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Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 0:38
He is a celebrity entrepreneur, and author of what they teach you at the Wharton Business School and host of The Greatest Show and host of the greatest show of all time on 77 w ABS VC radio in New York City. And he actually was a graduate of the Wharton Business School. I recently went So he’s one to listen to.

Clint Arthur 1:04
I wasn’t I still am. I still am a graduate.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:07
Yeah, he also still is. Once you graduate, you get to keep saying that

graduate never go back.

Yeah, yeah, you get to keep that.

So far.

So right now, Clint, you’re, well, I met you at a speaking engagement because you speak all all across the United States. On celebrity entrepreneurship in our entrepreneur marketing, is that what you would call it?

Clint Arnold 1:38
Yeah, I look, I’m an author, a speaker, a coach and entrepreneur. And I have figured out some stuff that allows me to make seven figures a year I’m top 1% of money earners and National Speakers Association and you know, I’m I’ve been working Probably making more money than most people make in a year I made in the last couple months while we’ve been escaping the anarchy of New York City where I’m, you know, living Midtown. But as you can see, I’m not in New York City. I’m in Acapulco, Mexico, and I’ve been here for two and a half plus months. Thank God. And

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 2:25

Clint Arnold 2:26
I’m so happy for you. It was a really smart

move that we made. And I said to my wife, as all my speaking gigs, were getting canceled by all these different places that I had agreements to be a speaker and I was going to go and sell all their people and have them come to my conference with Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew and celebrity chef Paula Dean and Patch Adams and Surgeon General the United States had all that stuff lined up but the beginning of March just started all canceling away. And so I said to my wife, hey, do we want to go back to New York City and be in our apartment in Midtown. Or do we want to maybe hop on a plane from Dallas where we were to Acapulco, and here we are,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 3:12
like a pretty good idea. So it’s like an Airbnb is that we’re staying in or?

Clint Arnold 3:16
Yeah, so far we made a few offers on houses. But we haven’t, you know, they haven’t accepted any of the offers yet because they’re like, I don’t know. They don’t really want to sell you know, real estate in Mexico is very ego driven.

is a lot of ego tied to Mexico. Yeah, much more than in, in the USA. I think, you know,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 3:41
that’s hard. That’s hard to imagine.

Clint Arnold 3:44
Well, you know, they like there’s all these villas, right. I mean, and this is not, this is one of the least nice villas that I’m in.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 3:53
Right. And, oh, you’re in the ghetto of America right now.

Clint Arnold 3:58
No, not a vaca poco The neighborhood

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 4:02
the neighborhood your neighborhood, too bad.

Clint Arnold 4:05
It’s pretty good, you know? And but like, they’re, you know, all the ones over there. You know? Like, this is a this is a townhouse where all the other ones are more like a state like in any case, okay. They all have names on them. Everybody names their house after themself. Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah.

Casa Rudy, you know. Yeah. Or a casa Jerry. You know.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 4:34
I just I imagine that you’ve already named your your place that you’re staying. We’re gonna name our place.

Clint Arnold 4:41
This place is this place is just called what? One of his stuff. I think it is Bella Vista or one of his daughter. No nice view. It has

a nice game.

But when we buy a place down here, we’re gonna call it Villa de estrellas. Which means Villa of the stars because the stars I start having clients come down for celebrity masterminds in Acapulco, and it’s gonna be super cool.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 5:07
And I’d rather go there than actually in New York City. Yeah, to celebrities, because they’re just bombarded by all their work if they’re in New York or LA, you know,

Clint Arnold 5:17
well, they’re always, unfortunately, New York has gone through a really terrible thing these days. And I don’t know. I don’t know when it’s gonna fix itself. I don’t know if we’ll ever get back. But look, I grew up in New York City, in the 1970s and 80s. And it was so bad. My high school band, I was not a member. I’m just saying the band of the guys who played from our high school was called urban blight. That’s what New York was when we lived there were no urban blight. It was boarded up buildings. It was graffiti everywhere. There was vacant lots crime. I got mugged several times growing up in Wow. And you know, Mayor de Blasio has brought back the good old days of urban Like gradually

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:01
gotten worse.

Clint Arthur 6:03
Well, that’s what I hear.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 6:04
I’ve never actually been to New York City yet. But I don’t really want to say things like, Yeah, not.

Not now for sure.

Clint Arnold 6:14
But when you go to any city, dude, we our last event that we did our last celebrity entrepreneur event look, so what I what I did, I figured stuff out, okay, I wrote a book, I wanted to sell books. I asked jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, okay, I sell books. He goes, you got to become somebody, you got to start going on media on TV, radio, getting in the news, because people don’t buy books from nobodies. They only buy books from famous people, you got to be somebody. So I started doing that. I started going on TV news talk shows, and it was expensive to get on those shows. And I showed the first four appearances to my wife. I said, Honey, what do you think she goes I think you saw I see you right you know, I’m I can see Look, one of the things that you told you that though I can be a realistic person and I said, I agree. And if I’m ever going to get good enough to fulfill my dream, which was to get on the Today Show, then I better do a lot more TV so I can get good. You know, you think you watch it you watch TV. So you think well, how hard could it be? It’s It’s not easy to do video and audio and be great at it all at the same time. So I said, I’m gonna hire this publicist to book me on 10 more shows that was gonna cost $15,000 and my wife goes, whoa, why do you keep paying this lady? Why don’t you just put yourself on TV? And I said, How do I do that? And it took me it took me nine and a half weeks. Wow, that’s the movie name nine and a half weeks you ever see that movie?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 7:46
I remember it but I never saw that. That was

Clint Arthur 7:52
a good movie Mickey Rourke nine and a half weeks very hot date night movie, you should check it out and

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 7:59
might happen. Here’s

Clint Arthur 8:02
nine and a half weeks to book my first TV appearance. And,

Clint Arnold 8:07
man, once I did that I was hooked. And you’re gonna, it’s, you know, because the lady was charging me 1500 dollars for each one she booked for me. Okay? And at least that’s a pay for performance model that’s, that’s okay. If you’re going to do publicity at least pay for results not for efforts because most of these people can’t deliver.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 8:30
Why? What were you speaking about?

Clint Arnold 8:33
Well, that’s, that’s what I said to the lady. I said, Look, what I really wanted to talk about is I had this amazing experience in October of 2008. See, I mean, there’s a lot of stories that you’re going to hear along the way of this interview, but I got

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 8:49
over 2008 probably have like a three part series or six part series for you. What are you drinking? Are you drinking Heineken? What do you drink now? This is a this is a beer. It’s called junkyard Brewing Company. Giant beer can Evans low stress out the last couple of days and so I’ve just had like, I like to have the beer or

Clint Arnold 9:12
It looks good. That’s like a Foster’s in those giant cans. Right? Yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 9:15
it’s like two and a half years in one. Yeah, it’s huge, right? Yeah. It’s like it’s some of the best beer have ever had. And it’s just this little Brewing Company. It blew up in Morehead, Minnesota and they sell it all over Minnesota now. And finally cloud this year but more power to you. So drinking will give a shout out to jack yard and this was there. Actually, I had this one was the old one was from St. Patrick’s Day, bleed green. Some sort of beer but awesome. So yeah, that’s been kickin.

What are you drinking? I you know, I

Clint Arnold 9:53
put a pin in that in that conversation right there. Okay. Okay. Okay. So I started booking myself on TV shows and and the lady who was the publicist, she said like first I first I had to get the courage to hire a publicist. Okay. What do you want to talk about on TV? So what I really want to talk about is I was at this campfire with my men self help team in Los Angeles and the shaman points me across the yellow orange crackling flames. And he goes, You don’t know yet. But Girardi get and I’m like, What are you talking about? years ago I was driving a cab now I’m a millionaire. I was living on a little tiny boat and I live in a magic dead you just don’t know. And I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. For months I would wake up out of sound sleep. I’m already dead. I’m already dead. What does he mean? And I don’t have fun with you.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 10:46
I have a shotgun coach also that I just started working with. God bless dream for you. She like she did. She had a dream for me. Maybe like she said to me in a text and maybe like shake. It was weird.

Clint Arnold 11:00
This guy changed my life forever because

it came to be New Year’s Day of 2009. And I woke up and poured myself a mimosa and pulled out a pad of paper and a pen to write down my list of goals for the year, as I had become accustomed to doing once I became successful as a business man, stop trying to be a screenwriter and an actor, and

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 11:23
to be an actor, because you’re telling me all about how you grew up with Robert Downey Jr. in high school. in junior high, you told me your story.

That’s a great story. I hope we

Clint Arnold 11:34
get that one was

that day on New Year’s Day, I asked myself a question inspired by the shaman and I said, hey, what if that guy was right? What if I am already dead? Whatever that means, or what if this was going to be the last year of my life? What would I want to accomplish this year? And that question changed everything in my whole entire life. Not only did I Start writing again hadn’t written in eight years, okay, I quit. I quit writing. I said, I don’t want to have a dream. I just want to have a normal frickin life. I just want to, you know, make some money instead of being a cab driver. I want to get married. I want to have a house. I don’t want to live in a little boat, like camping on a boat for the rest of my life. Yep. And, and over the course of eight years, I fulfilled all of that. But I realized when I asked myself that question about if it was gonna be last year, my life, when I given up on was, who I really am, who I really am as a writer, I’m a writer. That’s what I had. When I was a little kid in high school. One of my teachers was a man named Frank McCourt, he wrote a memoir about his impoverished childhood in Ireland called Angela’s Ashes and won the Pulitzer Prize for that book inspired all of us to want to become writers.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 12:58
So it was published. Well, you In high school,

Clint Arnold 13:01
no it was published. It was published a little more than 10 years after I graduated from college. Oh, college. Okay. I graduated from college in 87. And his book came out in 96, I believe. And then he won the Pulitzer Prize and inspired us all. So when I realized that I had to write my book about what I learned the Wharton Business School that helped me to become successful once I stopped trying to be a movie star and started being a businessman. I wrote that book in a few days, and read that now. It’s a great book, what they teach you at the Wharton Business School. It’s not exactly it’s not at all what you think it is. It’s not a bean counting book. It’s really philosophies of living how to live ecology to be successful. So I said to the publicists, she goes well, what do you want to talk about on TV I said, what I want to talk about on TV is living as if it’s going to be the last year if you like, because that enabled me to really break through and accomplish all kinds of dreams. I was obese. At that point I was, I was 236 pounds. Just to give you an example, I’m around 200 right now. And, and that year living as if I was going to die at the end of the year, I lost 40 pounds. And my marriage was on the rocks, and we got into counseling and worked it out. We’re about to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary this year. Yeah, I know, my wife’s freaking amazing. Yeah, you know, and it was all gonna blow up. I and I wrote my book and all this stuff. And I said, that’s what I want to talk about. And she goes, Well, do you have a book about that? And I go, No, I don’t have a book about that. She goes, Well, I can’t get you on TV for that. You’re not Tony Robbins. You’re not famous. You’re not. Jen. You don’t

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 14:48
have to read a book to get famous. It gets

Clint Arnold 14:52
in you know what, there’s there’s a lot to having the books you read a book

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 14:56
called I don’t need a fucking book. Yeah, right.

Clint Arnold 15:02
Here’s a really funny one. Frank mccords brother. He goes, I have a new book coming out. It’s called Have you read my brother’s book?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 15:14

Clint Arnold 15:18
He was gonna come and speak at my event when it was gonna be in New York, but now that I’ve moved it to Atlanta, I don’t know if he’s gonna come because he’s really old. But in any case,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 15:30
you know, it’s really human there though.

Clint Arnold 15:32
It’s really, it’s a lot of things. But in any case, my goal was to get on the Today Show, and I started booking myself on TV, and it once I started booking myself and it wasn’t costing me 1500 dollars per appearance, then I went nuts. My first year I booked myself on seven shows the second year I booked 20 shows. My 57th television appearance was on the Today show they called me and Brooke Shields in Willie Geist interviewed me on that show. And they asked me a question they go, you know, Clint, you have a great idea you ask yourself with today’s shows ever was at St. Regis and Kathie Lee is just in cafe right? Today’s show is the morning show three hours long on NBC News. Oh, it’s MC used to be Matt Lauer. Yeah used to be Matt Lauer. He went to jail until he got he got me to out.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 16:25
Yeah, yeah. Okay. But they have all the signs and shit and they talk to people outside.

Yes, exactly. Okay. All right. Yeah.

Clint Arnold 16:34
And hold a copy is the big host of that show now. And they know you upgrade idea. photocopy. I’ll show you a picture. They go up. Great idea, Clint, you ask yourself a question every year. What’s that question? And I said, Ask yourself. If this was going to be the last year of your life, what would you want to accomplish? That’s been the superpower of my life.

That is really propelled me to be able to do all the things that I’ve done over the last few years.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:05
So when you when you ask that question January 1, Are you certain, a special day or?

Clint Arnold 17:11
Well, look you there’s Brooke and me. Oh, nice.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:16

Clint Arnold 17:17
You ask yourself that question. Whenever you’re in a peak state, really, yours today is a good day. Your birthday is a good day. You know, whatever is peak, a peak moment for you when it has meaning for you. The more meaning the more meaningful the moment is, the more you’ll be able to get out of asking that question. Totally. I totally Yeah.

So that was my 57th appearance. And the next day you asked me what I’m drinking lately. The next day I woke up and I said to my wife after a night of partying, celebrating going on the Today show it’s

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 17:55
been awesome hungry.

Clint Arnold 17:56
I was a

I was 48 years old when that happened. 48 Okay, I still got time here to talk to you like I’m super cool. And I woke up the next morning and I turned to my wife and I said, I think I’m done drinking. And that was six and a half years ago and I have not had a drop of alcohol in six and a half years. That’s not true. We were in Europe last fall. After my event at Carnegie Hall we were celebrating on we went on a three week trip to Europe, and we were in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and I ordered some

I ordered some tiramisu. And I took a bite of this tiramisu and it had that had guts, which is warm flavor like, Oh, man.

I said, and I call over the waiter, I’m like, a quarter alcohol and he goes, Oh, yeah, and as I’m reading it, I’m like, well, you say that on the menu. He goes Oh, all to me. So has our has amaretto I’m like no all hear me. Sue does not have me. It doesn’t.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 19:02
It’s like coffee tastings.

Clint Arnold 19:05
Yeah. stuff. No, I took that one bite. That’s the one drop of alcohol that I’ve had. I sent that I had to pay for that piece of tiramisu. They made me pay for it, even though I sent it back.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 19:17
Because Oh, you sent it back. Oh, yeah,

Clint Arnold 19:19
hell yeah. Okay. Okay. And you know, nobody would have known No, like, I couldn’t have that whole tiramisu. I would have been wasted off of one nice piece of tiramisu loaded with alcohol. But I didn’t have it. I

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 19:33
sent it back and I would be stuck. It’d be second in your head. Like, that’s how I would get like, I remember that. I don’t know, done something proactive.

Clint Arnold 19:43
It would have been like you can’t lie to yourself. Totally. Right. I it wouldn’t have mattered to anyone. My wife would be happy if I started drinking again, because now we you know, she look my wife and I we partied so much. We drank so much wine and tequila together. And she misses those days of partying. However, since I don’t drink anymore, she doesn’t really drink as not nearly as much she can have a glass of wine when she does whatever she wants. I don’t control her life. She’s not an alcoholic or drug addict, but I was slash M. I don’t know. All I know is I being down here in Mexico. I thank God that I don’t drink anymore because you go to Walmart and there’s all this great beer and keela you know, in Mexico, and shit, I’d be drinking beer and tequila every day all day long. If I was still drinking right now it’s hot there so it’s easier to drink it and I have a

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 20:43
separate I hate tequila. I like to smell like some people want either you love it or you hate it.

Clint Arnold 20:49
Hey, I love I loved everything I did more than you will ever do. And I had a great time doing it. But now I’ve been clean and sober for more than six years and I’m so great. Every day that I don’t drink anymore, because I would be a waste case now, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve all the things that I’ve done over the last.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 21:08
We’re just taught me my intern, a marketing intern here, we’re just talking about that actually, like, is sand volleyball coming up and haven’t played it in a few years because a group of people I used to hang out with like, they always, always ever talked about was drinking and drugs and like, has like two times or something else, but they couldn’t do it. I was just like, I can’t do this anymore. And I just started doing my own thing, working my business working on myself or my spiritual life and different things like that. And, and none of those people are in my life anymore. But so I understand where you’re coming from. You can’t do both.

Clint Arnold 21:49
Talk was really tough at first because, you know, like, I didn’t ask my wife is, is it okay if I quit drinking? My wife and I we party together a lot. You know, we that was, it was ritualistic partying, you know, every night drinking, eating and drinking every night. Yeah.

And when I stopped, that was a big change for

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 22:15
me. Well, yeah, totally cuz, well, in any marriage, if one person has a change, it affects the other because you basically have a shared, shared experience. Exactly. Sharing Mary,

Clint Arnold 22:29
shared, shared whole thing and that went away. But thank God, I don’t drink anymore. That’s all I could say. Now, now we work a lot. We used to see, look, this is one of the things and I’m not trying to be on a soapbox trying to get anybody to stop doing anything. All I’m saying is this is my experience. I wondered for a long time. Should I tell people that I work as hard as I do. I work really hard. We like before this whole Coronavirus thing blew up. We were living in New York City in our apartment in midtown Manhattan. doing our events we just our most recent event was in September, September 26, seventh and eighth at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I had Martha Stewart and ice tea and Coco and Jerry from Barry went really well. Frank from Canada, went up there and he told me it has done really well for Michael Gerber. Dan Kennedy was supposed to be there. I ended up having to play the role of Dan Kennedy and give Dan Kennedy’s last lecture on his behalf. And we’re really well, we see like sick leave here. He was gonna die. Did he die? hospice, he didn’t die. As I as I predicted, he was in hospice. And as I predicted, I said, You know what? He thinks he’s gonna die. He thinks just because he wants to die, that he’s gonna die. But

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 23:50
I usually the opposite happens and

Clint Arnold 23:55
he’s gonna get to the point where he’s gonna say, you know, if I’m working this hard to Try to die. I at least need to be getting a check. And if I’m not getting a check, I don’t know exactly what happened. You checked out of hospitals and went home. And he’s like working again. So Oh, wow.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 24:13
Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

But out of policy for a second, like you said, it’s just my experience. There’s something really, really having a unique story about one of my mentors. He said, The greatest gift they ask you a question, actually, what’s the greatest gift that you can give? Uh,

Clint Arnold 24:34
well, I think is I think where you going with that is my, my unique perspective and knowledge of what is real.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 24:43
Well, the greatest gift that you can give is your experience because it’s yours. It’s not anybody else’s. I don’t know everything. The only thing that you can give that no one else can use.

Clint Arnold 24:54
I don’t know everything in the world. Okay. And this kind of goes back to Frank McCourt. Okay when Frank McCourt was teaching In this creative writing in high school, he goes, what you need to write is what you know, you could The only thing you should write is what you know. And the only thing you really know is your life experiences that, that, you know, see everything else is all like story interpretation for your life experience is your own truth. So I don’t know everything about everything, but I’ll tell you what I know about how you went to Wharton Business School. I know I know a lot of stuff that they taught me there, but they didn’t teach me the most important thing in business. I you know, I told you I was a taxi driver. A lot of people ask me Do you resent having wasted 13 years of your life chasing the Hollywood dream and never achieving anything from it? Except a lot of blood, sweat and tears and broken dreams and dashed hopes and people telling me that I sucked and that I you know, I was stupid. I was a loser. That’s what I got out of 13 years, but what I learned was the most important lesson In business, which they don’t teach you at Wharton, or at the Harvard Business School, at least, you know, when I spoke at the Harvard faculty club for an event sponsored by the entrepreneurship club of Harvard Business School, nobody was talking about this. And that is the most important lesson in business, which is, who you are, is more important than what you actually do or sell. See, when we were just talking about that, too, when Brookfield interviewed me on that show, they could have hired a million Columbia University journalism school graduates to do that interview, but they didn’t. They hired Brooke Shields. Why? Because she’s such a great interviewer. No, she’s not. Because of who she is. She’s somebody she’s Brooke Shields and they wanted viewers they wanted people to care and right or wrong. Whether you believe it is true, or you’re deluded and you you want to ignore this fact, people care about famous people for some reason. If they see a picture of a famous person’s face? Or if they hear somebody’s voice who’s famous, you know, like James, Earl Jones, or CNN, or if they, or if they see a picture of the person or art, they hear the name of the person even. They care more than if it’s just a just a nobody, because they’re not.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 27:23
That’s an ideal to them.

Clint Arnold 27:24
Well, there’s a lot of reasons to it. And one of the reasons is, is that we see these celebrities all the time on social media, in the movies on TV, and we feel like we know who they are. We feel like we know them. We feel like they’re kind of our friends in a way, like you think about you think about Kevin Hart. Right? He’s kind of your friend. You love Kevin

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 27:49
little funny. Like,

Clint Arnold 27:52
you like Kevin Hart. And when somebody says, Oh man, you know, like, I saw Kevin Hart at 10 x conference. Really, what did he say? See what I mean? Yeah, yeah. And and that’s, that’s what all this stuff is.

Yeah, that’s,

you know, and and, you know, I had Grant Cardone on my show on the greatest show of all time radio show. And he’s one who had Kevin Hart Yeah, on his stage. And we talked about all that and, you know, like it or not, celebrity is the name of the game, who you are is more important than what you actually do or sell. And what I what I have found is that what has enabled me to live the life that I live, to make the money that I make, which most people would trade their job to do what I do and make what I make. I’ve learned how to position myself as a celebrity entrepreneur in the eyes of my customers and prospects. And I teach other people how to do that. And I provide opportunities for other people to do that through my events and other services that I offer.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 28:58
Yeah, Atlantic Last year when I first met you, that’s the first time I learned about celebrity, entrepreneur, marketing. And then I looked up and I got back in, well, this is a big thing.

Clint Arnold 29:09
It is. And as a matter of fact, if you google the word celebrity entrepreneur, you’re gonna seem like, think about, like, you’ll see who shows up on that first page of Google results. I’m on the first page of Google results now for a celebrity entrepreneur. Yeah, and at some point, I promise you I am turns

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 29:30
dominating right now.

Clint Arnold 29:33
I’m gonna dominate it. Yeah. And and when I remember what when I was first starting out in this game as an expert, one of my coaches said, to a room of five 600 people. All right. Now, what is the term that you want to be associated with like when people Google that term? You want to show up at any time I put entrepreneur and I put the word entrepreneur Knowing full well that it was impossible for me to dominate the word entrepreneur on Google, not realizing that a few years later I would stumble upon this idea of being a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects. And I would create the term celebrity entrepreneurship. And I do believe that I created that term. I’ve written a book about it called celebrity entrepreneurship. It’s on Amazon. If this conversation is you, you should buy my hundred dollar book on Amazon. It’s $100. Worth every penny. It’s another. It’s an

it’s a hardcover, full color interior. It’s like, it’s like

celebrities. I put my whole life in that book. lots of pictures of me with celebrities in there, lots of pictures from my whole life, but you know, it’s worth 100 bucks. Definitely, definitely. And and here I am. Did your intern Find me on Google already?

celebrity entrepreneurs wandering Where?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 31:13
I could. But anyways, actually have nothing.

Unknown Speaker 31:16
But trust me, it’s there. You’ll see I just

Clint Arnold 31:22
want to talk about.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 31:24
So tell me about so you.

You have the one thing they remember when you’re speaking in Atlanta, there’s one thing you asked every, every celebrity, what’s the most important thing?

We had? Yeah, one

Clint Arnold 31:42
thing I got a lot of great stories about that. You know, I just asked Grant Cardone, I said, what’s the most important thing you ever learned? He goes, nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows who you are. And your number one job as an entrepreneur is to make people know who you are. Because if they don’t know who you are, they ain’t gonna buy from you.

That’s true. I asked. You know, I asked all these people that

Martha Stewart I said Martha Stewart, what’s the most important thing you ever learned said my daddy told me when I was a little girl that I could do anything and I believed him.

Anything is possible. That’s a recurring theme of a lot of celebrities. I asked that same question to Buzz Aldrin, second man to walk on the moon. He was a speaker at my conference at West Point. He said anything is possible. Most important thing you ever learn. So

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 32:33
let’s go to the moon and look at the facts of the earth. And that’s pretty convincing evidence that anything is possible. You’re gonna work your ass off to like, even become an astronaut.

Clint Arnold 32:43
So yeah, well, look, you know, I, I chased my dream for 13 years, and I gave up on my dream, but then I came back and I got mentorship. I do believe anything is possible. I think that when you don’t have someone showing you the way it’s a lot harder to make your dreams come true. Yeah, I never had anybody show me the whole way to make it happen. But I’ve been blessed to have some great mentors, Dan Kennedy being one of them. And Dan is the one who made me really understand.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 33:19
How did you meet him? Initially? Uh

Clint Arnold 33:23
I heard about him from another mentor. Uh, you know, have you heard of James ballin check? Or the name

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 33:31
I haven’t

Clint Arnold 33:32
read. He was pretty hot for a while. He’s been less, you know, active for relevant lately by the direct mail advertisements, tech speaker training by speaker training guy. He introduced me to this idea of celebrity attachments, being in photos with famous people. And once he introduced me that idea, I’ve really latched on to it. I think it’s one of my favorite. I think it’s my most favorite methodology for raising yourself. status in the eyes of customers and prospects. Now James Madison check was one of Dan Kennedy’s marketers of the year. And I started going to the Dan Kennedy conferences and meeting a lot of great entrepreneurs there in those days is like 2011 1213 14.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 34:15
Dan Kennedy events

Clint Arnold 34:18
are very strong. He was very involved, and there was a lot of people. Yeah, that’s my first current practice who I know, I know, he was really big. And it’s since it’s since really gone way downhill, because he got less involved and sick. But in any case, he’s the one who said your number one job as an entrepreneur is to raise your status in the eyes of customers and prospects. And once I started focusing exclusively on that, that’s when I started thinking about, well, what am I doing? Like, that’s when I started making a lot of money.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 34:51
Once I learned the different ways that you can raise your status. I’m curious.

Clint Arnold 34:55
Yeah, that’s what I started thinking about. Like, what am I actually doing that is moving the needle. As far as getting me, you know, I speak on a stage for 30 minutes, and I walk away with a big stack of $10,000 $12,000 contracts in 30 minutes, and nobody else can do that. Because what I offer is real guaranteed and works. So what are the things that I offer? And what is it that I have identified as being the powerful things? These are all in my book, celebrity entrepreneurship, there’s five things that I do basically, five that I basically do. Number one, the most important thing you can do is you got to go on TV news and talk shows because nobody else gets do that, except for real celebrities. If you’re not on TV, news and talk shows, you may be internet famous. You may be a YouTube star, you may be an Instagram star, but you’re not a celebrity. You’re just somebody who’s got to follow and share your experience. Even if you don’t have a book. Just share your experience. Have you got To get on TV however you can. I’ve written books about how to get on TV my my breakthrough book on how to get on TV is called breakthrough your upper limits on TV. Okay.

I’ve written more than 20 books since 2009.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 36:16
Really? Yep. Wow. Yes, women want to read book.

Clint Arnold 36:21
A lot of them are bestsellers I, you know, part of the reason why I’ve written so many books is because people pay me to write their book with them. I’m really good at writing books, I just, I do three phone calls with the person usually takes two to three hours per call. And then the person who’s basically done then I send you a first draft of your book a couple couple months later,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 36:44
or you’re kind of like a trainer,

Clint Arnold 36:46
you know, kind of, kind of

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 36:49
you put it in any format.

Clint Arnold 36:51
I know how to write a book and I I’m a I’m a curious person. I know what questions to ask. I know how to make things sound good when they’re written. And mostly I’m a good listener and people see the key to writing a book and having it sound good, is it has

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:07
to sound good.

Clint Arnold 37:08
Because when you write stuff, the person hears it in their head. So what makes it sound good? Well, for a person who I like, for my co authors who I work with, they work with me and they pay me a lot of money. Because they look up to me, they admire me, they respect me. And as a result of that, when they’re talking to me, they talk to me in a way that sounds good.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:34
Does that make sense? Yeah, so then the words that you write Sound good?

Clint Arnold 37:39
Yeah, they come out of your mouth sounded good. Because you look up to me, you admire me, you respect me, you like me? All those things create a tone that the reader hears in their head when they’re reading the book.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 37:52
So step one would be to start with yourself to create respect and rapport and

Clint Arnold 38:01
Ah, what else? Hey, look, I look, there’s a million ways to write a book. There may be a book, you know, there may be books where the person hates themself. I don’t know really? Sure. That’s a particular tone, if the person hates

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 38:16
that sign, but because a lot of plates themselves,

Clint Arnold 38:20
yeah, it could be a really good book, because it would have a very powerful voice, right? So I don’t I’m not gonna say, you know, any definitive thing about how to write a book, I’m just saying that the reason why I’ve written so many books is because I’ve written like, six or seven books with people. And they’ve paid me a lot of money to write those books with them on top of the books that I’ve written for my own self. Okay. All right. So the first thing is you got to go on TV. The second thing you got to do is you got to be a VIP speaker. You met me when I was speaking at Matt loops event, and I had time on his stage. After my time on stage, I enrolled a lot of people to come to my dr. oz event, or my or to my Carnegie Hall event with Martha Stewart and I see and Coco, etc, etc, etc. Those were all 10 to $12,000 contracts. Right? That comes from being very important speaker speaking in very important places like I in this interview, I’ve already mentioned that I spoke at the Harvard faculty club. I’ve spoken at Carnegie Hall.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 39:27
Yeah, Nat spoke there, too, I believe. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, talk to me about, uh, the the New York Stock Exchange. That’s the NASDAQ. How do you get people on there? Those were the things you do.

Clint Arnold 39:41
Those were good. Those are really good speaking events. And now, you know, since New York is what it is, I don’t have anything scheduled to do at NASDAQ except on the NASDAQ jumbotron yet still, I still I mean, it’s so fascinating. People don’t understand anything that I do but money. It costs a lot. money to rent the NASDAQ jumbotron billboard in Times Square. I rent it out and I sell it to clients in small chunks. And I give it to them as a bonus. I’m signing up to add value because people it’s a very impressive thing to have your face or your book on the NASDAQ jumbotron.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 40:20
So I sign up for the Dr. Oz event. You’ll get me on the jumbotron.

Clint Arnold 40:25
Yes, that’s part of the that’s a nice bonus that I can offer you.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 40:29
Yes. Okay. Okay.

Clint Arnold 40:31
So the two we’ve talked about two of the five we talked about TV VIP speaking. Number three is my favorite way. Having photos of yourself with major celebrities. I love Love, love, love, love it. It’s really fun. It’s very intense. I try to ask them a question every time when I it’s so intense. Because you know you think what you think that like a person like john travolta, you think he’s a normal person? No. He’s not a normal person. I call these people unicorns. Yeah, they’re like unicorns. They’re way different than you and me. Number one, they’re really it’s really intense because you never get a lot of time with them. They, they’re moving, they’re going someplace else, you know, they’re gonna picture with you, and then they’re gonna leave and you’re never gonna see them again And usually, or it’ll be a long time until you see them again, like we met. We met Dr. Oz recently. For the first time we met Dr. Oz at Tony Robbins 60th birthday party.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 41:43
Oh, nice. Oh, that’s what Matt was at that too. I think he was at one of those two Robbins special events.

Clint Arnold 41:51
No, Matt was at an event where that was like a, an affiliate reward events match. The Tony Robbins program and all the top of roofers got to go to a mastermind with him and Dean grassy OC.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 42:10
Yeah, yeah, I remember him. That’s great. I get often stuff.

Clint Arnold 42:14
That’s great. I mean, I wish that was at the birthday party, but I didn’t see him. I don’t think he was. Yeah,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 42:19
yeah, I think you’re right.

Clint Arnold 42:20
But these these unicorns, you know, they are very special people. They’re different and they’re fast moving bogeys. And you got to grab them while you can get them. And, you know, I asked Tony Robbins, I said, Tony, what’s the most important thing you ever learned? And, you know, let me show you that picture. That’s a great picture as birthday party.

And he said, nice happening for you. When he’s happy. Life is happening for you.

And I’ll give you you know, it’s it’s an amazing concept if you can really live that way. of my speaking mentors, a guy named Sean Stephenson. You ever hear of him or know him?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 43:05
I haven’t heard of him.

Clint Arnold 43:07
He was the three foot giant. He had some bone disease. He would if he fell down he would break his bones. He rode around in a wheelchair. He was three feet tall. And just remember a great speaker, bald head. And, and you always stick out his tongue like this.

He would take pictures like that. Yeah, that’s how he would look basically when you’re taking pictures. And

unbelievable. You’ve heard of Joe polish. Joe polish. Sean Stephenson was one of Joe Polish his best friends. Sean Stephenson falls down out of his wheelchair breaks his head open. And this is the story I read on Facebook. Joe Polish goes to the emergency room and as they’re reeling Sean Stephenson into the operating room for brain surgery, and he dies on the operating table as they’re willing into the operating room. He says to Joe polish. This is happening for me.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 44:11
He died.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
died on the operating table, man. Geez, this is happening for me.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 44:19
Tony Robbins was an insanely great way to frame your life though,

Clint Arnold 44:24
because Tony Robbins was one of his influences too, you know? So yeah, I love to ask him these questions. And you know, people don’t understand that when you get these pictures with these people, when you meet these people, it will change your life. They have a different perspective on the world and meeting these unicorns will change your life. And so far, I’ve met like 45 major celebrities, in you know, in varying

circumstances, who is the most

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 44:56
influential celebrity of the mall.

Clint Arnold 45:01
Well, you know, this is not a political statement. Obviously, the most influential of them all is Donald Trump.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 45:10
But once you like,

it was just like 30 seconds.

Clint Arnold 45:13
Donald Trump was the nicest frickin guy in the world. We were at a rally after the rally. We got to meet Donald Trump. He comes right. This was way back in December of 2015. He comes over, so he was like, he still was like, just nobody really, you know. And my wife were at this rally in Las Vegas, and he sees her and just makes a beeline for my wife goes, and he goes, this is a gym here and he goes, mom gives her a big kiss on the cheek. And I go, and I go, I went to Wharton, Mr. Trump. He goes, that’s a good goal. Because he went to work do

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 45:57
Yeah, that’s a good school.

Clint Arnold 45:59
This is a job. I’m here, you got to take care of this one. I said, I said, Can we get a quick selfie Mr. Trump? And he goes, go ahead. So here’s, here’s our picture with Donald Trump. I swear to God, the most charismatic, nicest guy I ever frickin met. He reminded me like my dad when my when my dad was like, at his best, like, when my dad was charismatic and nice, like really trying hard to be likable, which is not always

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 46:31

Clint Arnold 46:34
But that’s exactly what Donald Trump felt like to

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 46:36
see it. So here’s the picture related to him.

Clint Arnold 46:39
Here’s the picture of me and my wife and daughter.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 46:44
Nice. That’s That’s awesome. Good for you. That’s great. Yeah, so I would imagine a big thing is being relatable in like these books and celebrity celebrity entrepreneur. Like gets people you Do you get respect when people look up to you? But then also in your speaking and your writing, you want to be relatable?

Well, some way to

everybody in a human humanistic manner

Clint Arnold 47:17
would look what, what is so great about my book celebrity entrepreneurship is that it’s 100% story based. I finally I finally figured out you read that book. I’m just telling stories the whole time. There’s no like, love story. There’s no there’s no like. I don’t know formulas, you know, except for the fact that I, I tell it like it is. I mean, it’s about TV. It’s about VIP speaking it’s about celebrity attachment. The next. The fourth thing that I do, out of my five basic things is I write best selling books. All celebrities have best selling books. I’ve had numerous many number one best selling books on Amazon. And if I You have a book, you need to decide that you’re going to market that book and make it a best selling book because you need it to be a best selling book for marketing purposes. Like I said, you know, you said, How should I introduce you, Clint, I said, Hey, I want you to introduce me as the number one best selling author of what they teach you at the Wharton Business School. Because that’s a positioning statement right there. And the greatest showman of all time, and host of the greatest show of all time on 77 w ABC Radio in New York City. That is a positioning statement right there. Okay. Aside from what it all means, right? But do you want to be likeable in your books? Like I was saying, you could, you could come across, like, here’s the thing. It’s like the Godfather, and I know this is getting very esoteric, but you know the movie The Godfather. The Godfather is not a nice person. The Godfather is a stone cold killer. The Godfather is responsible for the deaths of lots and lots of people. He killed lots of people himself. He really The family of killers. He was responsible for the deaths of many, many, many, many people. And he, his whole life was based on crime. He’s not a likable person. However, having studied all of this stuff for a long time, what I have learned and the reason why the Godfather is a character that people love, is because in his world,

in his world of evil,

compared to the rest of the evil that’s going on all around him. There are likable attributes that he exhibits, which makes him a likable character, because you’re looking at his whole world, the universe of the Godfather, and within that universe, he comes off as sympathetic. So if you want to get technical about it, there you go. Now, like I said, Do you have to come off likable? I personally think it’s helpful if people like you I you know, you Know the thing you know, like and trust that they know you like you and trust you, right? You’ve heard that before, right? Yeah, I believe that’s bullshit. I think that’s weak sauce.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 50:09
Okay? Like you.

Clint Arnold 50:12
It’s naive. It’s more than know, like and trust. You have to you have to follow the ABCs of acquiring the best customers. And I teach that to all my clients, you have to do that, which is way more than just know, like and trust. But in any case, I do believe that likeability is a good aspect to to exhibit to prospects and clients and customers. But more important is you got to go on TV. I mean, there’s a lot of people who do exactly what I say and they’re not really likable. Like, for example, Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank. Yep. He’s not really likable. But people pay him a lot of money and people buy his book and people do all kinds of stuff and watch him on TV on Shark Tank. He’s not really likable. But he goes on TV, he’s a VIP speaker. He has best selling products and books. He He has photos with major celebrities. And then the fifth thing that I do is he win awards. Now once I started studying Dan Kennedy, I was amazed that I got to the point where I actually won Dan Kennedy’s information marketer of the Year award. Oh, wow, he did. I am Dan Kennedy’s info marketer of the year, which year 2013 Okay, I’ve never been another one. Since then. No one has has wanted, I’m the reining in training. Right. And there will never be another one. there never will be. Because once I wanted for celebrity Launchpad, where I teach people my mathematical formula for how to book yourself on TV anytime you want for free, once I wanted for that, you know, the bar was set so high, they’ve never had another info marketer of the year but when I won his award, the fastest thing for me was, that’s when I really started believing in what I was doing, and started really focusing all in 100%. The only thing I’m going to do is focus on becoming a bigger celebrity in the eyes of my customers and prospects the way Dan Kennedy advises. That’s when I started studying what am I doing? What else can I do that really works? That’s when I came up with my five pillars of celebrity entrepreneurship that I’ve just gone through for you. And then there’s a six bonus pillar and that is

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 52:29
stuff like this. The So

Clint Arnold 52:32
no, no, this is the sixth bonus pillar right here.

What I call celebrity lifestyle marketing, and that is the cream. You got it. You got to demonstrate for your clients and prospects that you are living the dream that they want. And that’s what I do.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 52:51
Awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Really was a great detailed, looked at what detailed look at What you what celebrity entrepreneurship is. So we’re getting close to the end of our hour. Could you tell us a little bit more about the event coming up in when you have in October?

Clint Arnold 53:12
August 79? That was a ton of content I delivered there, right? Yeah, there’s a shitload of content that was a ton of freaking content. And, and I delivered it all in story form.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 53:23
Right? Yeah. I

Clint Arnold 53:26
just tell stories I told you stories about about Grant Cardone and Brooke Shields, a Tony Robbins and Dr. Love Story. And and Martha Stewart and Buzz Aldrin See what I did there. I just all I did was tell you celebrity stories this whole time. Why? Why is it so powerful? Because you know who those people are? You like all those people, you feel like you know them. And because I told you all those stories with all the celebrities, you were able to envision it in your mind’s eye more easily than if it had just been Oh, But my friend Joe, you don’t know what my friend Joe is. But when I say Martha Stewart you see her face in your mind’s eye. When I say Donald Trump, you see his face in your mind’s eye. And I told you all those stories, and this is what I teach people how to do. At my events, people say, Well, what are we going to do at your event for

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 54:16
my next question, how long events wait

Clint Arnold 54:18
789 at CNN Center in Atlanta, okay. The first state to open up I want to have this frickin event I got dr. oz Dr. Drew polity and celebrity chef Patch Adams, the Surgeon General of the United States, a NASA astronaut, etc, etc, etc. What are we going to do for three days? Well, each of those people

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 54:37
three days. What, three days? August 789? Yeah, okay.

Clint Arnold 54:44
Yeah. And a lot of people Hey, man, I go to conferences. I’ll never forget the conference. I paid 90 $500 for in Miami. I’m not gonna say whose it was. And day one began at 6pm with cocktail reception. Day two was all day. 9am to 5pm. Day three was from 9am to 1pm. That was it. That was their three day conference. My three day conference starts the night before you to arrive on the six. We have registration networking party, then it’s all day, all day, until 7pm, the seventh, eighth and ninth, there’s networking lunches, and networking dinner parties every day of the three day conference.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 55:32
Not very great relationships. And that’s well that’s how you got on on this podcast. I mean, those are the those are the things when you go to conferences that people don’t understand, like, why you need to go because you create those relationships,

Clint Arnold 55:47
especially my conferences, where everyone at my conference is a celebrity entrepreneur. Now, they may not be as famous as Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew or Patch Adams. Or, or Paula Dean, or me. But in the scheme of all that I’m nobody compared to all those people see what I’m saying? And there’s gonna be other celebrity entrepreneurs in all different stages of their success and careers. A lot of them are my graduates, like another one of my speakers is Dr. Patrice Austin. She got paid to go on Dr. Oz to talk about a teeth whitening product. She’s celebrity dentists. Her clients include DJ collied and cardi B. Okay. All right. She’s one of my students. She’s been in my celebrity Launchpad three times, and she’ll be one of my speakers at this event in Atlanta. So everybody at this event is a celebrity entrepreneur, you’re going to want to know everybody there, and you’re gonna need to fall into this whole thing and begin your journey as a celebrity entrepreneur. Because now more than ever, like you think, Oh, I’m a doctor. My job is safe. My career. Say wrong. You know who’s the doctors gonna be? The doctors gonna be an AI, they’re gonna have AI diagnosing you for. If you suspect that you may have COVID 22 please press two. Then you’re gonna go to AI questions and they’re gonna diagnose you as being either Coronavirus or not Coronavirus, right. And if you don’t hear and the only way you’re gonna have any careers doing anything anymore as an expert, author, speaker coach is if you’re somebody special, if you’re famous to some degree, just like jack Canfield said to me all those many years ago, it’s important for entrepreneurs right now, because

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 57:40
a lot of them are struggling you know, due to this cold environments and what the government has done shut down everything so the waiter way to jumpstart their their business again would be to go to your confidence.

Clint Arnold 57:55
You need visibility you need to be seen as being a mover and shaker and If you come to the conference, you go to I am m twenty.com I am M and in 20 cars as for instant marketing miracle 2020 right so I like that money.com and you can get your tickets to come and there are different levels of who gets photos with what but you know, you gotta think about how powerful it’s going to be for you to stand out and social media and in all your marketing when you have pictures with Paula Dean or dr. oz or Patch Adams or Dr. Drew all or all of those people and learn how to tell stories with them as well. Look, man, I chased the Hollywood dream for 13 years and then would happen and I and like, towards the middle of it. I met a woman at the Sundance Film Festival and we became involved and she got pregnant. And next thing I know, we had a baby and I was like, I was 30 years old with a new baby and all my credit cards were maxed out and I started driving a taxi. That was the beginning of my taxi driving career. And I was I did that for a few years while we were still together, and I was making, like 1500 a week driving a taxi full time. He asked me my ass every single day, and I was paying for everything. But her career really took off in Hollywood. She was a talent manager. At that point, she had six clients who became series regulars on network television shows, and she decided one day, Clint, I want you to move out. And that hit me like out of the blue. I was not expecting that. I’m like,

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 59:39
I know how that is. I had a similar thing in January,

Clint Arnold 59:44
right? Yeah. And we were on a trip we’re visiting her family in Portland, Oregon. And the next day, I got on a plane and I flew back to LA. And one of her friends was house sitting. And I went home to pack up all my stuff and move out because I wanted to be out She got back from Portland. I want to be gone. Yeah. And I’m sitting in the living room after packing all day drinking wine with her friend, and smoking and smoking a joint and goes, and her friend goes, What do you think you could have done different? And I said, Dude, I burst into tears sobbing, and I said, it could have been more. Now. I was never able to crack the Hollywood dream. And when you’re nobody in Hollywood, you are really Nobody. Nobody wants to hire an actor who’s a cab driver, or a screenwriter who’s a cab driver, they want to hire Tom Cruise, or some famous writers script, right? That’s what they’re looking for. They’re looking to take chances on nobodies and I was never able to make that happen for myself, even though I continue trying for years and years after that. But what I have found is that as a A nonfiction author, as a speaker, as a coach, as a, as a consultant, as a seminar leader, I figured out how to do it. And that’s what I deliver to the people. And that’s what I’m going to teach you at the instant marketing miracle. I’m going to go in depth, if you like this conversation about my five pillars of celebrity entrepreneurship, I’m going to go in depth, in depth in person. And here’s the thing, it’s like, great, you know, there’s, there’s energy that you get when you’re talking to a person. And the energy that we’re sharing right now is limited to 4k. If we’re using a 4k HD connection, that’s all you can get in person. There’s all kinds of energy that I’m transmitting that you can’t pick up on because it’s outside the spectrum of what’s deliverable. on a on a on a cable modem or a Wi Fi connection. There’s all kinds of energetic teaching that you’re missing out on because you’re not here in person with me but when you’re in person with me in Atlanta, August 7, Nine, you’re going to you’re going to get a whole different deep perspective on how do you really be a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects. So you can make six figures, seven figures, eight figures. One of my clients recently sold her medical practice in Austin, Texas for nine figures.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:02:17


Clint Arnold 1:02:21
And you know, you talk about a guy like Grant Cardone, he’s now a billionaire for being a celebrity entrepreneur. He leveraged celebrity entrepreneurship. And here’s the beauty of it all. Let me see if I can bring up this video. You know who Grant Cardone is right?

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:02:35
Does he travel around it? So he was an ex, big drug addict in his 20s like my age, then then after that he got his life together and started getting into real estate management. And then like Clint said, he started kind of leveraging celebrity entrepreneurship together. And now he has this whole thing called TEDx. And it’s just like

Clint Arnold 1:02:55
10 x Yeah, Mr. 10 X. Yeah, right. Okay. Super awesome. So I’m gonna play you I was just educated. Okay, I’m gonna play this video here goes right now and your your intern. You think Grant Cardone is somebody right, Nate?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11

Clint Arnold 1:03:12
Yeah. All right, watch this video. Here we go.

Great. There is anybody in this room?

Anybody? Okay.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:03:28
Uncle G. Okay, that’s insane.

Clint Arnold 1:03:31
Okay, now Who were those people? Those people were 30 financial advisors in New York City at the Harvard club of New York City. Gotcha. They don’t give a shit about Grant Cardone they work for Morgan Stanley. They work for saw you know for Smith, Barney. They work for major financial management companies. They don’t give a shit about him. But to you and me Grant Cardone is somebody Grant Cardone leverage his somebody nice to you and me, Nate, because we think he’s somebody He leveraged into a billion dollar real estate portfolio. Oh wow. And nobody knows who the fuck he is. Because to the rest of the world, he’s nobody, but to me uh, Nate Grant Cardone is Oh wow, that’s Grant Cardone TEDx. He had his own event at Marlins stadium with 30,000 people. He just had another event in February at Mandalay Bay with like, 13,000 people. He’s somebody, but he’s nobody. He’s and and you know what? I could show you other videos when I go into Starbucks or banks. I asked the bank teller. Do you know anything about Tony Robbins, and they will usually say, Tony who don’t say Tony, who didn’t say what does he some kind of actor on Game of Thrones or something? They don’t know who Tony Robbins is. Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone are the ultimate expression of celebrity entrepreneurship where you don’t you really don’t give up your anonymity. You really don’t give up your privacy. But your customers and prospects think you’re a frickin God and they pay you tons of money and you become rich and famous in the eyes of your customers and prospects. And that’s what this whole thing is about. That’s what I’m teaching at this event. And I’m asking all of these people Dr. Drew Dr. Oz, Paula Deen Patch Adams, Surgeon General, how do you have more impact influence and income as an expert, author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, how do you how do you do it? What are your secrets for making it happen for you? How did you become politician? How did you become dr. oz How did you become Patch Adams? How do you do it? Because that’s what I want. And that’s going to come to this about one two.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:05:39
All right, so August 7, eighth, ninth, how to get work impacts impact, influence and income and income.

Clint Arnold 1:05:48
in marketing miracle I mmm

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 1:05:50
20 instant marketing miracle I am 2020 or 20. I am in 2007 a good night. We’ll also have in our show notes, and we’ll get it out to all of our entrepreneurs that are on our podcast and who are interested in being on podcast. And thank you so much for taking the time to tell us all of your amazing stories and give us a little look at your life. They’re in Acapulco, I would. I would I would trade places with you for sure.

Right now.

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