Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Season 2 Ep. 3 with Alexander Velitchko

Today my Guest, Alexander Velitchko, is not only a Bestselling Author but also a an Award-Winning Speaker who’s shared his message at Harvard Clubs in Boston & New York, Coca-Cola, NASDAQ, Mercedes-Benz, The New York City Bar Association, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Alexander is a wearer of my hats and describes himself as “marketer by day and a baker by night”. He owns a Digital marketing firm, Triple Agent Digital Media, where he has adopted a very unique method of Digital marketing called the ABC’s of digital marketing. He is also a HEMP connoisseur and does marketing automation.

Tune in as we talk about, his bestselling books, diet, keeping the economy going especially during the pandemic time, Alexander’s HEMP Products, digital marketing, how small businesses can strategically automate their businesses and much more.

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This is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky, with Dr. Dan’s health in business Power Hour, we’re in season two, episode number three. We are here with Alexander Velitchko. Alexander, is an award winning speaker and bestselling author of not only one but two books. He’s best known as a marketing PR and PR consultant. Entrepreneurs, he helps them dominate their industries using the ABCs of marketing formula that he has come up with himself. He shared his message on the same stage as Martha Stewart and Ice-T & Coco, Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, on the same stage Suzanne Somers at the Harvard club of Boston, at NASDAQ, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz and even West Point Military Academy. Alexander is a lifelong fit (inaudible) for healthy lifestyle. When he was six, he had a severe allergic reaction, one thing led to another and that led him on his path to health. And here he is today with us folks. Alexander Velitchko, welcome to the show.

I like to start off having talking about another time where just recently I appeared at a fabulous venue, CNN Center right behind me, Daniel, you were there too with me? Right?

I was there too, with you. And you’re still there today. That’s wonderful.


You must have the same policies?

We totally, we totally.

I’m going to talk about that. I’m going to briefly talk about some of the people that I met there. One of my favorites, Dr. Oz. One of the things that I went– when I was actually on 1-1 Zoom with him, the thing that really stood out to me was that he said, all the people that I invite on my show, they have one thing in common, they take a problem that people have, and they give them a solution that they love.

My angle of that is that every single health expert who has appeared on Dr. Oz show, they bring in energy to their solutions that is filled with excitement and energy. And Dr. Oz is really all about delivering that excitement and energy. To me, if business doesn’t have fun, what fun is it? I also got to hear from the Surgeon General. I also got to hear from Dr. Jocelyn Elders, who was the 15th, Surgeon General of the United States, fabulous woman. I think she’s in her mid 80s. We all keep in mind, we were all doing this during a pandemic. She came out COVID free. And you know what she said? Only 10% of the nation’s health come from doctors. The pandemic has exposed the underbelly of America’s Health Care System.

Exactly what she said. That’s exactly what she said, I was there with you.

And she said it with such vigour and passion.

And that really reminds me of a statistic that the CDC recently shared that caused a lot of rage that 6% of reported Coronavirus we’re not reported to have any other underlying conditions. Take it as you will listeners, some people may think that the data is a scam. Some people may think it’s scary. The way I take it, you don’t have to be scared by those statistics. You have to be inspired by those statistics because it really does expose those 94% of COVID deaths that also come with underlying cases, that really does expose the underbelly of our nation’s health. I mean, I was recently consulting with a fabulous, fabulous functional medicine doctor. And we’ll get more into that later, but he talked back and forth with me about my health. And that’s when I really realized that in order to be able to fix a lot of those underlying causes that the CDC says is partially responsible for 94% of those COVID deaths, we have to fix ourselves from the inside out. We have to adapt functional, healthy lifestyle that serves our needs, not focus on the side effects, we have to identify the root cause and repair ourselves naturally.

Totally. I agree with you, Alexander. And you have your own health business, correct?

Yes, it’s called Long Live with the HEMP. It’s essentially something that really helped my dad. Five why years ago he was in a car accident. A lot of his issues have been– in a car accident, these issues were, chronic back and neck pain, insomnia, not being able to physically get out of bed, almost not being able, inflammation.

And a lot of challenges with being able to function mentally going throughout the day.

So last January, he decided to try it up to half a dozen different kind of CBD oil brands, some high end THC, the stuff that makes you psychoactive, some bit lower, and none of them really gave him any consistent effect. One of them would make him go to sleep and then he will wake up, Oh, I feel so dopey. He didn’t like going high at all. And then a friend introduced him to this amazing high bioavailability formula that was being worked on for about five years and perfected it. He got to try it. And after like two straight days in a row and dosage, he was finally able to get the first sound sleep he’s ever had years. And that’s essentially the basis of what’s now Long Live with HEMP. It is high bioavailability, all natural, only the hemp extraction. And when you drop it on your tongue, it is absorbed very quickly. You feel the effect quickly. And in preclinical studies has been found to be 20 times higher bioavailability or absorption rate than regular hemp oil within the first half an hour. Yes, it’s been found to have– been tested for zero THC and from my experience and from my dad’s experience and from the experiences of our customers, it doesn’t make you feel high.

And that’s true. Most hemp oils unless you get them from the state that have a lot of (inaudibe) you get from a dispensary you don’t get high. You don’t have to get hot. Exactly, you might get tired and dopey like you said. Depends on how you mix them.

Exactly. It also depends on the quality control because some companies can claim to have quality control and then the hemp can go hot, have a higher amounts of THC than expected. And some people can fail the drug test. Our hemp we maintain very stringent quality control to make sure it is well below what the FCA deems reasonable, zero THC, in fact, has been tested to be six times lower.

Six times lower. Wow. That’s correct. That’s great. That’s the one thing that people are really– my patients at least are scared about failing a drug test. Most the time if you get quality hemp oil, you’re not going to fail drug test. So depend on hemp, where you get it. What else are you working? I know you’re always working on different things. You have three different business going on. I’m really interested actually in your best selling book. Can you tell me a little bit about those.

Before we get into my best selling books, I would like to talk a little bit about my story. I’ve been a computer user ever since I was two years old, I would get a lot of my digital education from Digital Dr. Seuss. I be bouncing up and down.

From that point on, I was homeschooled. I got to spend a lot of time on a lot of stuff doing whatever the heck my parents let me do. Then, when I was 13 years old, a very fateful day, my dad comes home from work and he says to my mom, Francine, you don’t look good, you look yellow. She says, it’s sunset. No, Francine. We rushed mummy to emergency room. And that’s when we discovered that she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, bile duct cancer.

It was the beginning of the end.

And before we knew it, she was gone. And it’s very sad to lose a mother at 13. So it was just me and my dad. We exchanged a lot of ideas of how to do things. We spend a few years developing a relationship, we’ve had our share of disagreements, and then all of a sudden, it kind of occurred to me, Alexander, you’ve developed very good computer skills. Why don’t you take those skills and use them to make some money.

And out of that really came my first digital marketing agency, Triple Agency Digital Media.

Out of that has emerged, the two best selling books. But how I really got into the world of digital marketing is that it kind of came out of my homeschooling. When I was 11 years old, my parents thought, let me start a YouTube channel. It was dedicated to– guess, vinyl records, smoking hot class, the old way of listening music and the better way of listening to music. I had all the spare time in the world, my parents introduced me to the hobby when I was seven or eight, I’ve been hooked on ever since. When I was 11, I would just take those records, post them to YouTube, fill out the tags in the description with as many relevant things about the song, the artist, the album as possible because I just want to communicate that stuff to people. And as a direct result of that, within a year, it got to many tens of thousands of views. And to this day, it’s up to several million. And I have more than 6500 subscribers, I have not been attending to it nearly as much as before my mom passed away, because a lot of my focus has really changed. But because I really set that groundwork up in the beginning, unknowingly to make my videos popular, it still gets hundreds of residual views a day. And there was a peak. I think it was in March. There was a peak where the channel had thousands of views, peak in March during the pandemic.

That makes sense, nobody had anything to do. So they listen to you by checking out your channel. That’s great. That’s great.

So I took that experience, I realized what I was doing was marketing myself with no paid ads whatsoever, no paid ads whatsoever, just organic marketing. Some people would call it SEO (search engine optimization), and took that and adapted that into my first digital marketing business, which is called Triple Agent Digital Media. That’s led to the first my first two best selling books. The first one is about business hacks, myself and a lot of other entrepreneurs and contributors talk about different ways to increase your sales daily. The other one was about the first time that I ever had a speaking engagement at the Harvard Club of Boston way back in 2018; kind of feels like yesterday. It was an event that massively supercharged my confidence and my communication, my ability to just present stuff to people.

That’s what really motivated me to do better. What I’ve done is I’ve adopted a very unique method called the ABC’s of digital marketing, advertising, branding and content marketing. That’s kind of what the name Triple Agent Digital Media originates from. I kind of expanded that with my other digital marketing business, which is Agency Intelligence

Agency Intelligence, that one sounds interesting, that has to do with AI.

We like to use automation. That’s the big thing.

That’s the big thing. One of the big keys to being entrepreneur these days is to be able to lessen your workload. And if there’s something that you don’t like doing and you don’t feel like hiring someone and you feel it can be a complete with automation, do it with automation. The big thing though, is about agency intelligence. It’s about doing digital marketing on a much bigger scale. You know, I would like to get a little bit philosophical here. Some people say that–

Be my guesst.

Oh, economic priorities should not take precedence over health priorities. That’s what some people are saying about this pandemic. You know what I really think, economic priorities are just as important as health priorities, because economic priorities be get health priorities. I mean, regardless of the kind of political system of the nation that you live in, I truly believe that everyone needs money to survive. And that includes Medical priorities. How can a doctor treat someone if they can’t pay for the equipment? How could a doctor survive if they can’t play? I mean, they have to pay for an office, they have to pay for the equipment, and in compensation for the work that they do, the expertise, the time they give to treating their patients and their clients, they have to get paid somehow.

Health care centers cannot survive without the economy. The more the money that gets, the greater the velocity is which money goes through the population, the more the doctors are able to give people quality health care, whether public or private, and the more of the people can live in confidence that they can live in less fear when they go outside. And that is one of the things that I think will help open up the economy a lot faster.

That ties into something.

One of the people I learned from Marshall Slyver, who calls himself the greatest hypnotist of all time, likes to say,

It’s good for you. It’s good for me, it’s good for the economy, everyone wins.

You know what makes everyone win, just giving. Because the whole purpose, I believe, of entrepreneurship, and that’s also something I kind of got from Dr. Oz, the whole purpose of entrepreneurship is to get paid to solve a problem for someone; bring them from a place of pain to a place of pleasure. Sometimes money can even get funneled into the economy just by giving or volunteering or doing something for free. Small Case in point, I have a client, not a big one, not a high paying one by any means who had a virus in his website. And its web host wouldn’t help to clean it up. They use to help. So he asked, I’ve got nobody to turn to. How can you help me Alexander and I just went into his website volunteered, clean up the virus to the best of my ability. And it was it was a job that took a couple hours. And when all was said and done, the next day, he text me and he says, Alexander, I love working with you. And without seeing another word he sends me a transfer of $100.


For volunteer work. I was doing it for free. Just took a couple hours out of my time, because it was something that was interfering with stuff.

The power of giving?

Yeah, and you lessen the load. That’s a great story. I bet you have a lot more stars just like that.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

So are we ready to talk about the books yet? Or do we want to talk about more automation?

I think we’ve talked enough about the books. It’s basically a summary of what they are. But I want dive a little bit deeper into what agency intelligence really does. The way that we automate your marketing is we hack marketing strategies. We hack the media, you know, having come from a place of great interests in the entertainment industry. That whole vinyl records venture with YouTube has gotten me to get in touch with people. I have rubbed shoulders with Rick James and Eddie Murphy. Coming from a place of entertainment, I think marketing should be a hell of a lot of fun. You know what I found?

What have you found?

I found funs and fictional characters, whether animated or live action, they are the greatest marketers. When a big media company such as Disney or Universal or Warner Media, drop something into the news feeds, issues a press release, say something about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fans are desperate to eat it up. And it’s a conversation starter. Now, a lot of the time mega corporations pay big bucks to press release agencies such as PR Newswire with the hope and understanding that they are going to get published out in a place like CNN or MSNBC. More often than not for big corporations, that’s happens because they’re big enough to be newsworthy, they get picked up by the major media. The problem is, a lot of small businesses turn to these big media companies to try to get their stuff published.

And often not, they may not get the organic traffic that they expect from it.

These people charge a lot of money. And oftentimes, the small businesses, all they get is just distribution. And the power goes only to PR Newswire, not to the Small Business themselves. You know what I have done?

What do you mean by PR Newswire?

PR Newswire is one of the companies that distributes press releases. Others are like Business Wire, 24-7 Press Releases and a few others.

I see.

So we’ve kind of reverse engineer that formula and figured out how to adapt it to small businesses. And out of that, comes a search engine friendly press release. That’s a core part of our strategy. Big corporations build big buzz for their media properties. We do it and we save the businesses tons of money. We saved the businesses tons of money, because a lot of these other companies, they charge extra for things like pictures, having a company logo, media assets, why pay extra? These are integral to the marketing campaign. It’s not just about getting extra clicks to your content. It’s about what content you get extra clicks to, you have to make your online presence look really good. And that’s just what these press releases accomplish for no extra cost. Pushing your media, pushing your videos, posting up to five videos per press release, posting up to 10 images per press release. Sending a hundreds of the signals that Google actually pays attention to, so that essentially it is more than just SEO. And through this method, I have never failed to get at least 10 to 15% organic traffic growth, month over month for myself and my customers.


It’ a method that I’ve arrived at after many years of testing various methodologies including some content optimization. I belong to some groups that do nothing but testing and I’ve more than $300,000 in nothing but marketing training. Marketing Training alone. In the past five years

Wow. That’s that’s impressive. So you’ve learned a lot from trial and error.


So, if I’m hearing you right like, my small business was to come to you, I just bring you my pictures, my videos and then you come up with a way to automate a press release that actually gets noticed by Google and Facebook and other big media.

The online media channels, primarily Google. That’s essentially what we do. The clients send us media assets, and we help push them in a way that is highly scalable and has a very strong stacking effect. I mean, you can do one press release, but it’s not enough to just do one press release, and then wait. You have to do one, and then the other, and then one, and then the other to really grow that authority. Generally, our clients do at least one to two a month. And that’s what we feel works for us.

Ah, I see. And so do your clients purchase those elecard? Or the packages? How does the client find you?

Some of our clients purchase press release individually, others, we have packages that are custom tailored to fit the scale of what the business wants to do? And oftentimes that can include press releases. Some of my clients have found me organically, others I reach out to, some of them are referrals and great friends of mine.

And I know you’ve met a lot of people just at the CNN conference, not alone like Carnegie Hall, and the Harvard Club of Boston and NASDAQ and West Point Military Academy, like you must meet people all the time.

Fabulous. I really do. I have clients from all over North America. Some of them in the essential services industry, some of them in medical niche. And you mentioned West Point, again, really brings me to one thing, the message that I shared there is, if your best kept secret is just about as good as being bankrupt. That’s my philosophy that I came up with that really drives me forward and helps people to keep the economy going. Keep the economy going through marketing that has automation built into it, makes lives easier. And when people get those phone calls, when people pay the money to solve their problems, that velocity is what really helps us to be able to live life better.

Oh, totally, totally. We’re making more dollars that we can put more money into the economy, which creates that velocity, which decreases fear, right?

Yes. Yes, that is totally.

I love it and having fun at the same time.


Exactly. What’s a day like in the life of Alexander?

I’m a marketer by day and a baker by night.

And this kind of gets back to my health experience. The reason I was homeschool is that one day, I was chopping up a whole box of Wheaties, and all of a sudden my stomach is bloated. And I was taken to the clinic. And you know what the doctor advise my parents, why don’t you go have them tested for gluten allergie.

I think it was about– what was it about– a half year earlier, a few months earlier, my dad read an article in the central newspaper about a woman named Elaine Gottschall. And how she was treating I think it was her daughter with the specific carbohydrate diet which is much stricter than gluten free. It really helped change her life. Someone had told her daughter that, hey, you might never be able to eat again. You would have to consume food through a tube for the rest of your life. And putting her on a diet really prove the doctor wrong. It did save her life, she was able to get back to normal. So when my dad was told that I would have to be checked for gluten allergies, a light bulb went off on his head.

One of the other things that was happening at that time was as a child, I could not go a day without up to like half a dozen– I think it was half a dozen different sources of media once, the computer, the TV, the PlayStation 2, the radio, you name it.

If even one of those devices was turned off, I will go freaking mad, I would go freaking nuts, I would have a tantrum. My parents put me on this specific carbohydrate diet, and cold turkey, no wheat of any kind, no high starch products such as potatoes, no gluten. That was really my first exposure to healthy eating. And a couple weeks later, my behavior dramatically improved. My parents took away each of the media sources one by one, and I was able to survive listening to one thing at a time, it’s been a lifestyle that I have adapted to. That same functional medicine doctor who helped me make many revelations about myself, you know what he told me? Your parents made a very smart decision, putting me on the diet that early.

So what was it like for you like in your head, like when you transitioned from like having have six different types of input coming into your brain at one time to just one? Did you slow down? Did you notice more things? What did you realize?

What I realized, I was a kid that was very easily excited, like to run around and do things. It was interesting when the anxiety of not having at least one of the sources off to go away. It was interesting when that anxiety went away, because when I would listen to something I would appreciate it more fully. And the doctor told me, I don’t know if you’ll be able to be around today if your parents hadn’t put you on the diet, which is very true. Todate I find myself very, very grateful that decision so long ago, it helped me to really focus on one source of media at a time, because how would I be able to appreciate it. And a large part of this diet has been replacing wheat with almond flour. Yes. And that’s why I call myself a marketer by day and baker by night. My mom was baking a lots of things for me. My mom and dad we’re making a lot of specific carbohydrate diet friendly food. Some of that including muffins, which I like to call muffs, and eventually add recipe which contains some dairy products which goes into an almond flour cake. Yes. All the flour, eggs, honey, baking soda, raisins, some seeds and nuts, salt and pepper, other seasonings as needed. And it is the most delicious. It is the most delicious baked good that any kid can dream of. It’s a recipe that I have. I’ve taken cooking skills from my mom.

I’ve used them to develop this recipe with input and experiment from my dad and constant never ending experimentation and some variations, too. I’ve been doing it since 2016. I’ve been doing it for about four to five years. And if anyone is interested in the recipe, you can find it at vulner-able.com That’s my health blog.

You heard it there folks, find the cake recipe.an Get off the gluten. Is there anything else on your blog that you like to talk about or is there anything else that you’d like to bake

Sometimes I like to cook almonds for myself. And I also like to make salads. Those are a bit all over the place.

I can dive a little bit deeper into how I make my food on the blog. Other aspects of the blog are focused on health experiences, such as including my dad’s experience with the health and other kind of journals about his pain, what he experienced; his car accident and the hemp. I think it was like a total of six prescription medications for the pain.

Yeah, that’s how good he felt because of it.

Wow, that’s amazing. And do you think that he has some of the gluten allergies or sensitivities that you may have, they could be causing some of the pain. Has he adopted your diet also?

He’s adopted my diet as well, even though he doesn’t have nearly as much gluten sensitivity as I do. Because it’s just a healthy way of living.

Totally, totally agreed as being a natural doctor myself, I totally get. The gluten diet that we eat is not natural at all, and not good for us in this country. So I totally agree with you.

Exactly. And that just brings me back to the point that in order to reduce those 94% of COVID deaths, we have to fix ourselves from the inside out. It all starts from their lifestyle decisions.

Totally, totally. So let’s recap a little bit here. So award winning speaker, best selling author, HEMP connoisseur, Baker, Triple agent; the ABCs, which are-

advertising, branding, and content management because you need to look just as good online as you offline. And content is king. Content Marketing is the queen.

Totally. And you do that through with the help of automation?

With the help of automation, a lot of our clients have WordPress sites, and we install a plugin that really facilitates the publishing of the content on their website because with what we do, that nobody else does; sourcing. Yes. It makes you into kind of like your own mini PR Newswire, your own disseminator of news. Big corporations drop stuff into people’s Google news feeds, what we do is we help small businesses to drop information straight into where people are searching for them and as many places as possible. And we do that through a smart distribution of content, as many channels on Google as possible, we expand what I would call, the online footprint, both horizontally and vertically.

Oh, wow. So you’re a Google connoisseur also?

Yes, I’ve been a Google connoisseur since I was a toddler. Essentially, I’ve seen all the changes that they’ve made. That passion has come out of computer education. And another key to winning the economy is monetizing your passion. Because if you don’t settle on something where you have a skill, what good is the business if you’re doing it for just pursuing the money.

If you got a job, it’s not a passion.

Yeah, you get the money. You get paid what you deserve to be paid by harnessing your skills, and figuring out how to help people.

If it’s even just a freaking silly print on demand shirts shop on Redbubble or the likes, you’re making people just feel a little bit better, because what you’re doing when you’re selling apparel to them, is helping them to show the world what they really need.

And marketing is no different.

Totally. I love it. So where can we find Agency Intelligence? How can we get in touch with that part main of your businesses and blogs and automation? How can the viewers get ahold of you or get hold of your company?

Hey, listen, listeners. I’m running specials for both agency intelligence along with the HEMP. And those are the offers I would like to make to you today. On Agency Intelligence, those press releases, boosting your website, boosting your visibility and boosting your audience by hitting you with hundreds of the signals that Google actually cares about. We are running at a lowest ever price; $105 per press release. All you have to do is provide us content. And if you want to claim this offer, you can contact me at meetalex@agencyintelligence.co And that special is good for the rest of the week for another four to five days. And if you want to try the same thing that helped my dad long live with the HEMP, that has helped myself with a lot of energy and my ability to focus, we are running that at more than half off, lowest price ever as well. That special is also good for the rest of the week.

If you go into my blog vulner-able.com, you can find a coupon that gives you 5% off. But for Dr. Dan’s listeners only we are giving a coupon that’s 10% off.

Double, right. So if you want to claim that, you can shoot an email to that same email address, meetalex@agencyintelligence.co and Dr. Dan, you’re going to publish that email for your listeners, right?

Yep, it’s gonna be in the show notes, gonna be on our blog, it’s gonna be on our website and on our social media pages. Awesome. Awesome.

Totally. And I want to ask you one more question. What’s the greatest thing that you’ve ever learned? Alexander. So far?

Two things, monetize your passion. And where technology prevails, common sense prevails. I mean, automation and electronic tools really do help, but if you rely completely on them to do all of your business– because I do a lot of testing. I have ranked a page and I think it was eight weeks, with a continuous repeating paragraph for a keyword in a city has like 250,000 population.

And I relied on some tools that do that are based completely on science. But if I relied only on what the tool gave me, and not my common sense, I don’t think I would gotten there so quickly. So the key is, when you’re using software, online tools to help you out, you still have to have that human element in what you’re doing. And you really have to carry that human element all into your business. Right?

I really, totally agree.

Our great mentor, Clint Arthur, he says, who you are is more important than what you actually do. And a huge part of that is really bringing the human element into your business. Giving customers a face that they can see because otherwise they’re dealing with a nameless, faceless Corporation.

And I feel like that’s what’s ruining our country right now. It’s a small business that needs to help that needs people like you, and people like me to supply answers, and help them prosper in times of crisis like this. So, I totally agree with you, Alexander.

You nailed

Anything else?

Thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us before we end our episode this evening?

There are many thoughts that I could think from. But my my final thought is this, one thing that I can never stop thinking about, Joe Biden’s saying every day, and this is not a political statement, someone asked him what he thought about women’s violence. He said, we got to keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.

And there is a right way of punching at it and the wrong way of punching it. Punching at it hard and not really getting anything out of it without knowing what you’re doing or just punching at it in one big blow, understanding all the variables, calculating that blow and knowing that you’re going to get a high success out of it. That’s a business analogy, keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it.

Thank you very much, Alexander.

Thank you Doctor.

You’re welcome. Thanks for being on the show. And thank you for sharing your story and, sharing about health and business in how to help the economy and in your life philosophy. I’m very grateful to have you on the show. And, Alexander Velitcho, everybody. Thank you so much. So you heard it here, you can get 10% off all your automation products correct?

10% off Long Live HEMP products and press releases with automation strategy.

W’re running those only for $105. Per press release, you give us the content and we tweak it a little to best practices. And it’s given back and publish it.

Great. We’ll get that out to our listeners. And thank you so much, Alexander. And it was a great having you on the show tonight.

It’s been so nice.

Yes, it’s been nice chatting with you and nice catching up with you since the show that you haven’t left.

Yep, he was fantastic.

It was it was a great time. Thank you, Clint Arthur for that also, our great mentor. That is true. We’re fighting the good fight. All right. Thanks, Alexander.

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