Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Season 2 EP. 2 with Dr. Jay Goodbinder

Dr. Jay Goodbinder is a functional medicine specialist in Overland Park, KS who serves patients in surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.

He has authored the book, “Defending Your Life: Your Guide to Amazing Success and Incredible Health”. Tune in to the episode where we talk in length about infusion, stem-cell therapy, health optimization, and how people are actually benefitting from it!

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I’m here with Dr. Jay Goodbinder today and he’s actually going to introduce himself, because there’s nobody that can introduce himself as well as himself. So, Dr. Jay Goodbinder. Honorable Dr. Jay Goodbinder, extraordinaire. I’m a functional medicine specialist. The top functional medicine clinic in the entire world the Epigenetic Healing Center out of Kansas city Missouri. And yes, if you are in Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Thailand, Hong Kong you can still be a patient. We work remotely with everybody if you’re in Kansas City area come on down. We have people fly in here from everywhere as well; we’ll set you up, give you a beautiful hotel room, get you some good Kansas City barbecue, which you will not continue once we cleaning up everything and including all your information. Best-selling author for my book Defending Your Life and the owner and lead clinician of the Epigenetic Healing Center. Here –wonderful (crosstalk) Yes, yes that was amazing, that was amazing. We do what we can and we can what we do; that means something, -write that down- That’s important right there that’s deep. That is very deep, it’s so deep that I actually have to think about that. Right, I might have to think about what it sure means. That’s because you’re still integrating, you’re still integrating it. Yes, that is true I’m actually very introverted if you really wanna– I’m very introverted. I stay in my shell a lot, it’s hard to get out and speak you know how it is. Yeah, I’m the same way actually. Are you actually introverted? Because I am not. I know you’re not I’m– I run when I do the test, I’m like 50, 50, right in the middle. By the end of the day after talking to people all day I just want to go home and not talk to anybody. I kind of am that way as well that’s real. I definitely (crosstalk) I can’t deal with anything, my mind’s on fire. I just talked to my wife today I like– lately I’m really this giant bean bag in our family. And I get home the kids like mob me hugs and kisses everywhere, maybe I have myself a protein shake or something. I work out as soon as I get off work, I fast all day long, I don’t even eat throughout the day.

You do the one meal a day? Yeah, because otherwise if I eat a meal during the day I don’t know I get tired or I feel like crap. Right, well some people would say if you eat the right thing you don’t, but doing the one meal a day you go through autophagy or autophagy as some people say. And I get the top you regenerate your tissues and you eat up the non-great tissues. So, you’re actually like increasing telomere length, you’re doing a lot of cool things where you’re making yourself less old anti-aging. You can actually increase the telomere length, I didn’t know that was possible. Well through autophagy which seemed to cause that; we have a couple of– we have one infusion, we have two different things that we infuse into people; that do something radically even more than that (inaudible) plus infusions are crazy. You do that? I’ve heard a lot about that. Oh, it’s like what you heard, what’d you hear? Well, I heard it just makes you feel amazing, but you have to sit there for like eight hours or something like that. So, I created something new. I created something new. Oh, oh you did. Of course you did, of course you did. You’re darn right because I’m an addict, I mean, I came– I don’t know if you can see I got the track mark. I inject myself constantly. Last friday I was lifting, I lift every day about an hour and a half every day and I left hard to complete failure every single set. And I was it’s friday and I wanted to come home and be superman and I know if I push myself that I get a little tired so I was talk to my workout buddy. I’m like listen, you’re coming to my office with me, I’m doing an NAD plus infusion, I’ll put the needle in and everything, I just need you to unscrew some things I’ll tell you what to do when we get there. And he’s, okay, and we just like blasted into my vein, I’m like, woow, all right, I’m back. But yeah that– And that’s all it takes? Yeah, well, so here’s the deal, so that’s what I created. We created a micro dose. So, hopefully when you come in here and do an NAD plus bag you’re doing 500 milligrams and it takes about two hours. Now I’ll go really fast, I’ll make myself want to vomit, get dizzy, try not to pass out, start sweating, feel odd burning in different areas. And I’ll be done an hour and fifteen minutes, some people go three hours. I had a short spell between patients the other day and I said, “I want some NAD, I wanna get some real power, but I’m gonna do a bag.” So, I did a half bag actually I did 250 milligrams. I did it in 23 minutes dripping sweat, my feet are wagging in the air, I can’t make it. I can’t throw up, I don’t want to throw up, I’m sweating. It was most intense thing ever and I felt awesome. But really what’s happening– Why is it– okay I was just going to ask you, what’s actually happening? Why are you getting sick? You’ve seen the butterfly effect and all these crazy movies where you picture time travel and they get off their time spin thing and they all throw up. That’s what I, I equate it. You actually feel anti-aging. So, it’s this very intense process. And you feel it as it happens also you’re, there we go, I feel it and you can almost fall back in your seat. So, the deal is you can do it pretty slow on a drip and not feel a lot, but we do a push, now that’s the micro dose. So, we’ll throw 50 milligrams into a syringe and you’ll push it in within five minutes. And so as you’re pushing all of a sudden it hits and you’re– and you feel it in your life anywhere where you have damage, if you have mold spores in your lungs or if you have liver damage or you have some heart problem, if you got some brain damage, broken blood brain barrier, gut barrier stuffed, uterine, ovarian, you’ll feel it where the damage is. Because your body just goes, I’m going to go heal this tissue right now. And it is crazy what you can feel. That’s exactly how like a stem cell is supposed to work. So, we do something a little, a little higher than the stem cell here as well. We deal with the next generation– a little higher end. Yeah. So– I didn’t know there was a next generation. So, we’re always on the cutting edge, we are on the cutting edge. So, we’ll take– so if you think of a stem cell, think of a stem cell like a building, you got a big building, okay, you’re in New York City, the land of anarchy. In New York City the land of– if you walk down the street you can get killed just because you are a certain way; either way whatever. Let me tell you what I think of New York City. So, you’re in new york city, it’s a busy business town, five o’clock; you’re up in a helicopter, you’re looking down at the buildings. These big stone buildings where there’s no nature and no real life or no God but either way. So, you’re up there down and around five o’clock you see all the little people come out of the buildings, right. Those little people are the ones that work, stem cells do nothing, it’s the people that do the work. The stem cells of the building, the people called exosomes. Exosomes okay, yes. So, stem cell derived exosomes, is what we do and it is magic, it’s amazing. It took a guy with Parkinson’s disease and I’m not treating Parkinson’s, I’m not treating any disease, I’m just trying to do anti-aging, help people get younger and less inflammation. Of course you’re not treating any disease you’re not curing anything correct? Of course you’re not. Trying to help people be healthy. Very careful we don’t want the FTC to attack me, we’ve had that before, we’ll talk about that later. But, so the eggs come out we get– we put it in this guy’s up it through a Sphenoid plate of his brain and into his vein because enzymes are small enough like under 40 nanometers typically. And then go right through the blood-brain barrier. So, you bathe your brain in your spinal cord. All this neurogenesis, neural tissue happens, We’re able to get off Parkinson’s in one week, 90% down is shaking, able to do the finger touch test immediately and no nystagmus anymore, one week. Stuff like that happens, incredible. Wow. I want that. People with traumatic brain injuries, incredible neurologic stuff, incredible it increases telomere length, incredible. I didn’t try– I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy I got this left ventricle of my heart that the muscle in the left ventricle has grown into the ventricle, it’s a genetic disorder. I’m not sure it’s congested. So, it’s a genetic disorder? I’m not sure it’s congenital, I think it’s genetic, I think my dad had it. He had a heart attack. They say on the team they’re trying to take out through the myomectomy and cut the muscle out so he has more space in the left ventricle to contract and get more stroke volume. So, I have that, I’ve never been able to breathe. Even when like back in the day and– I’ve always been an athlete since day one; I’m an athlete big football player, explosive athlete, I can keep up with the fat kids. The fat kids without– in sprinting great. But you give me a distance race, fat kids always beat me, I never understood that. I thought it was just in my head, I just couldn’t figure it out because my heart, stroke (inaudible). But anyway so I read exosomes can help with that. So, I go out and I’m all right, I’m adding exosomes my practice because I read research, all I do is research all the time. And I’m going to use exosomes and fix my heart. So, I go out and go listen, I’m spending $35,000, I’m going to shove so many exosomes with me 150 billion exosomes intravenously to try to fix my heart. So I did it. Yep, no problem. Where did you go to do that? I decided to add to my program. I went to an Indian reservation out of Vegas, took my nurse practivity so we could get certified in this thing and learn. The whole thing is– I’m getting a nurse practitioner.
What’s that? I’m getting a nurse practitioner here like next month so I can start doing these cool things. Good luck, good luck at finding good; I finally got a freaking unicorn, it’s amazing how great– they are all crap in general. A great one, I mean it is just– I would say this, spend extra money, spend more than everyone else on a nurse practitioner and get an experienced one at least five years of experience, so they can calm the freak down. These people when they think everyone’s dying and you’re calm down, when I go to school I graduate valedictorian in my class, I knew more than everybody. My first doctorate valedictorian, knew everything. If I didn’t hear about it, it wasn’t true; everyone that walked in was a unicorn, everyone was (inaudible) . After practice for a while, you’re like they’re not dying they don’t have your brain cancer as soon as they walk in and have (inaudible) So, yes, do not get an inexperienced nurse practitioner, spend the extra money, get a good one and you will be so happy with itself. Mine actually has experience, we just got to get her up and running. There you go, okay, you got the right one, congratulations. I fired like seven of them before I found the right one. So– That might happen, we’ll see she hasn’t actually started treating people yet. So, we’re gonna take it slow. I expect greatness. I think it’ll be greatness Dr. Dan, you deserve it you’re good-of course- I told you earlier, I said I was not going to waste my time on a podcast until I found it was you and I said guaranteed in, I’m on it. Me and doctor- Is this your first podcast, is this your first podcast? I’ve done other podcast, I’ve never had fun with one, but today we’re having fun because I like you. Oh yeah, totally everybody has fun in this podcast. Well not everybody but I like you too thanks. -I appreciate I like you, I love you- I really love your glass, I love your glasses, three thousand dollar glasses- three thousand dollars and- it’s actually 75 dollars. I bought some that were just fifteen dollars and yours are much nicer than mine. It’s true though, you do wanna- but I haven’t got them yet- So, I will -I wish I would have them because we could both be wearing them right now. Oh that would be cool, maybe like twins. Do yours have yellow lenses or they clear? They’re clear, I didn’t want to look dumb. Thank you, thank you. So, to be clear you’re going to block like 10 to 15% these get about 75% there is a difference. Yeah, because we got them from (inaudible) because they they’re doing on their ipad stuff and we try to keep them off ipad all the time. They are homeschooled because of all the stupid mask things and people trying to act like they understand science, the facebook. I heard on MSNBC, I heard on CNN, I read a meme that said everyone dies of COVID, yeah.

And we– I want you to debunk it, take it down. I will- So, when we spill the CNN together, you saw about 175 doctors, 175 people came to watch us speak, they paid big money, 5-10 grand to watch us speak. You saw how many people really cared about mask, it wasn’t many. When it came down to it everyone’s mask were popping off, no one really had mask, it was like, what are you doing? So, science-wise it doesn’t make any sense, you have this COVID virus which 80% of people already have a T cell response to. They’re actually immune it’s because it cross reacts with the typical coronavirus, the common cold. At any point in time you have an 80% chance of having a T-cell response that makes you basically immune to it. They did a prison population study of 3,300 positive cases in a prison. Do you think prison people are healthy? They’re not, they’re basically eating MREs from the army, that’s what their lunch is. It’s just crack crap food, like here have some mashed potatoes, have some bread, have some margarine which is trans fat, hydrogenated oil that causes inflammation cancer, cardiovascular disease the worst, diabetes. And these guys are smoking cigarettes, shooting heroin, finding some smack out in the corner, whatever, they do that and 3,300 people, 94% is asymptomatic. Okay, 94% asymptomatic and you’ve got 1% of the population that’s actually getting infected with COVID. So, you get of the 1%, you got 94% or asymptomatic, you got a 0.05 overall mortality. That means fives, one hundredths of 1% actually die. And then on top of that, not only that, this is over reported. People are getting– mountains of people who got in a car wreck who tested positive for COVID, they well, they died of COVID. You gotta lung cancer, they died of COVID the other day. It’s stupid, the whole thing’s stupid. So, you actually can compare flu deaths to COVID at this point. That’s how underwhelming it is. Like today, have you heard somebody say something about the pandemic today? I have not except for you and me. Pandemic, fancy word they lost — I’ve been in my chiropractic office since six o’clock this morning. So, people don’t talk about the pandemic. Well the pandemic doesn’t exist, they lost pandemic status, it’s an outbreak now, it’s not even pandemic. So, when you see these people on the news saying everyone’s dying, look at the numbers, the pandemic it’s over five, six million people positive. It’s an outbreak and they’re doing additive numbers, they’re not saying how many people right now, they’re adding, like when they do death rate like 200,000 people have died. How many people died this week? 20? Back in April 18,000 died in one week, we’re down to 20. And they’re going we need a vaccine, get that vaccine. Why? That’s crazy. It’s just selling the vaccine. Why do people wear masks? Because we just found out this. It’s coming out of people’s breath, out of the breath then get parasol. When you breathe in a mask where does the air go? It goes out. So, you mean it’s not just stuck in there, you mean it actually goes out through the sides in the top and the bottom? I think, I wouldn’t, be able to survive, it would be like putting a plastic bag over my head wouldn’t it? I recommend not doing a plastic bag over the head. It would keep COVID away but a mask doesn’t and that’s so crazy. That the reason people wear masks is it’s a reminder because it was wear a mask and try to flatten the curve, now it’s wear a mask until the vaccine. The National Institute of health and for the Moderna vaccine -redundant vaccine is that what it’s called?- It’s an MRNA vaccine. It’s actually going to genetically modify humans, this is not a conspiracy theory this is actually what happens. They put it in and it creates a wall in your cell to make sure that COVID doesn’t get in.

In spain they just terminated the study because of such terrible side effects. What were the side effects? What’s that? What did you say? What were the side effects? Well, they have spinal cord inflammation, neurologic inflammation, people having seizures. Most recent in the United States and I broke this down actually to Mark Siegel of, a Fox News correspondent, medical doctor. And I sat down with them, we’re getting a picture together. I was, let me tell you about the Moderna vaccine because you said you and Trump are the first ones to get it. Well, let me tell you, you shouldn’t do that. And I got in trouble for this because it was a timing thing and I was no this is what’s going to happen. So, this wagon mind you because he’s paid off, he’s bought because I showed him the whole thing and the next day he said if your kids don’t get the vaccine you should wear this no hugs please button which was so stupid. Nobody was wearing, well I saw there like three people wearing that. Oh, morons, no offense So out of 40– so it skipped animal trails, out of 45 people who were actually tested, 45 of the healthiest human beings alive were tested with this vaccine. Literally the exclusionary criteria was like perfect BMI, no autoimmune disease, no drug use, absolutely the most perfect history of all time, you’re in the study. 45 people, they had three groups of 15 that were tested, low dose, medium, high. There’s only just one study? One study, one study 45 people. The low dose group had one out of 15 people rushed to the hospital who lost consciousness after the vaccine; super high fever, lost consciousness, that’s 6% of the low dose. Of the high dose group you had three out of 15 people lose consciousness, rush to the hospital, that’s 20% of the healthiest people on the planet, getting rushed to the hospital. Low-dose group, check this out, low-dose group, serious side effects fever, asthma-like symptoms, migraine headache, all this, 50% had –I think it was eight out of the fifteen, a little over 50% had serious side effects. Medium- high dose group 100% had serious side effects. These are the healthiest– So, it sounds like the vaccine is actually causing the inflammatory cascade that everybody is so scared of. Nobody really gets or one in 15 million is what I saw, this basically I don’t know if that’s true. You’re talking about the Cytokine storm that they’re talking about? Yeah, yeah. That they, they’re killing everyone’s Cytokine storm. Well, you know what controls cytokines inflammation? If you don’t want to have a cytokine storm maybe take care of your health, maybe learn not to eat (inaudible) three times a day, maybe get out in the sun, drink some water, sleep, learn to deal with your stress, don’t use social media all the time, get that blue light off your brain. Autophagy, eat one time a day You gotta be pretty elite to do that, but eating eight hours of the day that’s fairly simple, maybe ten hours a day, most people can do that. Yeah, yeah most people can. So, I’m telling you so when I do the whole fast all day long thing, then I go to the gym and work out for an hour and a half as hard as you can possibly imagine screaming, veins popping that sort of thing, then I go home and eat like a couple thousand calories.

Do you do like keto or carnivore or what’s your recommended diet? We call our diet here the human sufficiency diet. So, it is something that, it’s non-dogmatic nutrition so it’s for life. But basically what you’re looking at is a whole lot of vegetables about 50% of your daily caloric intake in vegetables, that’s a lot of vegetables and about four to eight ounces of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished pasteurized meat or pasteurized chicken or wild game or eggs and that’s right. Like so although- So, do you, do you juice it or how do you get that mixed, how do you eat that much salad basically? It’s not just salad it’s vegetables, things like vegetables in but I do juice some. But I’ll take a giant tupperware bowl full of your greens, I actually mix iceberg lettuce, people are, “why you do iceberg that’s not healthy,” who said it’s not healthy. It may not be like nutrient dense, it’s not bad for you and it tastes really good so why not, so anyways. So, kind of entire head of iceberg lettuce, we’ll put a couple of bunches of kale in there, I’ll chop it up to confetti, throw some beets in, there’s some carrots, some cucumbers, some celery, we found this incredible lunch dressing that is actually an organic lunch that doesn’t have any canola or soybean oil, it’s all good oils in there; taste the best lunch I’ve ever had. I’ll put that on there mix it all up eat that whole- what’s it called?- It’s a local Kansas City thing. It’s called Evolved Paleo Chef, I think you probably ordered online, Just for the record hate the company, totally hate the company. Why do you hate the company? Well, I just think that they don’t have the highest quality stuff but that product is really, really good. So, you got to give credit where credit is due. So, they have one– we could sponsor that product on our show. So, you dump that and eat the whole thing and then I’ll have like maybe a steak or two, maybe a burger, maybe some chicken wings, dominate that afterwards, maybe I’ll do like a beef, grass-fed beef collagen. Hold on, if you guys like milkshake, anybody like milkshakes out there do you like milkshakes Dr. Dan? I really don’t like milk in general. Oh neither do I, I don’t do dairy but -I like smoothies- okay smoothie. Let’s say smoothie that’ll be easier more politically correct, we’re talking smoothies. So, here’s the deal, so we do a couple of giant tablespoons of almond– I just made this my kids eat drink the heck out of, I get grass-fed beef collagen protein, vanilla or chocolate either one. I dump two to three scoops in the blender with some flax milk, I’ll throw in three big tablespoons say almond butter and I just zip that up with a ton of ice and it’s like a milkshake. It’s like that because all the ice becomes this frothy greatness, it’s a milkshake. And I’ll dominate that the best treat ever. Basically, what I have is -it does sound really good- super nutrient, dense, super tasty and it’s all sweetened with Stevia the protein powderist. So, there’s no sugar there and it’s amazing and it tastes great, I just had one. And then I also had some chicken ones and I also have a- I like chicken wings. You ever got an air fryer? I don’t have an air fryer. That’s the key right there, air fryers. Oh my god, it burns off all the grisly, steamy oil fat off the wing, it dribbles it down, crispy kind of greatness and all the dirty wings (inaudible) What about– isn’t the fat okay for you? That’s fine because we get the pasteurized chicken and we got all sorts of like part of my program with my patients is we give them all the guidelines like, we have a whole binder of information, it took me years to put it all together and we’re still sorting it, but we got a list of different farmers around the area that gives discounts to my patients. But, yes the fats, fine, I just don’t think it tastes as good with all that fat, it just it’s greasy to me. I said I like fat I like eating fat. A lot of people don’t. Yeah, like a rib eye steak has more fat on it. Oh yeah, that’s great. I love that. I just don’t like the fat on the chicken, like it just doesn’t taste good. Yeah, chicken fat’s a little different, it’s got different taste to it.. You ever had chopped liver? I have not– I’ve tried liver but I can’t eat what– I just cannot not eat oregon meats like I’ve tried, tried so hard. Is there some sort of trick? I grew up on a farm so like my dad; the livers of the chicken and heart and turkey, we grew turkeys and chickens and sheep and everything and- what do you do with all that the?- And it’s great for you, it’s so good for you. As long as you have healthy animals, if you’re doing pork, it’s not good for you, the tortured meats cattle, wheat feeding cattle, giving them candy bars, getting torturing chickens searing their beaks off, plucking them while they’re still alive, not letting them move their whole life, that’s tortured meat and it’s really inflammatory, it’s not in the same species, it’s not the same food. Yeah, I agree with you, you can definitely tell the difference. It’s like it’s not even– there’s no nutrients and it’s just, I don’t know blowing up brown fatty meat. Crap, I would say crap -that’s a fair description- politically correct I suppose. So, chopped liver, I would actually go beef liver, I love grass-fed beef liver, I did a bison liver the other day. Caramelize the heck out of three onions until it’s like broken down sweet onion and then you fry up your slices of beef liver, both sides get avocado oil so you have a high smoke point, omega-3, no trans fat and then you zip it all up, you whip it all up together in like a food processor until it’s just like this whipped, beautiful, sweet concoction of caramelized onion and liver. And then you put like they have these simple meals almond flour crackers you just dip right into it. It’s so delicious, so incredible. -That might be good, that sounds good- out of this world. But wait we were talking this is like 20 minutes ago exosomes. Exosomes, yes you’re shooting them up into your brain, no in your heart -my heart I did all intravenous. I did 150 billion of them, it was 35,000, now we’re doing 450, it’s so much more concentrated now. We’re doing 459 billion in one cc and it’s 4,500 bucks and that’s what people pay here. Such a cool thing like so, it’s awesome and we’re getting great results with that. Then you put that together like– I wouldn’t do an NAD after because you don’t want to detoxify the exosomes you want them to keep working, they work for like three to nine months. So, every 3 to 9 months you want to give another (inaudible) You could do more. (crosstalk)I was bald, I grew my hair back. I used it, yeah, we did the X-zoom’s aesthetic hair treatment. It looks good, I still have some hair. I don’t remember that no like it’s interesting all the– it’s amazing all the different things that are out there that we can actually use now and that’s the way that I want to bring my clinic also as a nurse practitioner. You should do– put in your clinics- it’s hard to figure out- what yourself Exactly- I want this so I’m gonna do it. Exactly. We’re on the same thought track there. Might as well make your clinic your utopia, that’s really the deal, like hey this is what I got, I’ve never had such a great staff.

My staff is so incredible, love my nurse practitioner piece -say that again- my nurse practitioner last piece of the puzzle. She was the only one– like I hate understand practitioners now she’s great, I got a great one, my office manager’s great, my front desk is great, my sales marketing lady is great, my holistic health educator is great, my phlebotomist is great, my chiropractor is great, they’re all great. Awesome, you just got a chiropractor you’re telling me about that. Yeah, yeah just I just got myself a chiropractor and he’s been around I think 5-6 months now. Good and that’s going good for you? He really cares about treatment, it’s kind of perfect. He doesn’t know how to grow a business, he doesn’t know how to bring in patients but people get just like, “wow he’s a really great adjuster.” and he’s -yeah that is perfect- muscular skill to work and I’m like yeah and so don’t worry about the business, I’ll take care of that, you just help people. That’s the perfect chiropractor that’s what you want, I need to get one of those to replace me- because you adjust the heck out of people- I do everything, I do adjustments, dry needling, I do rehab a combination of everything. So, you’re good at what you– that’s a good chiropractor. Because that’s when I hired him that’s what I wanted, I wanted myofascial release and functional rehab and taping and dry needling. So, we do all that here as well and I love it, it’s different though like– in all chiropractic’s good. I like chiropractors who go and just, “I’m tonal, I just want to adjust the right segment, let your above down inside out comes from the wall through me,” and then tells what I should do. And that’s fine too, I’m happy with everything- healed at the same time- lay my holy hand upon thee and I will be saved. That’s fine. People find what it is that they need, our results are extraordinary like what we get here everybody who comes in here is like it’s not every– like 90 a little under 98.2 percent of our patients get 80 of their symptoms resolved by the end. And that includes Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease and CRPS and RSDS and Parkinson’s disease, MS. Like everyone does really, really well. Oh, that reminds me I had a patient today who has Ankylosing spondylitis and I told her that I’d ask you about Ankylosing and spondylitis because he told me you had a really good story about Ankylosing and spondylitis. Yeah, I do we’ve actually got a bunch. There’s a guy recently who just gave us a testimonial, just gave us a review online so it’s fresh. But he was like 10 years old when he was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. You know what that is I’m talking about? I didn’t hear the last part. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. -Oh yeah, I know that yeah- So,when people get their fingers cut off with that stuff they actually amputate. I used to work at the– I was one of the doctors for the US olympic weightlifting team and the medical director, I was looking at his hands, I’m like, what happened? he’s like, you thought– the accident in my hand, no I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis so they amputated. Oh my God and that clears up naturally. Right. They did everything from infuse this guy with everything, they had– they infused him with gold. One out of 20 people I guess respond very well to gold infusions, he did not. You’ve got a humira and emerald these biologic drugs that significantly increase your risk of lymphoma and leukemia, he’s been on all that. That’s what my patients are scared of lymphoma and leukemia, (inaudible) Humira is an interleukin-12 inhibitor and (inaudible) is a tumor-necrosis factor alpha inhibitor. What does tumor necrosis factor actually do? What does it do? Tumor necrosis, it kills tumors and you’re shutting it down; just hey, what causing inflammation, shut it down. You’re gonna have cancer but your hands won’t hurt anymore. At least you won’t have back pain will die but that’s all right.

That’s the way the world’s working, it’s crazy. Insurance pays a lot more money, they make a lot more money if you’re sick than if you’re healthy. So, if they can keep you a lot sick for a long time to make the most money possible, that’s true. Does insurance make the money or does pharmaceutical companies make money? It’s all the same. So, one insurance makes a lot more money that’s called premiums. They negotiate, you pay more on your end and then you pay a higher premium. Every time you go to the doctor, okay, we’ll raise your premium, your co-pay will increase, my payment will decrease and we just keep negotiating. You negotiate your rates, I’m negotiating my rates and you just pay more and more as long as I keep you alive, is the cash cow, you just keep going. Until you’re in your bed, they take every penny you’ve ever had from you and then you die desolate and poor and your family’s stuck with medical bills they can’t afford. And they’re on the street, everyone’s crying and they’re panhandling and the whole world is gone go to hell. Exactly how it goes. Yes, that’s insurance, okay. Yeah. The pharmaceutical companies obviously, I think– I don’t actually think anyone’s evil– I think actually lately I have sort of thinking some people are evil. I think a lot of things that are going on in media and kind of the message coming down actually may be like a true evil. Yeah. There’s something, there’s something pretty bad behind all of it. Pharmaceutical companies, I think they’re just missing the cause of the treats. I have to treat this so I can put out a fire. They don’t think about how to improve your body so you don’t have the disease, they just say, put out the fire. That’s what most want; is quick and fast. Yes and that’s what people want. Now listen, we have patients come from 17 different countries come here. They obviously don’t want that, they want root cause and that’s what we do. I will show you exactly how to fix your issue. This will do the most in-depth testing anywhere in the world, I will tell you exactly why you have that problem, so we can tell you exactly how to fix it. It should be very black and white, there shouldn’t be a lot of guesswork. That’s fine. But getting back to the evil thing, so I’ll ask you this questions, we’ll see if you answered the way I expect, it’s in my book, Defending Your Life, I’m a best-selling author for that book. What’s that? -I’m gonna order that book tonight. Read that book, it’s incredible. It will take you about an hour and a half of pure greatness. Real quick, so I– If you could let’s say you believe in God, are you a God believer or some higher power belief? Some people are uncomfortable with the word God and I get it because I was really uncomfortable I just– I have all these christian patients and they’ve helped me kind of come back to go like, it’s okay to say God, I’m good with that. Although, it’s not cool for people who believe in it, you can believe in a higher power. We’ll go with higher power to make everyone comfortable. So, because that’s all that God means anyways– I know it doesn mean the same thing (crosstalk) If you’re like a radical christian then really doesn’t. People say, muslims worship Allah. Allah is evil, Allah is just doing the work for God. What’s wrong with you people? You don’t have to hate people just because politically something, the political spectrum has been shaped to make sure that everyone can step their foot into like an evil well. It doesn’t matter what’s on, there’s good on both and like they’re intermediate, you can’t win. It’s everyone drawing you from this control perspective. Your higher power, if you could choose between two things; would your higher power be fear or would it be love? Love, I believe love and fear are often. So, any time you allow fear to guide a decision you’ve just turned your back on God.

Every time? I have to think for that one. Let me think about that in just a little bit. Every time you have fear because you don’t have faith that’s what you’re trying to say. Because you don’t have faith– you’re shutting your– there aren’t things that should be, you should be feared, they should be feared like a poisonous snake on the ground. Understood that makes sense What I would say in regards to this is you don’t put your hand up to the snake knowing you’re gonna get bit because you love yourself. You don’t have to fear– I don’t fear snakes. I love snakes I think they’re really cool. If I put my hand up to a snake’s face it’s gonna bite me. So, I love myself, I’m not gonna do that but I love snakes, that’s cool. The point is, in order to not crawl away from God because I think that’s what people do. I don’t feel good about myself, I’m going to hide who I am, I’m not going to show them who I am. I was a drug addict that’s who I was before I became a doctor and all that. I was a screaming drug addict and in drug houses people shooting up around me, people sitting on the– just crap everywhere, just trash. I was with people I couldn’t trust. And it was all because I was scared that if I go, I don’t want to fight people anymore, I don’t want to be a bad guy, I actually love people and there’s nothing wrong, that wouldn’t be cool enough, that I wouldn’t have friends anymore. As an oops baby I just wanted attention. So, not good enough for attention because my older brother and sister didn’t pay attention, my parents were struggling to get along, no one’s paying attention to me. I’m not worth it and so I had to become something, a drug addict, ruffian fighter. But somehow I still had some moral compass in my head like I was really against people ripping other people off and attacking them for no reason. I was kind of trying to do the right things in there but confused at who I was. You told me a couple stories conference about that- It got ugly, I mean just ugly stuff. I’ll tell you a story that I didn’t tell you at the conference. I’m comfortable with who I am- I like story– I decide I have to be super cool, so I can’t just do drugs in a lot of them and competitively do it, hey I gotta do more drugs than everybody else, I gotta bang down more crack racks than the next guy because that makes me extra cool, I do more cracking. It was such a fraud, I was such a fraud; but anyway so I sell drugs because I can’t afford them if I don’t sell them. I’m selling drugs and I go to buy a bunch of cocaine, we’re down in the ghetto Kansas City Missouri bad spot, bad part of town– I’m sitting there and this guy comes in, big dude, big just hoss of a man probably 350 pounds, he gets in my car, the whole car kind of tilts down. Here you go man, and he holds up a bag and I’m looking for cocaine and it’s all big rocks and they’re hard rocks. And I’m, that is not cocaine, that is crack, I want cocaine, this is not a deal. He’s, all right bad, he walks out of the car, I’ll be right back. So, he goes around the corner, he comes back and this time he sits down on my car seat, he’s got a gun on his stomach. And he just goes this with the bag and I’m like, all right, here’s my money and I got it. All he did is go around the corner, he stomped on the crack rocks to make them into powder. You cannot snort crack rocks. So that, is when begins, began smoking crack. Hello time to smoke some crack because I tried snorting up my nose and it just comes out as rocks everywhere. Does it work?- It does not work that way. So we ended up smoking a lot of crack at that point in time. But you don’t want to waste your money. There’s awful people– I had a guy– we went to a hotel, a holiday in express because I wanted to act like a guy– I was a drug addict. Anyway so we’re all shooting up in this hotel room and this guy he starts having seizures. The guy who actually brought us all the drugs and was kind of showing us how to do it. He started having seizures, he’s like foaming at the mouth. And I remember drawing up in a spoon like we took out cigarette filters and put the cigarette filter and then sucked it up through the the cigarette filter to filter it. I don’t know what the heck we were doing even. Anyways we shot it out. We went to Osco Drug, it was an old– We had those in North Dakota We went to Osco drug to get syringes. So I went to the pharmacist I go, “I need some syringes,” they’re, “are you diabetic?” I was, “my dog is diabetic so I need to get syringes,” I don’t know anything. And that was the best thing I could think of, but anyways went to a hotel room he goes into seizures and people were like, we need to get the freak out of here, we didn’t know what to do. Like, he’s going to die and we’re all going to go to prison and we just put cold washcloths on his head until he stopped. And then he’s like immediately looking for his bag to do more and you’re like, chill out, you’re not. I remember laying in his bed and I feel like I’m dying honestly. And so there’s two double beds, two queen size beds and I’m laying in one and my best friend’s laying in the other and he made it out too by the way. He made it out, he’s actually got a decent life. And we’re laying in the beds, I’m dude gotta tell me if you think I have a problem. At some point he says, yeah, you tell me too. It doesn’t occur to us, like a glimmer in your head, you’re going, there may be a problem here, no, just let me know if you think I got a problem, if this becomes an issue you let me know. We’re shooting up in a freaking hotel, we don’t have the money to pay for and we know that sq just gives us the room for a few days. Imagine this, so I go from that to cleaning up, living with my parents and all of a sudden I get– I clean up. I literally left all my friends behind. I start working out 4 hours, 4 days a week, just get jacked. I went from– I was a tailback in high school until I got in drugs, 195 pounds back, I went to a 138 pound drug addict in about 3 years moved, back in with my folks, put on over– not quite 100 pounds, I went up in one year to 230 pounds of just great muscle, I just got jacked. So, I was going to the gym time and eating a ton and just put on ton of weight, felt good about myself and then I get Psoriatic arthritis, can’t use my hands, I’m totally disabled, a complete waste of a human being. I became a doctor to fix myself. I literally cried and begged God to kill me. I don’t want to live anymore. I’ve done everything right, although I didn’t. I’ve done everything right and I just wanted to die. This is the worst thing ever and I became a doctor, graduated Valedictorian in my Doctoral class got a second—

So, you wanted to save yourself, that’s why you became doctor, that’s the thing that made the change, how did that occur to you? So, let’s talk about that because there’s a little bit more to the story. I got more than five minutes to speak here so let’s talk. So, we got 15 minutes left we might need part two and part three to this. Yeah, might as well this is gonna be great. So, here’s the real truth, you wanted the real truth, this is an excuse. The honorable Dr. Jay Goodbinder, extraordinaire, is pulling back the curtain revealing everything that you’ve ever wanted to know. So, here we go, you ready? Here it comes. All right. So I’m a drug addict, total drug addict. I went to Amsterdam because I wanted to do more drugs. I was able to get money to do that. I smuggled some of these Hawaiian mushrooms back to England. I flew out to England and then I went to Amsterdam from there and I was in a hotel room by myself. By the way I almost went to prison in Amsterdam. I smuggled these mushrooms back, Hawaiian mushrooms, I said, if I went to a small shop, they sell Psilocybin mushrooms. I said, if I really want to earn something, what do I get, he’s like, get the Hawaiian mushrooms, I said, okay, should I take like half of them? He’s like if you really want to learn something you take them all. So, I said, okay. Anyway so I smuggled them. That was that was legal in England is that where you were? It was amsterdam at that point in time. They were legal there? They were, I don’t know if they still are but they were. So, I miss the train, the Eurostar, I think is what it’s called, on my way back to England. I was in in france, I just missed it, so I gotta wait two hours and I just thought, I was like, there’s a bath and body works up there and I went and just took the mushrooms and I shoved it down into this olive oil. I remember olive oil scented lotion, shove the mushrooms down there inside the bag. I’m like, just to make sure. I’m sitting there it’s in my duffel bag and I gotta wait two hours. I’m sitting there on my iPod listening to music because we didn’t have phones like that. So I’m listening to music and all of a sudden, French cop comes over with his German shepherd and smelling. I don’t take my head up, I’m looking at my iPod, I’m not looking trying to stay calm, my heart’s pounding out of my chest. I’m literally going to have a heart attack again, that’s how hard is pounding. The dog literally goes this and lays on my duffel bag and I see this, Oh my God, I’m trying to stay calm. And the guy kind of like pulls him and then pulls him off, they go walking. As soon as they’re going, my heart’s pumping so hard, I can’t get breath. That’s how intense this was, I wasn’t even moving for an hour and a half and all of a sudden I can’t breathe, that’s how intense this was. So, anyway I smuggle it back to England, I got nothing to do, I’m like, all right, taking the whole thing. So, I take a thing, I go sit out on this balcony and I wrote a whole, song about this; actually I used to do music, I don’t do music anymore, I’m all science all the time. So literally I’m sitting out on the balcony start shaking wildly and I’m sitting down. Oh God and all of a sudden the clouds turn into this tornado and they’re swirling down and I’m, okay, going inside this is a little much. So, I go and I sit back on my couch, I’m sitting this way, I’m looking at the wall this way and I’m getting terrified. And I see red and then I’m, nothing bad ever happens, everything’s gonna be fine, everything’s always gonna be fine. And it turns blue and I’m fighting between red and blue. So, fear and love, fear and love and that’s where I went. And at towards the end as I’m getting closer and closer, I just cleared everything out and turned into the blue. So, I went to the blue and I basically met what was like an angel or I thought was God at the time. And it was this feminine figure, it was like this beautiful, feminine figure, it was this amazing feeling but I was terrified. Oh God, I don’t know what this is and like I don’t know what to do. And so like instinctively she knows, “this guy is scared,” she turns into my best friend. And I look up my best friend there and I know it’s not really him and I kind of laughed. So, he started laughing because she knew that I knew that it wasn’t really her and then she just calmed everything down and it was like this finally I didn’t feel alone anymore. And I felt totally connected to everything and I felt love like I never loved myself. All of a sudden it I was part of myself and I loved myself. And she was just showing me. She’s, you can do anything you want, nothing bad will ever happen, you just go ahead. She’s, it’s okay, just whatever you want, it’s okay, nothing bad will happen, you can do whatever you want. And then was back into my body; she had me jump back into this pool and once I jumped into the pool, I shot back into my body basically. and I was laying on this couch and I basically woke up eight hours later. And I was– and everything’s blue is just fading away and I’m like coming out of a cocoon. And then I started thinking, what do I want to do with my life? -rebirth- fire.

I think it was probably six months to a year later, I went and decided I was gonna become a doctor. That’s it. So, I got some prerequisites out of the way, I went got my doctorate I and I was valedictorian in my doctoral class and I was disabled at the time. I was on six medications by the age of 23, at 42 I have no medications anymore. I feel amazing. We’ve helped thousands of people from 17 different countries. We do the most best thing in the world and I’m a best-selling author. I’ve spoken in four different countries in Tokyo and Thailand and Bahrain and Dubai, I’ve worked with the royal family, I’ve worked with a former prime minister. We’ve worked with probably 15 really big fish patients, meaning patients that are the CEO of the biggest company in the world or a sports franchise owner who had kidney failure and lupus and we got rid of all of them. It was meant to be, everything had to work out, it was a matter of me finding love for myself and I did. I got rid of my fear and now I jump, the most successful people — (crosstalk) It’s real, there’s never a reason to fear, if you really go after something with love, I really want to do and I love it and you go after it, it works out. People are like, you gotta invest in this, you gotta make money here and you gotta do this. Money is BS, it’s created by the energy of how much you love your life, that’s the real truth. There’s never a reason to fear anything, you have a slow month; I was having a slow month as of today and I was I’ve got a big staff, I got a big– you know what, it’s always going to work out. I just keep telling myself, “it always works out,” and then we just had this incredible day, we’re ahead of schedule now, in one day it was done. And then we just got out last night– (inaudbible) what’s that? It goes a lot of times in business. (crosstalk) You figure it out, you find a way, but you got to keep moving forward, thinking positive, loving yourself. I totally agree with that, I think I found it the way that you found it yet though. I’m an extreme individual. No. Either you’re gonna go extreme– so there’s people who born into a relatively happy, healthy family and things like that and they can be successful and they can mildly fail. But they’ll always be in a decent spot or dropped into a world of chaos and they can either succeed really big or they fail really big, you got two options. Okay. I’ve thought that a thousand times. I heard your story, I thought your story was awesome and I wanted it– when I heard your story, I’m telling you that I was thinking of a Catechol-O-methyltransferase plus plus genetic variant immediately. I was, I could probably fix that situation, boom done. It’s part of the (inaudible) and how you break down dopamine. But Paranoid Schizophrenia typically is Hyperdopamine and so if you can cycle dopamine faster and you can cut off the supply of dopamine; sure enough everyone just calms down and goes, okay, things aren’t as wild as I thought. The volume gets turned down and then you have really high cortisol, things like that inversely related to gastric (inaudible), your gut is your blood brain barrier, you break your blood brain barrier, you got all this brain inflammation, you’re under fighter flight all the time, you can’t slow down anything.

So, you just figure out and you fix everything as long as people are willing to change. If you want to have mcdonald’s three times a day that’s your thing. That’s the key though, your brains change wanting to change, people get stuck. The way that they are is the way that they are. Well, that’s the thing is –so most people just need to believe that they have the ability to coordinate their own life, they have to believe in themselves otherwise it’ll never happen anyway. That starts with love of yourself and faith in yourself as well that’s a fear-based thing; I don’t want to change because what if things don’t work out. That’s communication, that’s when I talk to a patient, they’re, “wait you can do that?” I’m let me explain every pathway I will work down and test. I can tell you exactly why you’re broken, I’m going to test and figure out the specifics of why those things are broken and then once you figure out why it’s very black and white, this is how we fix that. It may take some time, I don’t know how long it’s going to take. We just got another patient today who is like, may run for president not this year but about four years, wins if I can fix his issues, that just happened. That’s amazing. For my sales and marketing she is like, you have this person on your schedule for this date. It’s great and I look forward to doing, I plan on fixing it. I’m getting on your schedule one of these days, you truly are the greatest doctor in the world. That’s what your kids said that you are? That is true. They do tell me that. They came to my office today to go see my chiropractor. The greatest doctor in the room. And they, daddy and they’re mobbing me. You understand coming from a world of absolute crap, darkness, fear, distrust, thinking you’re never going to be loved by anyone and having these kids grab me and love me and my wife smiling at me and just, I’m in heaven right now. I know I’m not because it can be better, it’s a growth of heaven. Yes, pure potential, that’s what kids are. And people ask you, I’m sure you feel the same way. But people are, “why are you so happy all the time?” -well it’s just– it’s not even measurable how this is different from where I used to live. I help people every day, I make a good living, my family loves me, I live with integrity, I feel wonderful about what I do, people get better. And it’s just, I do things that no one thinks are possible all the time and they are. It’s amazing, amazing and you’re doing it and you’re helping.

Real quick because we’re running the end. Dr. Jay Goodbinder Epigenetics Healing Center, my website is drgoodbinder.com d-r-g-o-o-d-b-i-n-d-e-r dot-com. Get on my website, come see me anyone who saw this podcast, mention the podcast, I’m going to give you 200 bucks off your consult. It’ll be for– instead of being 287, it’ll be 87 bucks hour long. I will sit knee to knee with you, you’ll fill out the most paperwork you’ve ever filled out for a doctor in your entire life. And we’re going to figure out exactly what it’s going to take to make you feel amazing forever. You heard it right here folks, Dr. Jay Goodbinder from Kansas City Missouri. Thank you so much my friend, we’re going to have to –we need to have you back on, multiple times I could talk to you all day. I appreciate you sharing your story with us, telling us– sharing your stories, sharing patient stories, just filling up with joy and some laughter and love and I’m really grateful for you being able to show today, thank you. Pleasure talking to you, pleasure talking. It’s been quite pleasure.

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