yeah, like through zoom and such. Yeah, but I’m sure it really affects their mental mental health. Yeah, exactly. even imagine being stuck in like a little my bedroom for frickin months, months at a time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
So what I got right now is Coronavirus cases 4,887,940 that have happened since the beginning of March end of April when this started 3119 deaths unfortunately but one point 9 million people recovered from it.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 4:03
1.9 million people recovered. So the best

Unknown Speaker 4:05
Yeah, you don’t hear about. Right? Exactly. You only hear about the 319,000 deaths. Again, super tragic. And my heart goes out to them. But yeah, they really push the deaths over the recovery. Because out of 2.2 million cases that are closed currently 1.9 out of those 2.2 million are all healthy and living and discharged and recovering.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 4:32
Yes. So what I’m looking at here are here’s a little map. Oh, really? I try not to go online to even look this stuff up. Yes. I think it’s unhealthy. Mm hm. And I get a lot of information from my patients, nurses and people who work in nursing homes

Unknown Speaker 4:51
and you find that more reliable.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
Well, they’re on the front line. Yeah, for sure. The news spins everything yeah. 100% like cuz they Want to make money? You know, they’re gonna make a bad deal. There’s no such thing as the positive news. So I stopped watching the news

Unknown Speaker 5:08
tv ago. Two years ago you stuff all together?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 5:11
Yeah. editor worker I used to like it was always fight longer than that it was around after Donald Trump got elected because I was really into politics and I just I couldn’t stand listening to Donald Trump.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
Oh, really?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 5:29
And I I just I just stopped cuz like it was he’s, I don’t know what to say about x. There are a couple of things I agree with on on on opening up the economy and getting people back to their regular lives, which I never thought I would agree with. But I do agree with that. But like he’s in a form self I in my opinion, like began to keep he’s a true politician. He’s just trying to make money off of every Thank you can yeah

Unknown Speaker 6:08
you’re he’s a businessman he’s a business exactly is I’m sure he wants his the

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:16
word up to back up again because I’m guessing he’s losing money now his investors nobody stayed at his hotel

Unknown Speaker 6:23
right exactly. golf courses no one’s gonna notice golf

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:27
courses are golfing really in Fargo all the professor Oh, okay. All right so you don’t know that

Unknown Speaker 6:32
can confirm in North Dakota.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:35
Well, I don’t know about other things so but in Fargo I believe most or all of them are open I was working first things have opened up. Me six feet apart is when like the club houses and things like that are

Unknown Speaker 6:50
really cool. That’s really cool. Yeah, like I was who was wanting to go golfing except for I’m working here.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Working here like 7080 hours a week. Mm hmm. Get that

Unknown Speaker 7:05
is still crazy. How do you? How do you do it from one?

Unknown Speaker 7:10
I don’t know, on the

Unknown Speaker 7:11
lowest spectrum of businessmen to another. I guess that’s not you, me. Yeah. How do you how do you wake up? How do you do it? How do you wake up every day and just put on that

Unknown Speaker 7:23
cap and well?

Unknown Speaker 7:26
Is it ingrained in you have you have you built it up for a while Have you this kind of this work ethic? I know that earlier in the podcasts, we’ve talked about you having a solid work ethic because you’ve grown up on a farm and I did the same thing. So I understand that but I guess just on the days that you wake up and you just roll out of bed and there’s a little extra crossed in your eyes and you just can’t really do it. How do you really like push yourself to like, get going.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 7:57
Do you want stability?

Unknown Speaker 7:58
Yeah, just Plain and simple, you got to pay the bills you got to pay bills you got to feed yourself you got to eat

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 8:05
well, a guy that I really like right Listen to me listen to all his all his podcasts. Yep and stuff and read his books is Jordan Peterson he’s from he’s a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychologist who from Canada who became famous for his book 12 rules for life and maps of meaning and he talks a lot about symbolism, he talks about personality. And then he even like, he talks about meaning, what gives you meaning and why it would be your why but like I think meat is a deeper than your why your why might be to pay the bills. Like that’s not your meaning is to feed your family or to be or two You know, do something that fulfills your heart or soul or spirit. Or like what your purpose is in life I feel like

Unknown Speaker 9:10
I feel like that’s a really tough thing to

Unknown Speaker 9:14
not only obtain but then to also continue to keep crafting it as time goes on because no one really, I mean, I don’t want to say no one but it’s really hard for people to find what their meaning is, you know? And as someone who’s 10 years younger than you I could promise you that I haven’t found mine yet. You know, like maybe like knocking on the door but not my true like, at the end of the day when I go to bed at night, yes, this is it. This is what I’ve been here to do. This is what I’ve been put on earth to do, you know. So I feel like it’s really hard for someone to once they find that meaning it definitely gives you that motivational boost and it gives you that confidence but just like you know, everything long term you know is taxing. It’s totally gone. You Mental wise, maybe it’s a manual labor job. So physically, you know, it’s taxing on you.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 10:06
Well, the thing, what does he say was Jordan Peterson said he says

Unknown Speaker 10:14
he’s kind of really good.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 10:19
Your meaning is the thing that you are that you need to do. Like that’s what you’re like, put here. Yup to do. It’s your responsibility almost. To do that. Like when you find that you’ll know what, like, kind of like a like mine. Mm hmm. I didn’t when I was raised, I didn’t know it. Because I wasn’t necessarily an adult. Yeah, I don’t think you’re really an adult. Take your knowledge. Yeah, start being in the world and experiencing some different through ups and downs. The line meaning is to help people. And no, that’s my meaning. Because that like to take note and neatly do, no matter the second personal relationship or if it’s professional, and, and, and care for people, and that it’s kind of a double edged sword, because you can really get taken advantage of and have like, multiple times and like interpersonal relationships, and even even even a word sometimes like it’s hard for me to say no to somebody. And it’s something I’ve really worked on a lot in my life is like one of the practices that I practice a lot So, the first thing we learned is sovereignty. So like your own boundaries. So you got to know yourself first before you can like, step out and and like be in a relationship with people in the healing professions most people are caregivers in caregiving is in and they’re very empathetic people so they feel what other people feel. And I never I haven’t. I’m starting to realize that more just because of some of the traumas I’ve been through and the hard times. And the healers that I’ve worked with, will tell me and patients will tell me and people will relate to me in certain ways that like I have a very like empathic person like I can pick up on people’s views Everything and that’s really really hard on me, but like it’s also it’s like a gift in a curse because like I can help people with that but like it takes it takes a lot of toll on you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
Yeah. Yeah, like it’s it’s a lot, but like it

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 13:25
means a lot to me to help people as much as I can in the time that they have here yep. With me and like I feel like that’s my that’s my purpose. My purpose in life is to help tells me that people are touches many people’s lives in a positive way as it possibly can. I feel

Unknown Speaker 14:01
the same way. Yeah, yeah. In a different practice, obviously, but definitely, like I innately like to help people as well. You know, if you need a shirt, I’ll run home and grab you on, you know, doesn’t matter where you are.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 14:19
Yeah, that’s probably where we connect. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
Yeah. Like, at a drop of a hat minimal questions asked. I, you know, because I have been on just with, like everybody else in the world. I’ve been on the receiving end of some shitty people, you know, so I’m trying to not be you know, I’d rather it’s hard. Yeah, yeah. Uh huh. You can’t sit there and force millions of people to not be shitty, but what you can do is you know, force yourself to not be shitty. So I guess I kind of like, use part of that along with also kind of my innate nature to like, help people. So yeah, it’s kind of like a nice mix together. But it’s also like you said very tough because, like he’s over Stepping boundaries is really hard, I guess for me personally, because I like to help help help you know what I mean? I’m to a point to like a fault. Almost maybe like a little too much like pressure.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 15:11
Yeah, we’re almost like on to that problem also, yeah. where it becomes some happening. Fixing.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Yeah. Yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 15:20
exactly. It’s really tough for me, because that’s what I do is fix people. Oh, yeah, people come here to get fixed. That’s the difference when you’re on the outside. Like, you have to like, ask if they need to ask you. Mm hmm. And then their opening remark? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. To that, like discourse or that relationship. Mm hmm. And like in person, interpersonal relationships. That’s a big one to remember. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:48
And that’s, that’s

Unknown Speaker 15:50
a lot of times Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
And that’s, that’s bit me to my girlfriend. We’re doing well. Now. We’re doing really great now, but yeah, in the past, you definitely heard I’ve butted heads because I’ve definitely used my caring nature against myself almost kind of just have

Unknown Speaker 16:09
not overstep boundaries but just

Unknown Speaker 16:13
have put a lot of pressure on

Unknown Speaker 16:17
caring. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
I’m trying to find them caring for her

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:20
or for caring for yours like caring in general

Unknown Speaker 16:24
in general, in general Really? Yeah. Like in caring for her. I guess that would be like one a good focus focal point on it for sure. Definitely caring for her, making it known.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:37
Thank you. So what is it like to like, notice that

Unknown Speaker 16:43
so what I found out is depending on the person, they can either be receptive to it or they’ll become standoffish and almost take it as like oh, what you don’t think I’m good enough or you know what I mean? Or like, oh, what you think I need helping or something like that? Yeah. Pro Yeah, they feel like their individuality has been taken because I would like to help them more and that’s their sovereign.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:07
Yeah. Respect. Yep. Mm hmm. And that kid didn’t get mesh too intertwined in Revit relationships. I think that happens. Yeah, no, it’s never perfect. No,

Unknown Speaker 17:16
no. Yeah, it’s a growing Yeah, for sure.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:20
maturing process. 100% definitely a process. Yeah. throughout your whole life. One that I’m still working on myself. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:30
me. Me too. Me too. But everything is good. Everything is good. Yeah. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
That’s good to hear. He’s good.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:36
Yeah. And I’m on the rebound.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Yeah, good. Good.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
One day at a time. Yeah. One day at a time for one time. That’s all you need.

Unknown Speaker 17:44
So going yeah, back back to like, yeah, we kind of how do I get up and do it every day? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:52
It’s because

Unknown Speaker 17:54
out Okay, so let’s make it a little more challenging for you. Of course you got to pay bills. You know what I mean? every business owner is gonna Pay Bills every business owner is going to feed themselves. What’s that extra thing that wakes you up in the morning? Is it the sun coming through the Office of windows at ADM? Is it the the first Hello from a customer at or from a patient? Excuse me at 8am is it closed closing down everything at night and closing like semi Sonic like closing? Yeah, right. That’s funny.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 18:28
Amy likes to play that song. walks out of that Miley Cyrus. We found out last week, Miley Cyrus.

Unknown Speaker 18:41
So is it that is it a little bit more than that? Is it

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 18:47
for me? It’s I know if I don’t get up and come to work, things won’t be Yep. will be worse for me. Yeah. And then People are depending on me. Yep. And that I do. It’s really hard to like wrap my head around that I do have certain skills that people can’t find, or especially now as as I’ve been a chiropractor and a healer, whatever you’d like to call them for in doctor for 12 years that I do things a lot of people can’t do even other chiropractors, I’ve started to find out just the way that I think about the process of the body and how I can sense people’s feelings and sense what’s going on with them and how I see them and how they walk. How they talk. Like I can almost tell you what’s wrong with you sometimes by and not what’s wrong with your what might be your issue before. I even like set a hand on you Or like even touch you. Mm hmm. And then it’s crazy, like my hands become so sensitive. That it’s almost like subconscious or, or a sixth sense where I can like just like barely touch somebody and just go over like, their, their leg or they’re the side of their body or something like that and like, I’ll know exactly what muscles are twisted because I imagined it as a story in my mind. Yep. Or a puzzle and how everything works. I’m always thinking about how, how the body works and how everything’s functioning and all you have to do is set things back in order to naturally have the body have naturally heal itself. And that’s what chiropractic is all about. It’s about natural healing, through increasing or through reap, lat, reversing through

facilitating the or facilitator activating the muscles, joints, so they can work in their proper function to take to take to take pressure off the nervous system basically. And there’s multiple variables and how that has become this way, a lot of this repetitive stress, how their bodies become a certain way and they become broken. And I put them back together again and try to explain how to put themselves back together. It’s the hardest thing because people come in and pain but like it’s a process to get them better. You have to explain. You have to

Unknown Speaker 21:57
explain, but teach That it’s gonna be more than just immediate relief.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 22:04
Yeah, we have to teach people how their body works like Alison, myself as a body mechanic. Yeah, for sure people are coming to me to get their body to work again. Just like taking your body to to work again or to preserve it long, longer or to be able to do what they love to do whether it’s holding their kids wishing, golfing, fishing, golfing, yeah, playing sports, being active, being able just to sleep at night, being able to maybe get off a few medications because they’re not in chronic pain to decrease their anxiety depression levels because they’re not in chronic pain. And there’s a lot of things that medical doctors and other chiropractors miss that I don’t. And it’s because I’ve always pushed myself to keep learning a lot of people stop pirates, you know, part of it’s due to family and other things but and I don’t necessarily I don’t have kids or I’m not married right now my eligible bachelor out there

Unknown Speaker 23:29

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 23:33
I even if I was married and had kids which I will be someday fun to have lots of kids and because I love kids and I love working on kiss you because they respond so fast to chiropractics like a couple visits made and they love it. Mm hmm. What was the initial question? I got up rambling. What’s your why my Why? Maybe your wife must find meaning Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 24:04
that your wife gets me out of bed every morning. Ah

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 24:08
well, I right now, as we started this new location in January, I have three other people depending on me like three other employees and I have two to three independent contractors and they’re all depending on me. So I don’t want to let them down. Yep. For sure. Like, one of the things that I did due to a fault is like I don’t want to like fail people. Yeah, I and I’ll like be very, very hard on myself. Yeah, furtively hard myself, which it’s one thing that I’m working on, on the same way. And so I know that if I don’t get up and I’m not here, first of all, like, I’m not gonna be able to help those people that trust me in I won’t be honoring the intrinsic like, word that I’ve given them to help them like there’s a reason why they can’t be they ever got referred or they seen our review, yes. Or they’ve seen our videos and they believe in me. And I don’t, I just can’t let down. And I want, I know that, like the vision I have, once we once as we keep working toward it, and keep creating it, that this clinic will be unique to North Dakota. If not, if not the like United States and I want to create I’m going to create something that’s that’s big better and different than what we have now because a lot of people that suffer needlessly because of the medical model that we have, and we need integration in the in the healthcare field. fields. And I’m not really sure how to how that will ever come about, but I know I can create it in my practice and we can get it out to the world through through these podcasts through Facebook through every single different avenue that there is no, we actually have platforms to do that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
Which is really nice. Yes,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 26:31
yes. And, and that’s what I plan on doing.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
So overall, you want to just change the way that maybe not the whole world functions, but at least has how Fargo functions as a whole to choose with the whole world.

Unknown Speaker 26:49
Yeah, I want to be the best. Yeah, I want to be the best. Okay. All right. That’s it. Yeah.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 26:58
Like what what’s the point if you’re not

Unknown Speaker 26:59
it If you’re not gonna go for the top, yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 27:02
I am, yeah, really competitive in that way. Like, it shows you only live once. Yep. And you only have this time, so you need to use it. So if you need to work 7080 hours a week, and that’s what you need to do like what I need to do right now.

Unknown Speaker 27:19
To be the best,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 27:20
not so to be the best, but there’s just what you need to do. You got to do. And that’s all we have to do at this point. And eventually I’ll step back and Run, run things and run things more from the background, but that would be that’d be a ways into the future. Yeah. But we’re gonna have cutting edge this is gonna be a cutting edge clinic. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:41
I could really see it you and I won’t get I won’t get into too much details because I want things to unfold, you know. But we You and I were just talking, you know, moments before this podcast and yeah, we have big plans. Big totally. Yeah. So a really big plan. So if I And I’m very excited. And as someone who was once a patient of yours and still is, you know, every now Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:07
yeah, it’s Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:08
right. It’s all come about right. It’s crazy, crazy how it all came about, um, I’m really excited for it. And as someone from a not like a patient standpoint, I would be all for getting behind balance chiropractic here and everything that they have come in and everything that you’ve have so far.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 28:25
Totally. And yeah, we actually will have we have we’ll have a new name in it next year to keep us. Okay. All right. And that it’s gonna it’s our new. It’s our new. It’s gonna be part of our new mission statement. We’ll talk about that tomorrow morning. cool, very cool mission vision statement. It’s a really, I really like it and I’m excited to start unraveling that or rolling that out and creating Yeah, I love I love creating things. Yeah. And seeing them come together and pushing myself to the absolute limit. Because, again, you only live once. Yep, Mm hmm. I really like David Goggins. I listen to a lot of his office stuff. And, you know, once I’m done with life, I want to be like, I want to be I wanted to have got as close to my maximum potential as possible. You don’t want to be like, I want to go out like I want a gas like broken down because I gave it my out. Yeah. broken down. busted up. Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker 29:47

Unknown Speaker 29:48
exhausted, exhausted. Because

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 29:50
otherwise, what’s the point?

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Yeah, exactly. Because then you’d have all that regret of why. Why couldn’t I?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 29:57
Yeah. Why does that guy well, exactly. Exactly. And there’s so many people that let others tell them what they can and can’t do. And I did that for so many years. Yeah. And I’m in this practice, and I’m just not gonna do that anymore. Like, we’re just we’re, we’re, we’re shooting or we’re grant, we’re going for it. Yeah. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 30:22
totally understand where that mindset is. And I totally understand the opposite. Like, the other side of the coin of that it’s so Hmm. I understand that it’s average. Yeah, I yeah. I don’t like to listen to everybody else on his average. Exactly. I don’t want to hurt opinions or feelings about this. I don’t care but I do feel not yours. In general, you know, whoever’s listening. I don’t, it discourages me when I hear things like that. Again, I totally understand that you got to be realistic in life and some things you could fail at for sure. Understand, like, yeah, exactly hundred percent. But when I talk to people, friends peers, you know about, like the levels that I’m trying to achieve in my late 20s, early 30s, late 30s, early 40s it’s not like it doesn’t make sense to them. I just feel like they think it’s like, oh, Nate’s got a just another wild dream. You know what I mean? Yeah, like really frustrates me, but also sets that fire in me. That’s like, okay, like, I want to prove to you, you know, I mean, yeah, exactly. And it’s,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 31:32
it’s so weird. And that’s what I was. When I was your age. Like, there’s some different things I wish I would have done. And I didn’t do it because I didn’t believe in myself. Yep. Or I had low self esteem. Nobody ever really. My coaches in high school pushed me a lot. Yeah, like my family didn’t. Yeah, like they’re a lot of them like, never thought I could, you know, never thought ideas are good. Or I could become a doctor or, or anything like that. I’ve done it myself on my own most of the time. And so I’m really, really fucking stuck. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:17
no, I get that

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 32:20
on the same way and like you just have to be URLs, you’ll be swayed just by everybody. You got to pick your path you just got to stick. Yeah, you’ll get knocked down knocked over the sky get back and that’s, you know, like you gotta lick your wounds and get back on it and keep moving forward like this the one thing that my dad he’s always telling me you just got to keep moving forward. Yes, I get stuck. I get stuck on you know heartbreak and and and losses and, and things that I can’t control. Yeah, things that couldn’t be troll. And that’s where I get a lot of it like, my dad’s really fucking tough. Yeah, he did. He grew up Ilan knows about me, but I I grew up with about 70 Siberian Huskies. My dad was a sled dog racer. And so we had 70 Siberian Huskies growing up and his dream was to raise the sled dog marathoner last mile race across Alaska. And he was the first person in North Dakota to ever to ever complete it. Back in 1998. I believe that’s when I was a freshman in high school up to Alaska and watched the start, but he was the first person to ever do that. From North Dakota, and that was his dream his whole life and he accomplished it. Yeah, that’s great. And he did that. 13 days. At that time, he ended up last place, but it was the fastest last place time ever. So he got an award for that. Because they were they they light a lantern at the beginning of the race. And then at the end, the lanterns to build still burning in the last person that comes in, goes into the race or finishes the race in Nome, Alaska with the Red Lantern or still has that, so that’s when the lantern is extinguished. That’s cool. And he did it. He did it with Siberian Huskies, which are smaller than Alaskan Huskies. Because Lascaux Huskies are kind of a mixed breed. And so they’re bigger, stronger, and he always stuck. He always loved the Siberian Huskies and which are about half the size and, but they’re purebred and They’re from I can’t remember that. The guy is set lettered set blah. There’s a really good book. He was I believe SEPTA was the guy who delivered the serum to Nome during a pandemic flu pandemic. I think there was a flu pandemic and he delivered the serum to know when nobody else could get through. And that’s where that bottle cartoon from Disney comes from. And other things like that. Like growing up like I my heroes are sled dog racers. It was weird. And Michael Jordan, but I thought it was gonna be him for a while. I stopped growing.

Unknown Speaker 35:38
Have you? Have you watched the last dance at all?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 35:41
The last? Yeah, I have seen parts of it. Oh, it’s so good.

Unknown Speaker 35:47
So good. I just watched the the ending came out last night nine to 10 it’s temporary documentary series on it. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
And what the museums correct

Unknown Speaker 35:57
No, no, no, no. So for instance, the last dance About the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Oh, really?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 36:03
Yeah. Just came out.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Yeah. It just came out. Well, it’s been coming out since April, I think. So back over 10 weekends from now. So March, April. Yeah. So it’s been coming out for the last every Sunday for the last couple of months now, two parts at a time. And it covers everything about Michael Jordan and their last year in 1998, where they broke up the big three which is Michael Scottie, and Dennis Rodman. And then they even go back to when Michael got drafted. I don’t want to give you too much away, but I also want now Yeah, it’s so good. They talk about when Michael got drafted, what his days back at UNC Chapel Hill, going through the league, you know, taking his bumps and bruises and, you know, cutting and just getting to the grindstone every day and work and work and work and along with just his natural talent and ability, you know, of being the greatest and then it’s not really Just also like, centered around Michael it’s also around the whole bowls like organization as a whole, like Jerry Kraus was their GM back in the day and and he was greatest business men in the league from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve heard, but just a an asshole, you know, just a tough dude. Just a really bad guy in general. Uh huh. So there’s a whole part on that. And they have a whole part on Dennis just being who he is as a person reading

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:26
his autobiography. Yeah,

I got whole town read that.

Unknown Speaker 37:29
Yeah. It’s great. Yeah, he’s crazy. Yeah. But

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:34
like, that’s usually like, the people that really become great. Like, they push themselves because they went through a lot of adversity. Mm hmm. And part of it’s kind of sad because you do it because like growing up I went through a lot of shit. Yeah. And it still affects me but but that’s part of the thing that pushes you because you are you feel like You’re not enough. Yeah. So like, you have to be enough. Like you have to like, just you have to prove yourself, everybody. And that’s, that is part of the like, it’s hard for me to say that but like, that is like one of the things that does drive me Yeah. When people say I can’t do it or

Unknown Speaker 38:19
yeah like me too.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 38:20
I fail or like that is definitely one of the things that Hagar went through just like a horrible breakup here like three months ago and like, I’ve gotten through like the lot of the grief stage but like that, yeah, my Mr. was just driven after one of those. Yeah, this is like one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through and I can feel like the that drive coming back and, and I just want I you know, I just want to conquer the world, to

Unknown Speaker 38:57
show people Yes, I’m the same way Yeah, I was the exact same way to a tee.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:03
Yeah, it comes down to obsession sometimes. And that’s not good but like

Unknown Speaker 39:08

Unknown Speaker 39:10
almost I feel like every successful person in this world no matter what it may be Business Health you name it is obsessed to an unhealthy level but not so unhealthy that it starts impacting their life negatively. But

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:26
you’re gonna find there

Unknown Speaker 39:26
Yeah, there’s you always have to find balance in life but their obsessions are dominant in their life. And you know, it’s always on their mind. You know what I mean? Like, first thing you do in the morning when you wake up last thing you think of before you go to bed. Yeah. Oh, totally. That’s Yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:43
this new practices.

Unknown Speaker 39:44
Yeah. Uh huh.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:46
I put my whole self into this. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
So it shows it’s paid it shows.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:53
Oh, we got a long ways to go. There’s a lot to come. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:56
that’s good though. That’s good. You can never should never be satisfied.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
I don’t think I will approve will be Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
You could be content but never satisfied. That’s my that’s my take. That would be nice content content, you feel like you’re not even content content. I’m not content

Unknown Speaker 40:12
now right now. No, no, it’s

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 40:17
actually the biggest thing to me is not helping helping people is in and this clinic and what we’re going to do is one of the things that gives me the most mean, but the thing that they want the most like just a family. Yeah, I grew up in a dysfunctional family. And so one thing I learned from my last relationship, one of the positive things in my last relationship was I want a big family and I saw how that worked. And I felt how that was, and, and, and that was like an amazing feeling. And in so that is what I’m going to create And people that come into my office like, it turns, like, if you keep coming back, and you keep working through different programs that we have, like they become like family. So we get to know each other really well. And that’s one of the reason why people keep coming back, I believe.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Yeah, for those of you who don’t know, I do all of dance marketing and stuff like that on the side. And for every video that I shoot,

Unknown Speaker 41:28

Unknown Speaker 41:29
I can just feel it, you know, I could feel the, the professional relationship there, you know, I can feel it. It’s, it’s strong.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 41:37
And not, I wouldn’t Save As a professional really, yeah. Or it’s not authentic relationship. That’s what I try to bring to the office authentic relationship. We came out of school and they, they teach you all these things like you should wear a white coat. Hi, all this Bs and it doesn’t matter. Like if you’re confident in your skills, You can show people what, what they’re looking like they’re coming with the issue. And if you can show them a problem, if you can show them what’s wrong and how you’re going to fix it. Yep. And be confident in that and do it, then you’re fine. Yeah. That is some advice that I would give to like young doctors or entrepreneurs, like Be confident in what you do. And always keep learning like I go to one. I do a lot of continuing education. I go to at least one marketing event each year I go to one like I called skills event like dry needling or something where I can improve my skills. And then I like to do one like personal personal growth thing like working with a coach, like a life coach. One of the people I work with in town is Juliet trinka and she’s just amazing. And so I’d highly recommend her. I would highly recommend her and I will I will have her podcast on Wednesdays and she has a really would explain it like her wit her process. of, of coaching is very like natural like if you’re an earth person like where if you like nature and you understand nature, we grew up in nature if you are just attracted to nature in a certain way, like she’s like the person to work with. Because in health as in the body as in that the things that we do in our society, there’s systems and there’s ecosystems. Microsystems within those things. Anybody can bring it back to the to the beginning of like to back to nature. Yep. Like you can start that’s your that’s your core that’s your base. That’s where you get your energy from. And people are getting away from that and especially with this Coronavirus thing. Everybody’s doing telemedicine until this until that and like, people need connection. Yeah, you absolutely need connection and I really, I think there’ll be like more telemedicine things like that, but like it doesn’t it, it doesn’t supplement connection with him like a human to human contact with people. And like that’s something that is hurting people right now. Because people don’t have that contact in all of their like demons. Coming up, it’s a good thing. It’s a healing thing for people like but like everybody’s struggling with their own internal demons because they can’t be so busy with their lives. They can’t be busy to distract themselves yeah themselves. And that’s something that manger they talk about quite a bit and might have come up and go into that process and I’m very actually thankful for that because that will make me stronger and healthier in my business as well as my future relationships.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Do you think that Oh, hold on, I lost it.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
Oh, gosh, I literally just had on the tip of my tongue

Unknown Speaker 45:45
for telemedicine. Do you think that for telemedicine that is going to continue to grow as the world is changing into this technological leap based?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 45:55
I think you’ve warfront I think it will in like, like Madison like, like, you go to a doctor and they give you a prescription? Yeah, I think it will in that respect, because why do you need to go in for them to to write you a prescription to something that maybe like for allergies? Yeah, for sure. A common core. You don’t need to drive all the way to the you know, clinic and sit there for waiting room and things like that. I think it will change in that way. But if you want to get like true healing and be really well, you need to put you need, you need to you can’t just be told how how what to do. You have to be shown and there’s like different it won’t change in that way. It won’t change chiropractic in that way. Okay, it’s a hands on. It’s a hands on healing art. It trician maybe they’d have to come up with like what a lot of medical doctors do is do a lot of testing. They have like their, you know, certain medicines. And then they run a bunch of tests and that’s where you spend a lot of money on. And a lot of times unless you’re incredibly sick by that time that you are sick, you’re not just like a little unwell that’s when the your tests get out of range. And by the time people are that way they it’s almost too late. Yeah. And, and so what we’re doing here in my vision is like, we want to optimize people’s health and wellness. Not and educate them on how to actually do that, because I’ve always said like, people know about 1% about their health. And like, a doctor knows about 10% about their health because about human health, because it’s so it’s so complex, and it’s ever evolving, do you think and then a good doctor, maybe no 15 to 20%. And in the way that the medical system is set up now everything is separated, it’s not integrated in even in with technology with it, that just does not work. And that’s why United States is one of the reasons why the United States is one of the one of the more unhealthy countries in the world, because we’ve been separated from from true health care. And it costs a lot. And I don’t see how we’ll get around that really ever. And it’s just a it’s a horrible model, what our healthcare system is right now.

Unknown Speaker 48:52
Yeah, I personally think that it’s a economically driven system and not a health base.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 48:59
Oh, yeah. system and IoT, it is such a part of it is the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies. Sure. It’s even the medical schools, they they just like, you know, basically, like rape the students since pocket so you’re in a dangerous surplus your life Mm Hmm I’m hoping that changes, you know someday because for chiropractic most students come out and and and they’re broke and they have to start their own businesses you don’t get business training in school. Like you can’t even teach really business training in school you have to be out in the trenches doing

Unknown Speaker 49:42
Yeah, you do. And

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 49:45
that’s a tough thing. And a lot of people just aren’t set up to be entrepreneurs. There’s only a small group of people that can do that. So a lot of chiropractors have very small businesses or fail and then they have like, now I think it’s $250,000 to go to school and schools don’t prepare you, they give you the knowledge to be a condition but they don’t give you the knowledge to do you mean just in your practice like you

Unknown Speaker 50:15
are prepared in your discipline but not prepared in what revolves around your discipline?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 50:23
aren’t prepared I I’ve learned over the last 12 years.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Yeah, yeah. But like, let’s say as like me a business mate, like as a business soon to be graduate. I feel like I’ve learned more upfront than maybe you have learned through experience. Oh, yeah.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 50:37
Yeah. Like I never had the aptitude. Yeah, exactly. Like, this opportunity that you’re having now is, I would say, really, really quite price. Yeah. It’s powerful because you’re not going to learn what we do. It will take some of your classmates years and years to learn. Like what we do just to do what we do here? Yeah, to find the people to actually do it and do it right. Yeah. It’ll be, it’ll be incredibly hard. And the people, a lot of the businesses, most businesses don’t know how to run social media campaign. And most social media companies don’t know how to run campaigns for businesses, and they just take their money. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:22
let alone successful campaigns, you know, because you could show anybody on getting technical a little bit here, or you could show anybody reach frequency impressions, CPM CMM. You can show people all those numbers, and they could be like, Oh, yeah, you know what I mean, and you could gas it up a little bit and be like, Oh, yeah, this is really good stuff. But at the end of the day, you know,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 51:43
the end of the day, you got to put your work here. Yeah. Put the work in or not. Yeah. Like we had Matt loop on the show. You have to put the work in and people just don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 51:54
do that. Yeah, it’s that. They want to

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 51:57
do other things. That’s fine, too. That’s fine, too.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Like I say different strokes for different folks.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 52:02
That’s a good it’s a good model. That’s fine too. But some people are more like us. And that’s the entrepreneur

Unknown Speaker 52:10
mindset. And

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 52:13
I just like to do things my way and I’m getting in the system like, college teaches you how to, you know, work for somebody, yeah, necessarily teach you how to

Unknown Speaker 52:27
build your own business, your own business. There’s nothing

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 52:30
out there that really teaches you that Yeah. And except for like, Hard Knocks. Yeah. And so by you working this internship, you, you will be ahead of the game. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:42
definitely. Uh huh. And I already feel that way, you know, just talking to fellow peers and stuff like that. I’m, I’m the only one who started my own business, you know, so even up as of nine months, 10 months ago, I’m still you know, that much farther ahead or totally

Unknown Speaker 53:00

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Yeah. Because that’s been what I’ve been doing.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 53:05
Yeah. So you keep all that knowledge like, you can recreate it. You can recreate it and reuse it. And the core, the core. I don’t want to say values but the core substance of a lot of marketing things. If you learn those principles, you can use those with any media. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:29
literally. Mm hmm. I’ve noticed that they it transfers over very seamlessly. very seamlessly. It’s transferred over. Totally.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 53:38
that’s taken me a long time to learn. And

Unknown Speaker 53:40
yeah, yeah. Yeah, but it’s, it’s true.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
It is it is. And I’ve spent a lot of my good all our hard earned dollars as well trying different things, you know, different avenues. There’s a million in one different things you could get into. So totally, it’s definitely diff it. It’s difficult to try to find the maybe your niche, you know what I mean? It’s really or even if it’s not a specific one thing you know, like hone in on like a group of things that you really dominant that

Unknown Speaker 54:13
you won’t know until you try. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:15
exactly. And that’s the thing that gravitate

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 54:16
towards the things yeah, better. Exactly, you know school yet, so you haven’t had the time to do that?

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Yep. Hmm. And I, I try to do that while I was in school, but my buddies all just think it’s me like getting hooked on to something for three months and then just like giving up on it, but in reality, it’s me trying stuff and I don’t like it. So don’t give up on it. So that kind of comes back to like, whenever I come with a new idea, they usually hit me with like, Oh, are you gonna try it for two weeks and then give up on it? It’s like, well, maybe but like, you should not knock me for that. Be like, hey, like, we should try and stuff and weird schools. That’s

Unknown Speaker 54:53
exactly exactly your school. You have less and less time.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
Yeah. And that occurred to me, you know,

Unknown Speaker 55:00
later than sooner a couple months ago, I actually just it kind of occurred to me that like, hey, in all the things I’ve been trying have been been wastes they’ve been I’ve taken positives out of everything, but it hasn’t been anything. Yeah, exactly. It just hasn’t been the thing. Mm hmm.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 55:14
Well, it’s like Thomas Edison was 10,000 ways he tried before he was able to make a light bulb. And that’s, I don’t know if that’s actually true. But like, that’s the truth. Yeah. Trying to like, build a biz Yeah. 100% things that you have to try and have the courage to try to figure out the direction you need to go and what works and what doesn’t for you, personally, yeah, not everybody can sell on a certain way. Yeah. And everybody can market in a certain way. But it’s more you’re gonna attract people that

Unknown Speaker 55:49
are your

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 55:52
are similar to you? Yep. And your value? Yes. Who you’re trying to attract.

Unknown Speaker 55:58
I totally understand that.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
Yeah. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
It’s crazy, crazy crazy.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 56:03
Yeah, I was just talking to my accountant about that.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Really? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
So I found we’re just getting wrapped up here I’ve been taking some time to try to find a solid question that I want to lay upon our listeners here you know, something that they could think about and really conjure up and then they can you know, get to us on Facebook or Patreon or wherever they’d like to. For you guys that don’t know we do have a Patreon account it is www.patreon.com forward slash Dr. Dan’s business and Dr. Dan’s Power Hour excuse me, Dr. Dan’s power our dance power. Yep. Um, so you could comment there you could come in on our Facebook with the same name facebook.com forward slash Dr. Dan’s Power Hour you’ll be able to find us but here’s the question that I think I found and I think it but about Did you

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 56:58
get those packages so For the patron.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
Yep, I did. Yeah. Yes, I did. Yeah. So I have, um, we have a five tier membership package plan right now. And I believe that these five tiers is encompasses everything that will help benefit our listeners and their listeners and then their friends and I feel like it is really going to be able to benefit all of us. So we have a lot of different packages out there that um, you guys should really just take a look at they all have they come with different incentives. They all do and they’re all really positive incentives as well. That helps us out and then in return helps you the listener.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 57:36
Yeah, it helps us keep growing. Yeah. Technology. Yeah, cuz get out and reach out to all kinds of different

Unknown Speaker 57:45
guests that we can have. Exactly. Yeah, because

Unknown Speaker 57:47
we totally appreciate your support. Hundred percent.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Same with Facebook as well. Everything I’ve been hearing just recently today, my my buddy of mine He texted me like, Hey, man, I just went through the first you know, three or four episodes of your podcast or they like it a lot, you know, keep Yeah. And I was like, sweet, you know? So yeah, just the little things you know, that keep you keep the fire going?

Unknown Speaker 58:11
Totally, totally.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
But since we were talking a little bit in the, in the top of the show about obstacles and challenges and your why and kind of motivation and everything like that, I think I have a good question. Okay, that I yeah, I’m just gonna go for it. What’s the biggest challenge you have with your specific role right now and how are you going to overcome it? And I think that really encompasses kind of what we were talking about earlier as you and I are being challenged by helping people with you in your practice and just how you are in life you know, and then me with my soon to be marketing agency, and everything that I have going on in life as well. I feel like um, yeah, I feel like this really, the purpose is the biggest challenge Yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 59:00
time management and organization for you and creating systems in this new business. And being patient. Yeah. And remembering to take care of myself.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Yep, that’s that’s the hard thing that I’ve been trying to focus on is well is because I want to go go, go go go drive, drive, drive every day, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, build bricks, you know, however, whatever metaphor you’d like to put it, but at the end of the day, you also have to take care of yourself, you know, anything to work 16 hours a day, you also got to give yourself the luxury to take that break. You know what I mean? It’s needed have that point, you know, even if your mind is telling, you know, your body is probably telling you Yes.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 59:45
You hit a breaking point. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
And at least

Unknown Speaker 59:50
you definitely do hit a breaking point. Yeah, but sometimes I feel like that breaking point could be ease you know what I mean? Like, yeah, you’ll definitely hit like a wall or breaking point for sure. But Usually behind that breaking point is a crash of some sort, you know, like your productivity goes down the window, you know down the drain. Yeah, that’s what happens to the wall. Exactly. Yeah, so

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:00:10
I’m marathon 100%

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
so trying to try to keep that balance to where I do when I do hit that wall eventually you know, whatever probably a couple hours after this podcast I’ll hit that wall but for the day oh I just to help with the symptoms, maybe symptoms isn’t the right word of it, you know, and just to help with the ease a bit, I guess, you know, with the breakdown and the productivity loss and everything like that, just trying to help and then I also find that it also helps me on the back end. So like in the following mornings, I feel more better about myself and everything like that, instead of feeling worse, you know, trying to push through it last night and then it goes into this morning and then a day and a half or like half a day behind and then you’re sluggish. Like

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:00:59
in two chiropractor school. Yeah, like I was having a rule to be done by nine o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Yeah. Because

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:01:07
otherwise I couldn’t sleep. Yep, I’d have it go into my head or dream about like, freaking anatomy.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Remember systems and whatever.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:01:20
So I was trying to shut down by nine o’clock. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
And you got to get sleep and you got to eat.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:01:27
And now there’s sun out you got to go outside and be the sun and that makes a huge difference. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
for sure. gotta eat well to stay away from carbs. Yeah, carbs. That’s it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
yeah, stay away from carbs in

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:01:40
a big paleo diet, keto diet, fan, or ancestral living type diets. Because 70% of American diet is carbohydrates, and that’s what leads to most of our chronic diseases. Yeah. And I see it every day in my clinic. People get addicted to it because they have to have all those carbs in their blood sugar, but it’s stored in fat, it’s to heart disease is stroke, brain disorders. It affects your whole life. So if you clean up your diet, get away from carbs and eat some carbs, like healthy ones. But that’s, that’s one of the main things in processed foods that I simply those are just simple ways to start on the right path. wellness and health. There we go. All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
Well, I’ll just one more time I’ll go over it one more time just so you can have so as our listeners can have a one reminiscing thought I don’t know if that’s the right word for it. One last thought one final thought about it. I’m gonna go over the question one more time. I feel like it does a really encompass and wrap up our podcasts and everything. We’ve talked about today as a whole really nicely with a good bow on top. So what’s the biggest challenge you have with your specific role could be parent could be son, daughter, you know what I mean? Whatever your role is in job and work in life, interpersonal relationships, whatever it may be right now, and how are you going to overcome it?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
So all right.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:03:20
All right on that. Good night. Yeah, thank you much. Next week, we got an awesome speaker for episode. What are we on episode seven, seven next week. Wow. Right. Episode Seven, we got Dr. Alberto from Cancun, Mexico, he’s gonna be talking about stem cells stem. So, stem cell research and some different stem cell therapies for cancer, autoimmune diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, joint disorders, and ways to help you stay more active throughout your entire life and So I’m really looking forward

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
to I’m looking forward to it. All right. We will see you then. All right, we’re out.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:04:06
Bye you guys later. Bye bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Oh, that’s good. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
always feels good to nail one.

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