Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Ep. 9 Dr. Mike Reid

Dr. Mike Reid is a Chiropractic coach for over 20 years, coaching hundreds of doctors to over 6 and 7 figure incomes!
He has spoken to huge crowds about Chiropractic
His passion for helping doctors and entrepreneurs is unparalleled

This week we talked about a variety of FABULOUS topics throughout the podcast

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Daniel Pozarnsky 0:00
Hello, this is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky. Here coming to you from West Fargo, North Dakota and bounce Chiropractic and rehab. This is Dr. Dan’s health. This is Dr. Dan’s business and health Power Hour today we have a very special guest. Dr. Mike reid is then a chiropractic coach for 20 years and been in the chiropractic business for for even longer. He’s coached hundreds of doctors to six figure plus six to seven figure plus practices. He has a special marketing company called Digital work was it

Mike Reid 0:46
the coaching is chiropractic masters and the digital marketing is called prosperity TEDx.

Daniel Pozarnsky 0:52
Okay. Um, he has a, he has he has an elite coaching program. called chiropractic masters and he has a and he has a and he has a theory and he has a marketing company and he has a marketing and he has a looking for the right word, digital marketing, digital marketing but like I need something to emphasize that like

Mike Reid 1:30
you can say online digital marketing company called prosperity TEDx

Unknown Speaker 1:34

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:36
And he has also like top of the line top of the road like

Mike Reid 1:42
really easily,

Daniel Pozarnsky 1:46
like an elite. He has an elite marketing company called elite marketing company called prosperity 10 x where he helps doctors and businesses multiply I’m not quite there revenue, as well as increased patient, patient as well as increased patient relationships as well as increased patient relationships and community relationships. And today I’d like to introduce to Dr. Mike Reed. Mike, how are you doing today? My friend? Good.

Mike Reid 2:21
Thanks. Thanks for having me on today. I appreciate that.

Daniel Pozarnsky 2:25
You’re welcome. You’re welcome. So you’re out in Virginia, right? Richmond, Virginia.

Mike Reid 2:31
Yeah, absolutely.

Daniel Pozarnsky 2:33
Richmond, Virginia sound like, What’s that? What’s it? What’s it? What’s it like out there right now? I was just informed that like, Minnesota doesn’t have like, it’s not gonna have police officers anymore. Like, I just, it’s blowing my mind.

Mike Reid 2:48
Yeah, we’re living in crazy times right now, but it’s pretty sedate here in Richmond, Virginia. I mean, we have a lot of police officers. Who are you know, Who are downtown where there was a little bit of riding but not bad. I mean, a lot of protesters more than than riding, but it’s pretty subdued. So we’re not having challenges like you see in, in DC in Minnesota and places like that.

Daniel Pozarnsky 3:15
Yeah, we actually had. We had protests, which is not uncommon, but we did have riots and people starting things on fire and broke all the windows and businesses in downtown Fargo, which is unheard of like, I’ve never I’ve never experienced that in my in my lifetime.

Mike Reid 3:34
Yeah, it’s like I said, we’re living in surreal times. I mean, yeah, living in a movie right now, doesn’t

Daniel Pozarnsky 3:40
it? It seems like it and I work in my office, you know, right now since I just started this new practice, like 78 hours a week. And so I talked to my patients and I go home, so it doesn’t seem that different, but then I’ll go online, and I was just posting some of my views. And, and and things that are, but I believe fairly rational. And I have people like going on to my, like, Google business page and my Facebook page that we’re from Chicago and California and stuff in my writing, writing thing, negative things and they’ve never even even known me like, so it’s like, hat like, I would have never even thought that and like people are really scared. Scared out there. So

Mike Reid 4:34
that’s, that’s the narrative, right? And that’s what we’re seeing with mainstream media to, you know, suppress subdued people to, you know, get them to submit to the narrative, which is, you know, what we’re seeing right now, but you know, things are changing, things are changed for the better. So,

Daniel Pozarnsky 4:52
yeah, yeah, hopefully, hopefully, we’re moving in the right direction. I think it’s going to be I think It’s going to be quite the transformation process over the next two, at least two years. This is this isn’t going to end overnight. And I think we’re all starting to notice that and it’s affecting business quite drastically in our community, as well as as the world. First we had the, the pandemic, which we’re seeing is, is not not as quite as, as bad as they made it out to be as the media made up the since there’s thousands, thousands of people gathering to ride in protest now. But just in my neighborhood, I look across the street, and after things opened up again here, we are for businesses to open back up And we’re lucky enough to be chiropractors where we were considered essential Ross. Me started my new location, which I want to thank you for because when I first met you, I used to work or used to work for I didn’t work for anybody but I worked in an office where I shared space with four other chiropractors. And it was the first time I came to a mastermind and met you and Matt Matt, Matt loop about social media made me rich. He’s been on the podcast also. And, and I told you, I had a practice. And you said, No, you don’t. And I was actually, I was actually pissed as kiss like for, for about at least a year. And I was like, you know, you’re talking about like, like, what does he mean he I don’t have a practice. I’ve been practicing for 10 years. And part of that is what drove me to like, start my own business. And then I did and I was like, he was exactly right. Like I didn’t, I was just working within inside someone else’s system that didn’t really work for me. And I was like, Wow. So I want to thank you for that. And I wanted to share that with you. Because, because it was, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And I see that a lot. And that’s one thing people people need to keep an open mind to, to different ideas and different ways of thinking. I believe.

Mike Reid 7:49
So absolutely. You know, what we have to realize, Dan, is that we are running a business and now most chiropractors unfortunately are going to be in that poverty zone and alive do live that way for 510 20 years because they’re working in a an office where they are restricted in their abilities to attract and convert and retain people. And if you are now in your own place where you have the ability to actually build and run a business, you’re gonna be successful. And there is a formula, there’s a formula that works. And we always talked about the four quadrants, which is attraction, conversion, retention, and the back end of seller wellness, when you have all four of those. And that’s from basic business principles. There’s only four ways to build a practice a business, and those are the four ways to track what’s up with attraction, attraction or new patient flow. Like if you have a month where you’re stuck at 10. In chiropractic, you’re not going to grow beyond 100 patient visits, and you need at least 100 patient visits for what we call a breakeven analysis, meaning just to cover overhead, right? So you have to have tons of new ones coming in that funnel of new patients to you have to have convergence you got to be able to convert them care. And that’s where a day to education processes is critical. So you can get them on a care plan because here’s what’s really interesting is your average PVA patient visit average becomes what your average recommendations are. So I say that to doctors, if you say, okay, we’re going to start at three times a week and see how it goes. You’ve really just shot yourself in the foot because the average PVA worldwide is 10 or 12. And you and I would never get adjusted for 10 to 12 adjustments. So that’s two, that’s conversion. Number three is retention retention. Is your patient visit average and how do you take it from the worldwide 10? And how do you blow it up to 40 5060? Well, the greater the care plan with objective criteria like x ray and scans, so you can look at neurologic changes, the better and the larger the care plan that people are converted to from step two, the better your PVA and then you back in that with wellness care. Now wellness care, is what you and I enjoy. And we’ll get adjusted once a week for the rest of our lives on average and chiropractors every two weeks but Every chiropractor I’ve talked to, they never give that up. Yet, when you look at the business audits for most chiropractors, their PVA is as low. So you can increase that by introducing people a wellness care. And you’d be surprised how many people want to continue on, it’s closer to 95% if you do it properly, and so think about this, you attract more, you convert more, you retain more, and you back in and upsell more, and that upsell also takes that $50 per adjustment and increases that by 10 or 20%. By having a product or service or a supplement, or, you know, some sort of ancillary service you’re going to add to practice and that increases your income. So that’s how you build it, and to seven figures, and there’s no other way to do that. And I’ve been teaching doctors in the profession for almost 30 years, but teaching doctors for 20 how to do that. And that’s where we take guys who are struggling, and we’ll see them typically, you know, triple quadruple their, their income very, very quickly.

Daniel Pozarnsky 10:58
Yeah, I’ve been really Thinking about the upsell at the end a lot lately because that’s something I was never able to do in medical practice because the staff weren’t mine, you know, so they couldn’t, they weren’t. They weren’t. They weren’t bought in to my model of how I do things. So I couldn’t like you need a team to really have a successful practice, right. And the team wasn’t set up to work with my model of practice. And and the upsell is really important because that is what I’m finding and what I’m because I upsell like, I do a lot of rehab. And I just recently got an assistant as a massage therapist, but she’s during rehab because she’s really interested in it and she’s going to be doing that with with people but the upsell with that is getting people to like buy resistance bands and, and different or foam roller or gym ball or something like that so they can do the things at home. And then the other thing is that I’m really interested in it. And I’ve dabbled in it, but it’s the functional medicine piece because as chiropractors, we treat people we treat the structure of the body as well as the muscles, but like, can’t forget about the internal part, or the internal, the internal body to that has to function properly for the structure and function to work properly also. So I’m curious. Could you speak to that a little bit because I know that’s a big part of your program, too is functional medicine.

Mike Reid 12:55
Right? So So I like to use the word functional nutrition, but in my passion example my Ottawa based practice eventually here at the Richmond based practice that we’re doing in two phases. First is spinal decomp. And then functional nutrition. But from that perspective, we used to do what’s called checking in bio trainer bioimpedance testing. And bioimpedance testing allowed us to use you know, what was called at the time Yes, tech scan my own penis to analyze the body all seven systems within three minutes and it’s from that, that we could actually ascertain if patients were toxic. So we apply a detox protocol or if they’re deficient minerals and vitamins, and add that in and to rejuvenate the body. So basically, it was a way to look at patients beyond structured function, I believe structure and function to your basis and then secondary looking at toxicities and, you know, looking at or rejuvenating the body through minerals and vitamins which most people are deficient in. So that was a system that we took our patients for example from the base of college Practice, then introduced them after they’ve been under care for about three months, we want to get the body to work properly through chiropractic care. And at month three, we had a system, we’re actually sort of brought people into that analysis and I had a low entrance fee, and people get analysis and they’d walk out with anywhere from, you know, 150 to $350 worth of extra products that generate an extra 20,000 a month in my practice, quarter million dollars in my own craft was busy and over the moon, because, you know, she followed a system that worked. And you know, what’s really interesting is that when I talk about business models, business models work anywhere, so for those of you who have functional nutrition, I’m gonna throw you a big bone and here’s something that we used to do. Marie was Dr. Moon was my naturopath and we actually put her in the front reception room, she started from scratch, and she’d be in the front reception room. And she had the bioimpedance testing for those of you who know it’s usually silver electrodes on the hands, the feet, one on the on the forehead, ends of microcurrent through the body analyzes the cells, the interstitial

components of the cells and allows you to analyze the body very quickly. And then what she would do is say, Oh, yeah, I’m concerned that there’s problems here, here and here. Let’s book you in for a full half hour assessment. So she did a preliminary check on people just to identify that there’s a problem, bump them into half hour sessions and normally be 150. She gave everybody was 149 she gave everybody $50 off. So most people were coming in for $99 and that was $200 an hour she was making. And then we use something called the basket system. So after she’d analyzed people she had some supplements at her desk, and she said, these are the primary three I’d recommend. These would be secondary and she read up on a prescription pad and what was necessary for the patient, put it in the basket or just show them by prescription pad in the basket, what was necessary. Go to the front desk, we had a shelf and we had basically a lot of supplements. You throw those in there, take the front desk, and the girls would be checking out patient with say three supplements but they sell secondary ones, which should then say, hey, do you think we could also or these other three of ones that you’d be interested in and patients, in most cases said yes. So that’s where we took, you know, a product from 150 to $300. And then she was over the moon we had her busy within like 30 days. And what’s amazing is that you know, the back end that we talked about that upsell that wellness component, most chiropractors Miss, we apply that to my naturopath. I said to our summary, I want to try some ones care plans with the issues. Oh, those won’t work with natural offices. Yeah, they will just know that one said, Yes, let me let me show you. So we create for wellness care clients, we create one spends 234 and six was playing two men, you’re in twice a year one was playing three men, you’re in three times a year, four, four times a year, so every three months and once plan six was every two months. So we created these put a fee to these and then introduce them to the patients with a 10% discount. She’s like, I’m like, these aren’t gonna work. I said, trust me from a business perspective. It’s the same thing we do in chiropractic, they will work on Behold, the first week, the first week, she sold $8,000 worth of wellness care plans and the rest is history. Wow. Before you know it, she had, you know, a 30 and then a 60 day waiting lists. Now this is where you apply these principles business principles to anything you do in practice doesn’t matter sudden rehab or massage or natural beauty, functional medicine, spinal deep calm chiropractic, the principles still work. And people like to save dollars. Every practitioner likes to be busy, but we start applying these principles to most of our practices. And that is one component of the four so imagine if you got your new patient machine going and you’re doing say, you know, retargeted Facebook ads or if you’re doing geo fencing, or if you’re doing you know look alikes conversion ads and you’ve got that component social media on a paid Facebook ad that’s attracting new ones, and you got your internal systems going like your family gift certificates, you do the odd Lunch and Learn you know You’re asking for referrals so you get all these pillars working and you get this flood of avalanche of new ones you put them in your doctor’s report after you’ve examined them, you convert them to care plan and those who don’t want to do a care plan you default to pay per visit you then have your retention tools to you know progress compared to exams anniversaries to keep that TV longer and then you have the back end on functional nutrition spinal deep calm wellness care plans, what are you doing point of sales. Again, if you have you know, if you have balls or you have rehab clothing put put a little display at the front desk, but hey, you know, new to you know, our practice is this rehab equipment, get the new patient rehab, you know, kit for only $85 save 15% if you did something like that you’d sell a ton of it. We did this with them greens first and trains practice moved first time. She had this product and unselfish I said why don’t you sell it she goes well, I’m not really sure how to sell and I said let’s make a craft. We put some inner craft we did little samplers just like you would have Costco. We Let people drink it and give a little brochure and talk about the benefits of the greens first, and we gave them we had a stack the product 15% discount, she’s sold out two cases within two hours. This examples of what you can do in your practice to take that $50 and bump it up to 55. Well, imagine you’re only doing so if your practices at 100 patient visits a week, that’s 400 a month and you bumped it up by $5 per visit. So 400 patients at $5 is two grand times 12 months, you just increased, you know 24,000 from one tool, and that’s just giving example of some of the things that we use in our practice. And when you magnify all of those, you have this going that’s how you build it to a seven figure practice.

Daniel Pozarnsky 19:47
I see. I see. So we’re in that equation. Where did you add this final DICOM decompression?

Mike Reid 19:55
So smile? DICOM you know, here’s what I teach. I teach in my philosophy. Vienna works in the sense that we teach multiple pillars of marketing. So let’s suppose a lot of chiropractors are straight chiropractic, they’re doing volume. There’s nothing wrong with that, I believe in that. But I also believe because I’m big on nutrition, I’m big on detox. I’m big on minerals and vitamins that if I have that in my office, that’s what I called another vertical. And over here, I might have a third one called spinal decompression. spinal decompression is where we’re going to do a Facebook ad and we’re going to put out a video. And that video is going to have you know, you’re talking about what spinal decomp is what it’s used for. Video overprint and I might throw in some testimonials on people who tried everything else because the type of people you attract this herniations they’ve got the drop these episodic, they’re off of work, the quality of life isn’t there. So we would put that into this Facebook ad under two minutes and we’re going to send it out by way of a targeted Facebook ad by zip code and more of us high net worth area, but maybe blue color. And then we’re gonna retarget that we might use.

Daniel Pozarnsky 21:04
And we have blue power. Yeah. And those are the people that get the herniations because they’re working hard every day. Right?

Mike Reid 21:13
Right. So that’s how you have to know how to target these ads. More importantly, you have to know how to measure, monitor, adapt and change. And this is like a Tony Robbins. technique I picked up years ago, so every 30 days, we come back, we look at those, you know, how much did I put into my Facebook ads? I put, you know, 2500 in. Well, that’s a lot of money, Dr. Mike? Well, not really, because if I got maybe one person a week, and let’s say your average, your case average for specialty comp is $5,000, which should be anywhere between four and $85,000 minimum. And I get four people one a week as 20,000 I just pull in for spinal DICOM on a adspend of 2500. My return investments eight to one so that’s where you have to really see this I put $1 in the machine. get, you know, a minimum minimum of five or four to one return investment. But, as example, the protocol we use for spinal decomp actually works very well for us.

Daniel Pozarnsky 22:11
Yeah, Facebook’s Facebook’s been awesome for my practice. I coached with Matt and then I have my marketing intern, Nathan who’s, who is just incredibly interested in marketing and loves to learn. And he’s helped to, like shoot videos and come up with new ideas because he’s going to school for entrepreneurship, leadership in marketing. What else is it Nate?

Mike Reid 22:41
It’s kind of a lot of entrepreneurship,

Daniel Pozarnsky 22:43
marketing, business admin, Business Administration, and then a little bit of like international let’s track strategic communication solely communication to the masses. Yeah. Okay. And then. So like he brings in a lot of ideas that Cuz I’m a I’m a crazy like, educational parent, like, I love learning and, like, I wish I could have always thought if there was some way that I could transfer the information from everybody’s brain into my brain then I could have it all but like, you do need that team and he brings all that stuff to the table which is, which has been really great. And we work really well together. So that’s how we started this podcast.

Mike Reid 23:29
Yeah, you’ve got to be on social media. If you’re not you’re pretty well I’m gonna get left behind. Let’s just put it that way. Totally go with Matt Matt loop and work with Matt for about 10 years and you know, he’s guys just amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to Facebook and anything on social media. And you know, we’ve been doing that you cam event you’ve been now at one once or twice we do that every

Daniel Pozarnsky 23:51
man do it. times and I’m signed up for this year, but we had to push it back due to the pandemic. That’s like, yeah, the pandemic pandemic. That’s the thing that I looked forward to every year like, in October like I used. When I was coaching when I coach with him was like October and I always say, like, I’m gonna work as hard as I possibly can now, and that’s gonna be my presence myself is that you can bet in the Caribbean because you get to meet. Well, I met you and that, Matt, and then you meet a lot of like minded doctors that tick outside the box that are doing the things that are doing the things that are needed to be that 1% successful, or 1% of chiropractors that are really successful. And that’s my, like, mission slash obsession, kind of right now. So I just love it. Not going to that event because it’s really easy. It’s really great because you’re not you, you get so much information in basically, four hours, eight to noon, three days in a row, and then we get out and have fun.

Mike Reid 25:15
And you know, there’s I think it’s mastermind so any question goes and you know, I look at chiropractors around the world We’re shutting down, their practices are struggling in practice. I just don’t get it. I mean, you know, if you want to learn you hang around. I have coaches. I’ve been doing coaching for 20 years in practice for two. I’ve been actually coached longer I started getting coached in 1994 I graduated 92 and with the late great job, and you know, I understand the importance of you know, I called the Winnie Winnie the Pooh effect, you know, you stick your hand in the honeypot, you get more honey on you, you just hang around like minded people are successful, you’re bound to learn, especially those who want to share and teach and that’s been sort of my the premise for my mission in life is really to help Help us alternative care chiropractors, functional nutrition serve more people and to beat medicine at its own game by, you know, sort of more chiropractors. So I mean, when you look at you can this year we’ll have about 50 attendees. And, you know, doctors who are just fully immersing, and they come back we go, oh, Mike, my practice grew by a quarter million dollars because I applied these three or four things. I mean, who’s got the strings practices up 360,000 this year alone, just by doing Wow, just just by doing the Facebook ads, we have like six different seven campaigns running right now. So like, every day, I’m getting about two to three new patients signing up for that new patient examination. I process five this morning. I have five this afternoon. So I’ve 10 new patients today alone, the other five for Wednesday. So we’re minimum both 16 at 15 a week, every week and then also a screen is doing like she’s going oh my gosh, I’m breaking days on 100. So she’s over Yeah, that Thursday. She’s cranking it, but she’s gonna be maxed out. But that’s where you get multiple doctors. So that way, part of your business is always running because you’re just like bringing the new shift to the fresh shift. And show max at about 400 a week, put another doctor in and build him up to 300 a week. And then, you know, we had the spinal decomp, he had the functional nutrition. So you have those ancillary services going that are producing passive income. And that’s how you build a real business model. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight chiropractic, or if you’re functional nutrition, there’s finally comp, that’s my model. That’s my belief system. I run a business. I know like this is the room I’m sitting in right now this is actually the spine of the conference or to finding for him to but you can have a very, very ultra successful practice. And it doesn’t matter if it’s his volume chiropractic that we give him a million million, 2 million for or if you want to go with ancillary services. The sky’s the limit. If you have the business model and you know how to apply it.

Unknown Speaker 27:57
And that’s what and that’s what you teach in Your

Daniel Pozarnsky 28:02
chiropractic masters coaching and then also you have you have a lot of information in the what is the group

Mike Reid 28:14
prosperity tax, you

Daniel Pozarnsky 28:15
know, like that $67 a month control.

Mike Reid 28:19
Yeah, that’s that’s the online training program. So copyright masters design more. So for chiropractors basically has three coaching levels versus jetpack. That’s my online library. I know you’re a member of it. You go in there, you just self learn self train on the online training library every month now we’re putting a new we’re putting a new course in there. So you go in and learn. I’ve got a lot of people in the business world that are working with like zing, it has a course in there. We have a new software called New VA suite that’s going in there. I have someone who’s a specialist in pediatrics putting your course in there. So you know we work with some of the best doctors can self learning self teach at home online. And then basically Second level of coaching is one on one with me. And that’s that’s the inner circle. So that’s limited 25 doctors, but those are doctors who want to coach with me, they get the library to their conference calls and things like that. And then the new level that we have is called the Platinum mastermind Platinum mastermind, is really the digital marketing that helps drive the done for you Facebook services. So these are the doctors that want to grow about 300 to 360,000 a year if they want to go the author level. So we do the done for us Facebook services, and you get coaching with me and you get the online library. So each level sort of trickles down, is composed of the lower levels, and the Platinum masterminds unlimited 10 doctors will take 10 doctors but I’ve got I’ve got a guy in Chicago that’s like he’s over the moon. He’s to three new patients extra per day, and he’s just have after record month so so I’m saying it’s easy to build a coaching pro or build a practice. If you have somebody at a higher level that’s been there that’s done that knows how to do it and you can help help you You know, get from point A to point B without you figuring it out over the years by yourself. I mean, that’s Yeah, time and money and energy. So prosperity 10 x is the digital marketing company that drives the third level of the coaching. But that company is also for people who want to go to eight figures. And that’s the newest company that we’re developing called Empire club Empire club is based on my wife’s nutrition, weight loss mindset programs called Dr. Street Comm. We’re just launching that at the end of June. And that is really to show people how to make eight figures in up. And that is basically, if you have supplements, if you have membership sites, if you’re doing seminars, we’re basically sharing that for Empire club, how to build that eight figure business. And that’s what I’m really excited about because we have our own product line we actually developed in private labels. We have funnels, we have websites, we have all that digital online program that now you can build your own Empire It’s still being practiced, but everyone’s got a superpower might be rehab, it might be you weight loss, it might be financial health. And you’ve actually built that on the back end. So Oh, okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
Um, yeah. And shoot. I’ve met Sri a couple times now and she’s just awesome. She is an actual iron, iron woman, Iron Man.

Daniel Pozarnsky 31:26
And, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to when it comes to nutrition. She actually has her own book, doesn’t she?

Mike Reid 31:34
No, no, she’s writing a book on sugar right now. So just releasing humble, but yeah, she’s an Iron Man. She is just an amazing phenomenal lady knows her fitness knows nutrition and she’s just, she really wanted to help more people, especially, you know, in this country where we have a lot of issues of, you know, a health crisis was what we have with obesity, diabetes, heart disease. So it’s really got a Amazing program doctoring calm she’s got the primal babes which is her the group for women and primal studs for guys it’s really about clean eating is what exercise is about doing it twice as fast and half the amount of time getting you know four times a result and it’s about you know we have a few supplements to help you burn fat I mean my challenge even my my own challenge damn sit in a lot in consulting it’s easy to put on the pounds right especially

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Yeah, I know you work up pretty up quite a bit.

Mike Reid 32:29
Yeah and I haven’t even been working out lately because of this. We just started getting back into the routine and you know I jumped on her programs a baby I want to get back on your program The first time I did it cuz it was a beta i was a guinea pig. I was 18 pounds in 30 days. I damn this is a really good system and then I’m back on it started this week. And the goal is another 20 pounds so that you know I can be the model of fitness even at my age and show people it’s not too late. You can still lose the weight. You’re pretty you’re pretty old.

Daniel Pozarnsky 33:03
Just joking. Um, but that was can you repeat that again for our beers we’ll put that in the show notes is Dr. Stream calm and

Mike Reid 33:10
yeah, Dr. Street calm and that’s gonna be launched probably I would say the safe time to see it I there’s a placeholder website there right now, that was my original funnel system that I created, but we have a brand new website is www.dr shrink. So Dr. Ch er I ne.com. And that’s really the website. There’s built in funnels in that there’s a membership site, and anybody can join because there’s like five different levels to it. But Max should be ready in July. We’re just finishing the website, the funnels and membership site now. So depending when they hear this recording, a safe bet would begin beginning of July to actually learn more about that. But that is part of my empire club and Empire club is where we help people build eight figure businesses. And then you have that your digital prosperity

Daniel Pozarnsky 34:00
company also.

Mike Reid 34:02
Yeah so the prosperity TEDx is the digital marketing. That’s what drives Empire club that drives a platinum level out of the of the of the semi of the coaching.

Daniel Pozarnsky 34:13
Excuse Is that like a done for you like, like add like well like the doctors have to like doctors or business owners have to get on and do their own ads or is it done for you?

Mike Reid 34:25
No, we do it for you. And the reason being is I have a team behind me that we help with creatives and the scripting and the video and things like that we do the editing we post it, we help you with because we test it here first so I’m not going to share anything with you unless we’ve actually done it. And what’s amazing is we we’ve done it and and tested it and and shown that it works here first in our practice. And then we basically it’s a done for you service for the chiropractor and the reason being Dan, you start seeing extra 40 to 60 more new patients per month. You don’t have the time To be monitoring of Facebook ads, so I have a team that actually goes in there daily. And

Daniel Pozarnsky 35:06
yeah, you just don’t have the practices like you are, there’s so many things to do, they don’t have time to like, monitor every single aspect of it.

Mike Reid 35:17
You know, and we have, you know, people who are pros at Facebook, they actually go in there and fine tune it. And we meet every week. And then from there, we just sort of carry it to next level. So I would go in there, for example, in my wife’s Facebook ads, I’d go in there and fine tune it just move the ad spin around or split testing on, you know, different ad set, and there’s so many nuances to Facebook. We started something in a new campaign called geo fencing, which actually hits

Unknown Speaker 35:44
Oh, no, I wanted to go back to that.

Mike Reid 35:45
Yeah. So that’s really cool. And that was just been producing a ton of new ones, but then what type of ad deals for that? So

Daniel Pozarnsky 35:52
yeah. How does the geo fencing accelerated about

Mike Reid 35:57
fencing basically, your phone has a GPS tracker, everybody knows that right so you can actually target a certain area. And you would so we just down the road a quarter mile from us we have a shopping plaza, there’s a totally there’s a public shopping, there’s a food line, there’s a CVS, we have an area where a lot of traffic goes to. So what we do is we geo fence that we actually put a perimeter around that. So as people pass through that with their cell phones, they get what’s called an awareness or branding type of app actually just pops up on their phone. So it’s just nice on the Facebook feed says I’m Dr. sreen. You know, if you’re looking for chiropractor, we’re down the road here. You just click on the link to book your appointment. So it’s more of an awareness of branding. And it’s just on Facebook feed and Instagram and it pops up and man that’s been driving a lot of traffic because people are looking for a chiropractor. And that’s really interesting. Dan, I talk about building a business is that when I looked at the people coming into our practice, I’ll say hey, what, what attracted you to our business? Well, you know, one, I’ve been thinking of seeing a chiropractor. So a lot of people out there who are thinking about selling chiropractor they don’t know where to go right? Number two, they moved into the area so they just moved in and they’re looking for a chiropractor right? So if they’re doing a Google search, like chiropractor glenallen, and they’re looking for you, that’s why you need to be ranked in the top three. We’ve talked about that for websites. And the third one was really interesting surprised the hell out of me is a lot of people are tired of their old chiropractors, you know, not current, they’re not saying with the new stuff, they’re so old school, I mean, they still have the shag carpeting and the deer heads on the walls. You know,

Daniel Pozarnsky 37:29
I that’s where I get a lot of patients from because somebody one of their friends has come to me, and then they see everything is new and modern. And I do all kinds of different things that you know, enhance the the adjustment.

Unknown Speaker 37:46
Because you only get so far just be adjusted. You need that nutrition part. Yeah, that’s why

Mike Reid 37:50
I like that component. It’s just the next level, right? And you know, when I looked at the big picture, that’s the third type of person that’s looking for a chiropractor. So this is Why have you are using, like your traffic ads, retargeted conversion look alikes and geo fencing. If you’re using from that perspective, you’re gonna have a lot of people who are looking for you. And that’s like any business, right? It goes back to the old school, the direct response when people used to do the Val pack so well, hey, you know, I just got a guy that’s gonna do, he’s gonna clean the house with his power wash. We’re just talking about it valpak pops up there it is. 50 bucks off low direct response, sort of, and he’s like, yeah, I’m busy from it, because that thing works. That’s old school print. But new school is Facebook ads, it’s no different. You’re still using electronic media. And that’s where a lot of doctors who don’t invest in their practice in my perspective, you’re gonna have a hard time building a business because you’ve got to be on social media nowadays.

Daniel Pozarnsky 38:50
He Yeah, the foundational principles of marketing don’t change no matter what business is or what media you’re Using and we were talking to Dr. Jeff or mocker. We had him on the show. And, and he’s more of a marketer now, but but we were talking about Dan Kennedy. And you know, he’s kind of the godfather of marketing. And I asked my intern, if he’s ever heard of Dan Kennedy. He said, Yeah, but he’s like, he’s like, Who is that guy? Like, you need to get his books.

Mike Reid 39:26
It’s interesting. If you go back to some of the greatest marketers that are out there from Russell Brunson to Ryan deiss Alli Brown. They all come from the Dan Kennedy School of direct response marketing, and he is the grandfather. I mean, I read his books years ago, I used to get his his mailers that would come up and read his sales copy. And I had this been I had this massive bin of all of his direct response, marketing and the different colors I remember opened up there was like the greens and the pinks and the orange. I used to keep that stuff, but I just loved it. And this is back, you know, 2025 years ago. Yeah. And I remember my wife It’s saying well, why keeping this time so this stuff is gold and it really was perspective now you apply the same principles to your your copywriting skills today, right? He definitely, definitely

Daniel Pozarnsky 40:13
questioning you the question is please get back to you.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
Come to me. So, let’s see. And then you also host that prosperity TEDx event in Washington each year a couple of times.

Mike Reid 40:30
Yeah. So so we do so we have coaching, we have some products for the doctors then go to chiropractic hyphen, Masters comm to learn more about those and everything’s there on that homepage. But we do three events now we do blueprint. blueprint is really day one day two mastery with marketing like internal stuff that we do. So it’s actually a three day event. We’re only do it once a year, unlimited 40 people we do live in my practice, we train so when you walk out of here, you know exactly what to do. On day one be successful, to have higher conversions, attraction, conversions retention back and upsell, the same thing that we use in our practice. And then I do the you cam, the ultimate Caribbean adventure mastermind with Matt Luke. So doctors want to find out more about that it’s you cam dot fun, and they can go back, right and then we do the prosperity TEDx prosperity. TEDx is our business boot camp. And that’s really what that is designed to do is is really designed to show people how to take their talents and skills, how to use how to build the website, how to build you, Facebook and YouTube and how to build an empire to move towards eight figures. So it’s really how to create passive income. You can do it in chiropractic, same principle, but what we’re doing is just putting on the table really the business component of running a business and that’s really how how to build into Empire club so prosperity TEDx. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t really set the date probably gonna be set for 2021. But that’s just an event that we’re building here on How to build the business.

Daniel Pozarnsky 42:02
Okay, okay. Yeah, I want to attend that. What what are you having that this year? Or is it

Mike Reid 42:08
we haven’t set the date. I’m just waiting for things to calm down because Matt and I had to set our you cam first. You know what I wanted to work around mats. He does his revenue summit every year end of August. So then we have the you cam, which is October 9 11th of 2020. And then we reset the date for April 23 to 25th. And it’s probably Miami. So I’m just looking at putting my events sort of in between those, but it’s probably prosperities probably gonna be end of January February of 2021.

Daniel Pozarnsky 42:40
I think great way to start off the new year for any business or chiropractors in general. I try to hit that one this year. Yeah, chances are

Mike Reid 42:52
it’s gonna be great cuz I always tell people have your chiropractic bat business but look at having passive income now. Passive income and Dr. sreen calm is the template for that. We think it’s going to be a definitely an eight figure business model. And because we’re going after weight loss industry that’s massive.

Daniel Pozarnsky 43:11
Right? Yeah. Because then yeah, the American healthcare system is is not is not not a great model. So we we as chiropractors and alternative doctors have to start changing that. And unfortunately, there is most Americans are overweight, which leads to a lot of chronic diseases and, and even like it predisposes you to the corona virus is what Dr. burrows talked to us about last week as far as stem cells. But that was one of the the comorbidity early. He call that obesity a comorbidity for be exposed to the coronavirus if you’re scared about Getting that or, or or? Yeah, catching, catching that and not having your immune system strong enough to fight it off. So I definitely recommend Dr. Any of Dr. Streams work. I’ve taught her a lot of it’s a it’s more paleo based, I believe, because I’ve talked a little bit about it. And it’s really cutting down on carbs and get a lovely,

Mike Reid 44:28
it’s more clean eating. You know, we have supplements, we have our own private labeled products coming out, which are basically proteins to help you lose weight, stimulate fat released free fatty acids in the system, help you burn the fats, but it’s also exercise, right and it’s basically like a burst training to allow you to feel true, yeah, to to fool the mitochondria into burning the fats as you’ve released them, and then at the back end, mindset to write so sort of mindset models together. Yeah.

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:04
Cool. Oh, I remember what I was gonna ask you at prosperity some one thing that we’ve been in my internet and look into a lot is affiliate marketing, you have any affiliate mark, like marketing people come into that?

Mike Reid 45:16
Yeah, we’re going to be teaching the affiliate marketing components because ideally what you want to do is create what we call your dream 100 dream 100 is worth we have people that will help spread it to their database, and we’re going to teach how we do that through shrink program. Because with her program, we have a lot of connections in the chiropractic industry in the healthcare industry. And these are people who have large mailing lists, we teach you how to introduce it to them how to give a percentage. So that helps build your mailing list because obviously really, what it comes down to is number of contacts you have through Facebook, through you through your email marketing list of the top three that you want to be basically tapping into

Daniel Pozarnsky 45:56
totally, totally. All right, um, I think We’re getting to the end of our hour here. Is there anything else you’d like to add today?

Mike Reid 46:06
No, I mean, for those of you who are chiropractors and you want to learn about more about what we do, it’s chiropractic dash masters.com. I mean, there’s the three levels coaching, they’re just products seminars are going to be added and updated for at the end of this year. And then, if those doctors that were looking for help with regards to building their company, or passive companies or looking for digital done for you services, that’s prosperity, TEDx dotnet, and they can just go there

Daniel Pozarnsky 46:34
and learn more about it. Yeah, or recovering from the unrest in the economy and there’s gonna be more to come like the economy’s gonna suffer for years, I imagine.

Mike Reid 46:49
Well, I think I think things are gonna turn around. I think it’d be great for alternative care, especially chiropractic, because, you know, the truth on vaccines and Big Pharma are being revealed. So I think it’s gonna be great. For chiropractic, I think it would be a little hectic for the summer of 2020. But I think once we get to the election, November 3, things are gonna actually take off and be good for. For chiropractors, I just tell people hang tight in there, focus on your business, focus on your family, keep a positive mindset things are gonna be fine.

Daniel Pozarnsky 47:19
Okay, great. Love to hear that message. Thank you. Well, I appreciate your time very much, Mike. And your friendship and I look forward to seeing you in the Bahamas in October. And, and working with you in the future. I love I love your work and your concept and, and the different systems that you’ve set up. So think

Mike Reid 47:46
about having your own practice, Dan.

Daniel Pozarnsky 47:49
Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for giving me that push.

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