Dr. Dan’s Health & Business Power Hour Season 2 Ep. 4 with Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff

Today my Guest on Health and Business Hour Podcast is Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff who is a diplomat of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Ilya is a specialist who figures out what are people’s underlying health concerns, the root causes of their health concerns, and then treat those health concerns with non-toxic therapies that don’t involve any surgeries or prescription medications or what he called the “Skolnikoff method”.

Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff Website: https://www.triadofhealth.net/
YouTube Channel: Triad Of Health Family Healing Center
Patient’s Form : https://ilya49.typeform.com/to/fcS9ne
Natural supplement company https://www.standardprocess.com/


Hello, this is Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky. Here coming to you from balance chiropractic in rehab in West Fargo, North Dakota. Today we are here with Dr. Ilya Skolnick.

chameleons Kotlikoff there. Yeah. We’re going to introduce the school mcop method, we’re just going to get started mainly talking about water and protein and and what people need to do to get health. I’m introducing myself a little bit. So my name is actually school mccobb. I’m a diplomat of the International Board of applied kinesiology, diplomat of the International Board of applied kinesiology is a person who’s a specialist and figuring out what are people’s underlying health concerns the root causes of their health concerns, and then being able to treat those health concerns with non toxic therapies that are that don’t involve any surgeries or prescription medications. We do that by understanding about a person’s health by watching how they walk, how they chew their food, how they swallow, how they breathe by checking the function of their, their muscles. Because the when people move, you know, it’s not the bones that are moving themselves, it’s the muscles, they’re moving the bones. So by being a specialist, and understanding the different muscles, we can learn a lot that way, because each muscle is related to a different organ and gland and emotion and nutrients. So there’s this whole, you know, interrelationship between the different parts of the body, the different organs, glands, muscles, emotions, etc. So that’s, that’s me, that’s, that’s what’s fun about and we’ve had really good results in our office helping people with almost anything you can imagine. But we’re focused now on chronic exhaustion or fatigue, chronic fatigue, and something which is really similar called fibromyalgia and we’re just going to go over how to get better. Yes, suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia,

we have a, we have a special treat to for. For the listeners. Ilya is working with me, Dr. Dan, here to help me get better because I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue and depression and all of the above most of my life, and, and I’m excited to hear about the Scott McAfee method and be a part of the process.


Dan? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So everything we’re doing is very, I’m gonna try to make this very simple and easy to understand. It’s very structured, it’s very focused. And this isn’t. Well, that’s what it is. Okay. So this isn’t about like, guessing about things, theorizing about things. We’re not going to try to understand anything. We’re not even going to go over theory too much. Yeah, we’re not going to go over theory, I think. I think theory is crucial. But there’s the book, the skull sonnenkopf method, the new medicine, there’s a lot of books that we might refer you to, but they’re all the references already made in the book. And then we have a YouTube channel and we have this series of videos. You have all the testimonials of many of our patients that you have access to through our YouTube channel. So you can see, you know, people who have had headaches for 37 years, no longer have, you know, once a month that caused them to throw up and, and just not even function for a couple days a month. People like that were able to get better in one single treatment visit. That’s not like coincidental. It’s not like we’re on trial. What we’re doing.

We want to help you, God. Only one visit. They got better.

Yeah, only one visit. Mark Anthony Stevens has testimonials on the first on the top of that

list of testimonials you make. Let’s see what you got. Oh, I can see yours. Here still.

I don’t I’m not showing it now. Oh,

I thought you were okay. Could you say Could you tell us when your book is coming out?

It’s gonna come out in May 2021. So you’ll have to be patient. This is a teaser.

I don’t know what when people yeah, if you’re watching it right now, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna go get the book, but because we’re not at a

Yeah, you can look at you can look at Marc Anthony’s testimonial if you go to our YouTube channel, it’s the most recent testimonial you just try to type in trying to health dotnet try to just type in try it out and you’ll see it right here on our website too. You want to look at our website. There’s Marc Anthony Stevens that’s trying to help dotnet Okay, great, great. Reviews success videos. So the important thing and the focal point. So we don’t beat around the bush too much is that It’s not coincidental if you’re watching this right now, if at least a few, if you’re watching it for like one minute, and then you switch to something else, then that is a coincidence. But if you’re watching and you continue to watch, there’s a reason why. It’s because whatever you’ve done before now hasn’t been successful enough to your liking and helping you with your fatigue, and your exhaustion. So you’re looking for more, you’re looking for better, you’re looking for a better solution, you’re looking for something that’s more effective, obviously. And so we have that we’re not going to, we’re not going to try to convince you, we’re not going to try to, you know, persuade or anything like that, this is all about the solution. So we’re gonna stay focused on a solution, you know, what I’m doing is I’m offering the solution. But if something’s not clear, then Daniel is helping by making it clear by asking questions about the solution just to make it you know, to improve clarity. So it’s not confusing. So we both have our little, you know, duty here, My duty is to teach, you know, Dr means to teach. And we’re going to teach about how to get healthier and how the system works. And then Daniel’s job is to learn that or he’s gonna act like a patient is actually a patient. So that’s hard is the Latin that comes from patient, or it’s the original root word of a patient, which means to learn. Okay, so the first part is, wait, you should have already filled out a, um,

I filled out like eight forms.

Yeah, the one that we were that the listener would have filled out would be the one that’s, that’s a type form. That’s called fibro. It’s called chronic fatigue syndrome. And it looks like this, are people able to see my screen, it looks a lot like this. So you will have already filled that out. And that’s the most important starting point, that’s where we really start to understand, you know, what’s the pattern that’s happening with your house, think of me is like, I’m just looking at this lady’s rings. Okay, those rings are telling something about her house, and she can’t see her face, you know, you gotta focus on the range. Yeah, the thing that the thing that we want to do is understand what the pattern is that’s happening with your health. So that’s the whole point of this assessment, you know, we don’t know what the pattern is, unless you go through the process of filling this out. This goes on forever. It looks like and so you will have already done that. So if you’re listening to this now, then you’re like, way ahead of the game, you went through this whole process? Oh,

I have that on your site.

Yeah, that’s on my site, but they will have gotten to it somehow. If you wanted to find it on my site, just go to try to health.net. And then you click, you just go down a little bit, you’ll see these blue rectangles. And one of them says chronic fatigue here on the homepage, or any other page. So let’s say we go to the about page, it’s still gonna be there in the purple. There’s a whole bunch of squares. Yeah. And then just go to the one that says chronic fatigue. I think I have another way to get to it, though. Daniel, I think it’s just gonna be different than this. But we try to help that too, as possible. possible they can get it here. Yeah.

YouTube, your office, every, every place, you can possibly put it people need this. Okay, let’s

say you, you know, you’re watching this and you’re thinking to yourself, like, what the heck, you know, yeah, I have chronic fatigue. But why should I be listening to you? Like, what are you going to do to help me? Well, that’s what I’m telling you. I’m telling you what we’re gonna do. We’re not trying to convince you, we’ve had better results, helping people with chronic fatigue than anyone in any other part of at least the state. So we’re in Northern California. So anyone in the northern part of California had really good results with pretty much you know, you know, that’s almost as good as anyone anywhere because the therapies we use are really unique. It’s not the therapies so much as the system that we’re using the therapies with. So we’re using herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, and energy medicine in a way that’s very unique. It’s sort of a very directed approach. We’ll even do emotional therapies and other other therapies like chiropractic. It just depends. If we’re working together mainly on the phone, then that’s going to be limited. It depends on the program that you’re on, but probably just mainly be doing the herbs and the nutrition that are laser sharp focused on exactly what are the underlying causes of your your your health challenges? were you feeling any better or what what happened? It’s been two weeks since you

it’s been a rough month. Yes, I am feeling better. About a week and a half ago, I had like the most severe sinus infection that I’ve ever had in my life, and I was bedridden for like five days with like severe pain in my face because when it swelled up, and then I have a nerve and nerve Plexus that gets irritating it makes you kind of want to scratch My face off. So that wasn’t a very, even very well, I knew Lilia was coming on the show. So I asked him to help me out. And he sent me some nutritional supplements from what was the company again,

and our process of

Yeah, standard process, which is a natural. Yeah, natural supplement company. And they’re a little different than everybody else. And I was really impressed by their product because I, I took antibiotics. And that was like, ripping up my stomach. And I, after I stopped taking those and got on the supplements, then I started getting my energy back, I felt more normal. As far as as normal as I can for how this year has been. I’ve been working like 80 hours a week, every week since January. We moved into this new clinic, and then we had this pandemic happened. And we had the software problem with our billing. And it’s been kind of one thing after another. I’ve been one of the most stressful years of my life, but we’re making progress and moving forward day after day is I realized that I have to really take care of myself, this business where we help people is not going to survive. So that’s why I sought out you Dr. Golden macaque. Okay, well,

I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Yeah, people will go whatever pace they want to go out. So yeah, let’s talk about that. That’s really, really important. So we’ll talk about that right now. I never gave you that paper. But you if you go to try it of health dotnet. And then you click on where it says learning. And then you click on where it says what to expect. There’s a forum there. That’s called the called path to health. It’s very, very, very colorful. Maybe I should send you a text message of it just in case you want to do some more.

Yeah. So tell tell us about like, just like the billing. So you’re working with me? I filled out all these different forms on the different body systems and what are like the building blocks? How do you start the process of breaking down? What’s wrong with somebody? Like, how do you fit putting the pieces together? Or,

yeah, just

unraveling the ball of yarn.

Thank you for asking that. Not only do I love you, but so does God. Daniel, I just wanted to let you know about that, you will have already filled out the chronic fatigue assessments. So that’s going to tell me a lot about what your health puzzle is. So you will have you would have already filled that out. And then you also filled out some additional forms that are called like a metabolic assessment form. And there’s one that’s called system survey form. So those are telling me about what are the systems of your body that aren’t working properly? Again, this is a system that we put together over more than 15 years, we’ve been doing this for years and years and years. So it’s not like, it may seem a little magical, since we’re not face to face. Well, I have met you face to face. But even if I had it, your forearms are going to tell me what are happening about what is happening with the different systems of your body, you know, it’s not so much do I have an explanation? It’s more like that is the explanation. You know, instead of paying a $1,795 for some fancy labs that might get you some information, you’re telling me exactly what’s wrong, by the way, you fill out these forms. Okay, so you’ve already done that the forms are filled out. They’re really clear. And I don’t want to, you know, definitely don’t want to embarrass you. You’re giving me permission to talk about your health on this. Right. So yeah, you’re taking a few medications. It looks like they’re What happened? How come they’re not on here? They are on here, you circled some of them on the neurotransmitter assessment.

Yeah, I couldn’t get them all on there. And then I was good, send them to you. But they’re stuck in my computer at home. But

I don’t want to have too much because we talked about it. Just out loud. We talked about it sort of

well here, I’ll say here’s what I do to stay sane, literally. So I’m on an antidepressant. And I’m, I have Well, let’s talk about my history a little bit. I have struggled with like a severe anxiety disorder since I was 18 years old, and depression and and been diagnosed with chronic PTSD. And some of that stems from my most distance from my childhood and some of its genetic, so I’m on like, an antidepressant like multiple anti anxiety medications, and then I take modafinil so that I can stay awake because the anxiety medications make me tired and then my nervous system is people that meet me don’t really wouldn’t know but like they think I’m pretty laid back but my nervous system is always really keyed up. So I have a really tough time getting to sleep at night so I take medication to get the sweet Yeah, what we were taught like going through school and everything is just snowballs. And the more and more in this last year. It’s been so stressful. I’ve seen my medication, almost like double and it’s During the scare me, and there’s something I need to do about it. Yeah, that’s the summary,

people listening to this, I’m going to already have done the health history with each person, you know, by the time they’re either before or after they watch this, this video, right? So you know, that’s how we’re gonna get all the information because they will fill out the forms. And we will have done the health history for 10 or 15 or 20 minutes or so to get all the information that we need, then once we understand what the pattern is that’s happening with their, their health, your health, then we can start to go over the plan. So, okay, so you’re you know, I’m probably not going to have too many people taking as many medications as you are, I’m just not going to accept them. So if you are taking meds and you are watching this and you haven’t been accepted, you’re going to have to pay extra money, okay? It’s just the way it is, this is going to be a lot more difficult to help somebody who’s taking, especially if you’re taking more than one medication, which, by the way in this country, at age 65, you know, the average person is taking two or more medications. I don’t have the exact stats for people under 65. But I believe over half the population is taking one or more medications. I could be off a little bit but that’s my understanding of the United States. You have a stat on it.

I don’t have a specific stat but I’m almost positive that might be two to three times what you just said.

Yeah, so it’s it’s 50% or higher for all age groups. Because a lot of little kids are taking medications now for things like Daniel what Daniels talking about anxiety or add or something like that? pts, not PT, well add usually, okay. So if you look at this path to health chart, we can see that it just goes over healing that anyone will have when they’re going from getting an infection to feeling better, or having an injury to feeling better, or they’re just going to get healthier. Okay, so we lovingly and affectionately call it the path to health chart, or Dr. Lee’s comikaze path to health chart only if

you own it, I

I own this thing. The other thing that we’ll call it is the custom tailored and personalized program. And they can see it that Daniel or not,

yeah, right. There’s good right there. That’s good.

So it takes about a year to go through the entire path to help chart. So you know, people always get a little bit down and out, you know, hearing that it’s going to take a whole year, but it does, it takes about a year. I can’t I’m not gonna lie here. The thing that we realized when we were here in America, talking about people waiting a year to feel better is that nobody wants to wake up, we put together a new plan. That’s not called the custom tailored and personalized program, which is a year which has six steps red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet step 12345. And six, symptom relief, correction and strengthening of whatever organ or gland is causing the health concern and then helping with brain functions. So you can think more clearly add more energy, get you to the point where you’re feeling good, and then things kind of flow. Well, from that point, there’s a lot less of an emergency to help you with your health. It’s like the hot you know, the torching fire with the big flames has gone out. Now, there’s just some a little bit of cools down there at the bottom. But um, anyway, since the whole thing takes about a year, just these first and it’s six steps, six steps, is first up, these first two steps are called the improved, custom tailored for personalized program, not the custom tailored and personalized program. But the improved custom tailor, and personalized program for steps one and two. So just symptom relief, and production and strengthening. I’m not much of a computer guy, but if you were to just kind of imagine that we covered up you know, we just have the symptom relief, like you know, you’re tired. And let’s say you weigh too much weight, you know, let’s say you’re a little you’re 20 pounds overweight, I’m not saying you are but you know, maybe you are okay so if you are exhausted and 20 pounds overweight, and you want to feel good and lose 20 pounds to the point where you know you have plenty of energy throughout the day, that’s going to take some some lifestyle changes, it’s going to be some work. So what will happen is when we do the lifestyle changes that bring us from the symptoms, so that I feel good phase then and we use the herbs and the nutrition, depending upon how quickly and effectively you do the lifestyle changes. That’s what allows us to get to the IPL good face. So I know I’m I’m oversimplifying this with lots of intention. So if we start feeling good right away, that means that you don’t really have a correction and strengthening and there isn’t really any neurologic hormonal brain support, you just feel good, but it’s a trick. See. That’s not the way we we it’s not how it really works, even though you might feel good. What happens is if we remove the barriers to healing, you know, let’s say you were using a hairspray that was really toxic and you no longer using it. Are you are drinking orange juice every morning and just theoretically are allergic to orange and orange juice and orange juice, then just not doing those things will allow you to feel good, right? But we don’t want you to have feel good if you find chronic fatigue for many, many years, like Daniel saying he’s had things going on since he was a kid. So we don’t want him to feel good and have everything going great. He doesn’t even need any medication, which would be a major, big, big deal for him.

We don’t want we don’t want that, that

we don’t want that to happen. And then all of a sudden, all your symptoms come back immediately within six months or, or 10 months. Yeah, it would be like you’re all excited for you know, six months or 10 months, everything’s great. You’re happy. life’s going good. girlfriend’s happy, Mom, dad’s happy, you know, your your dog is happy, like, everything’s gone. Great. I’m excited for you

get a dog.

Yeah, you paid me some money, I received the money. You’re everybody’s got everything’s going well, then all your symptoms come back. It’s like that sucks. You know, that’s terrible, right? We don’t want that. Okay, though, we want you to get better, and then stay feeling better. We want you to do you know, we want you to get well as fast as we can, but also as slowly as we need to free to get the long lasting and permanent results that we’re looking for. So I do not have this written down anywhere. I don’t know, but I’ll just go over it out loud.

Well, pause just for a second. So what I hear you saying is that you want we want to we want our bodies to be functioning properly, not just symptom free,

right? Correct. Yeah.

What caused the symptoms? Exactly. So symptoms are, are just aren’t necessarily the root cause

I’m just a warning sign that something’s not working, right. Pain is good pain means why you better change whatever you’re doing that caused that pain, otherwise, you’re still gonna have pain, like a person who has heart pain, right? Right where their heart is, you know, and it’s a sharp pain, and it makes them feel kind of worried, you know, that would be a sign that something needs to change right away and in a big way, because if you have a heart attack, maybe you could possibly die. I mean, it’s the number one cause of death in the United States, at least. Heart Attack stroke, and then cancer is like way down number four, or five or something. So, so yeah, but it doesn’t mean that the pain is bad, it means that something needs to be done, and we don’t want to just do something to get rid of the pain. We want to get to whatever caused that pain to begin with, right? I mean, so that you can have the pain go away and not come back. Okay, so I didn’t write it down. But everyone is watching this. You know, I don’t know if you’re driving, you can’t do this. But you guys listen, you take out a pen and you write down these four words number 123. And four. Number one word is water. Water. Have this in a video so so water, the next word is protein. Word is sugar.

Bring water. Because there’s not a lot of Poland spring water that okay, what kind? Poland spring water from Maine?

I don’t know. pH is not one of the ones on our list. It’s probably okay. But you have to look at the ingredients and see if they use invert reverse osmosis. No, they do not. I

made sure that they did not. Okay.

So that was a good chance. It’s

okay. That’s reverse osmosis.

Anyway, it’s water, protein, blood sugar and digestion. So those are the things that we want to work on. I think I have it over here. Okay, so water, how much water we drink, how often we drink water, and what kind of water we drink as a huge amount to do with our health. Yay. We got four words on the screen. And I really suffered through that. That doesn’t look good. But

you did good. You did? Well. Water was the big thing. I think that made a difference to getting over that sickness. Also, I just started chugging spring water, like a pipe and a half a day. And that makes a big difference. Yeah,

we didn’t even go over the other ones with you yet. Daniel.

Yeah, exactly.

We finish going through all four of them. You’d be 75% better than you are now.

I know. I’m excited for that. The other

three I mean, not four. Okay.

Well, let’s let’s go. Let’s start with water. Why is water?

I’m laughing because this is like I’ve done this for like 15 years. It’s just getting to the point where it’s like a comedy show.

Yeah, share fun with it. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean when I talk to patients just over and over the same thing, but still do to them instead. I may know what you’re gonna say but I might not also so I’m curious.

So then a newborn baby 90% of the newborn babies may not have water and according to too. This is real classy as being a little sarcastic. And according to Richard Gerber, who wrote vibrational medicine, he’s saying 99% of humans are made out of water, I don’t agree with him, I’m not trying to put him down. I love that guy. And I love the book. And I’d say it’s about 75% of a human is made out of water. That’s what most of the experts are agreeing to. So as you can imagine, if your body is 75%, water, if you have the wrong kind of water, you’re gonna not be feeling too good. You know what I mean? You’re gonna be feeling a little bit lousy from day to day. So what kind of water you drink makes a big, big difference. And we have a sheet that we have shared with you, or we’re going to share it with you. And it goes over the water. Okay, it’s called water. Get a sheet. Go ahead, we can say something. That’s a good name for a sheet about water. Yeah, water is a is a pretty pretty not too bad name for a sheet about water. It’s, it’s a functioning name, water post exam. There’s different names for the sheet. But here’s the sheet. Can they see that? Yep. Thank the Lord. God bless all of us. God bless you, Daniel. God bless me. And God bless our listeners and viewers

that you don’t believe in God. Don’t worry about it. Just blessed anything you want. Okay? You don’t believe in blessing. Just do it your own way. Yeah, you’d want to drink at least a CT for having 50 pounds of body weight. So how much do you weigh, Daniel?

I weigh about 190 pounds right now. overweight. Okay, so

you need to be drinking two and a half times more water than you’re currently drinking. I’m not trying to make you feel bad. But I just wanted to let you know. I should

drink two and a half times more water than I’m currently drinking.

Yeah, you said you’re drinking a pint. So if we do 1.5 times 2.5 we get 3.75 pints. I would drink a little bit more than two and a half times what you’re currently drinking. Okay. All right. And yeah, I don’t know about that particular water. You’re drinking I sounds pretty good. It is a spring water. I just don’t have enough information about it to to advise about it. Okay. So I don’t want to I don’t want to do that. But here, here’s a list of waters that seem to work quite well for my patients. The only one that’s Oh, yeah, they’re all here. Except I think this one’s called surely Sedona artesian spring water. It’s not called simply Sedona.

It’s the only one I could find was crystal geyser. I started with that. Yeah, that’s fine. And because we don’t have a whole foods, that’s really the only one in my area probably in North Dakota that you can find me but then I got pulled in spring water off Amazon, Poland spring water? Oh,

well, let’s just hope it’s okay. Is that is that a glass container? Or is it plastic or plastic? It’s

fine. Not good. Well, water? No, it’s plastic.

I researched. I mean, I independently researched crystal geyser and the crystal geyser company. And so far, so good. I mean, I haven’t really run into anyone ever that had a problem with crystal geyser. There was one lady that I heard rumors about that didn’t do well with the water. I don’t know if it’s true. I’m suspecting it actually was and she didn’t do well with it. It was like one person one time, one place ever that had problem with that

water. It doesn’t do well with water. What happens?

Well, it just means it’s not the right water for them. They don’t feel Oh, what a good question. Okay. So if you’re drinking the wrong kind of water for your body, you’re going to have terrible, you know, it’s going to affect your health natively, you’re going to have it’s going to contribute to symptoms, it’s going to contribute to poor health. Instead of contributing to health and contributing to getting rid of the symptoms. You’ll become more dehydrated. Rather than hydrated. There’s some books about water that I have over here. This one’s called. You’re not sick, you’re thirsty. I’m pretty sure they can see it. What do you think?

That’s it? Yep. You can see it. You’re not sick? you’re thirsty. Correct?

Yeah, so that one’s by F Batman, Batman cailleach. md, and he’s noticed other books the same book. Your body’s many cries for water.

Okay, your body’s many cries for water by who? You

said. Yeah. That’s a very well, either his name so um, yeah, he’s saying basically that people aren’t getting sick. They’re they’re, they’re dehydrated. So a lot of these prescription medications that people need to take are being given to them because they’re so dehydrated, they can’t function while they’re treating dehydration with prescription medications. It makes no sense. They need to become better hydrated. They need to metabolize the water better. They need to utilize As the water better, they need to absorb the water better. It’s not just how much water they drink, it’s how much water they they drank and metabolize and absorb. And we help with all of those using the School of cop meth, using school knockoff method, the new medicines, it’s not a I’m not claiming it’s a quick fix. I’m not saying that. But it’s, it’s, it’s, we actually help with that. Okay, I’m

cases once you start it, it’s very hard to stop it because medications are very powerful. That’s been my

once you start a medication with out the Scola cough method, the new medicine, it’s not only difficult to stop the medication, in some instances, it can be very, very close to impossible. The only way to do it without the score in the cough method is to have incredible thoughts and beliefs that are very focused and directed towards accomplishing the end result of stopping the medication. It needs to be a burning desire, the minute the person wakes up until the minute they go to sleep at night to relieve you know, to reduce or eliminate their medication unless they have that burning desire that somehow gets instilled in them. Without this one, the COFF method. It’s very, very difficult. However, we have the scholar cob method. My name is Dr. Elias coma cough, which is very fortunate. So with this coma cough method, it’s really not that difficult to get get off the medications. But and you know, in your case, again, you’re actually not the rule to this. You’re more of the exception you’re taking you told me not on this video. But webinar, but you’re taking podcast. I mean, you were taking you’re taking about five separate prescription medications. That’s easy. I’m

probably like six. Okay,

so here’s what we do. You already know that since you’re watching this, you have I feel guilty. I

said, I like we talked about, you know, what you’re talking about, and then I’m taking a vacation to be able to function at a high level and not what I want. For people or for myself.

Yeah, the medications are, I guess we have to talk about the medications. Okay.

Yeah, you really don’t want to but we only have like 17 minutes left,

but I’m

1770 minutes.

That’s what you said. I don’t know. 20 minutes. Five minutes. Okay. Yeah. So that what happens is this. So Daniel here, he has his six medications and he needs them. Now that you now that you got this this program. I mean, I think you should know the truth. There is no such thing as a medication deficiency.

I would agree with you.

It’s okay. If you don’t. I would agree. such thing. So if you are, you know, if you’re if you’re seeing this and you’re thinking, Okay, I’m using one or my friend uses one, I thought they really needed it. No, they don’t need it. We’ve been duped. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been scammed. And we’ve been convinced. I the Rockefellers who created this huge drug cartel. They didn’t start it, they started it. Right a little after the turn of the century. So before that, you know, they were not as big and powerful as they are today. But they had 1000 homeopathic pharmacies just right here in the United States before. Before, you know, right at the turn of the century, and the homeopaths were getting the sickest of the sick Well, with one homeopathic remedy and one treatment visit, I mean, and they were charging a lot of money and the medical doctors who did not use homeopathy didn’t have nearly those results. does actually, from the death records. We know, you know, a lot of us now, all are all over the world, we realize that this Coronavirus is a part of our lives, whether it’s a good or bad thing, whether it’s real or fake. It’s a big part of our lives, regardless of how you want to look at it. And during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. It was the chiropractor’s especially in the state and the state of Iowa, that we’re having 40 times better results and helping their patients survive the Spanish flu and the medical doctors did. And those chiropractors that we’re using the additional, you know, herbs and homeopathy and nutrition that we use with the Skolnick off method. We’re getting far, far, far more than 40 times better results and helping their patients survived the Spanish, Spanish flu. So from the 19 1970s 1980s. At any rate, we’ve all been convinced that, you know, we can’t function without these medications. And some of us can’t, because we’re ill, and there is a time and place for everything. And, but remember, we were surviving just fine and 19 1719 16 1915 1905 1903 even with cholera and even with all the problems we have had, so that they pretended that the vaccines we’re gonna we’re gonna help with polio and they had a major decrease in the number of people who were dying of polio right after they introduced the vaccine here in the United States. But what they don’t tell you is that an Amsterdam and other parts of the world where polio was really high and they did not introduce the vaccine, the incidence of polio came down just as quickly if not faster than they did here in the United States. Because there’s about there’s a bell code curve for any kind of a disease or pandemic or outbreak of you know of any sort or another. You take

any right at the top of the curve yet here in the US for what for Coronavirus, Coronavirus here

Coronavirus is a scam demick it’s not a real pandemic, it said there is there is a virus, and it’s called SARS COVID to SARS Cove to and it’s Coronavirus, and it’s new and it’s different. It’s unique. People have gotten sick and people who have died. People have died, I should say but it’s not it’s not an actual pandemic, which means that a large percentage of people who get the thing, get sick and die. Lots of people have gotten this. They’re not they’re not sick, they’re not dying, they’re not having a problem. Some people get sick for a day or two, some people a week, some people an hour, and some people are elderly, they do just fine. We have a president of the United States get the thing. He seemed to be pretty. Okay. You know, it’s the people who are exposed to too much radiation like 5g, right, that’s what that’s what a lot of the experts are saying is that because 5g is now out there’s way more radiation than there ever was before 5g. And there’s some type of direct relationship between the 5g and this SARS COVID. To Yeah,

we don’t have 5g here in Fargo, North Dakota yet, we’re still

viruses are a little mysterious. They, you know, it’s basically the sloughing off of very toxic genetic material. So it doesn’t have to be transferred the same way it can be but it doesn’t have to be transmitted the same way as a bacteria would be or a parasite or an amoeba, you know, it’s a little bit different. So you don’t have to go and swallow it or lick it or anything like that, you can just get it almost spontaneously, if you get too much poison in your system. So it’s again, they’ve never actually isolated this size COVID to an a lab. So whether or not it exists, is actually a controversy. I think it does exist. I mean, I’ve heard some things from some of my colleagues. And I’ve had some patients come in with some symptoms that I helped them with, they got better quickly. But it seems that there is something that you could identify as being different. That’s a new kind of a virus. But again, it has not actually been isolated in the lab. So it’s a little, it’s a little premature to have a name for it. And to shut down the whole world, you know, because of it, especially with a survival rate of 96.96 or 99.96%. I mean, we’re talking about almost everybody survives this thing, and 80% of the people over 80% of the people who get it don’t even notice that they’re getting it. I mean, it’s just it’s just absurd. So nothing to really discuss here. It’s not really what we’re talking about here. But

a sick note. Ah, that’s just a side note. Interesting. Yeah.

No worries. So the six medications, you know, we want to not need them. We want to get off them. How do we get off them with the school acop method. Method work? Well, this is how it works. we’re identifying what’s imbalanced using traditional healthcare. It’s called diagnosis. And then we treat the underlying cause of whatever the problem is. So for instance, with Daniel, we figured out that he was eating some wheat, and some corn didn’t really know about that yet. But wait a second. Did you send them the history of dietary food intake form to me? Yeah,

I did see. I had trouble with wheat, but I didn’t think I had trouble with corn. Because I’ve had food sensitivity testing done before. I don’t do well with sugar, but wheat completely. I did have a little tiny bit of corn. They had a tortilla this week, but

thing is that you ate it. I’m not saying you know that it’s bad or good, but you ate it. And now I’m I’m explaining that. It causes diarrhea, dermatitis, depression and dementia. A couple of which you already suffer from Alzheimer’s, everyone that’s well documented in research. They know that from a study they did, I guess they had about 40 different prisoners that they took in the 1940s They said, Look, we’re gonna give you your freedom. If you want to participate in the study, all you have to do is go through the study for a couple months, and we’ll give your freedom. So they took these 40 prisoners, and they have them just eat corn and corn products. I think they gave them a little something else. It wasn’t just corn every day, as much as they wanted to,


a couple months. And sure enough, they came down with all the B vitamin deficiencies, like pellagra, and protein deficiency syndrome, and you know, different kinds of the, you know, beat mainly B vitamin deficiencies that were really severe. They started having depression and dementia and diarrhea and all this kind of thing.

dermatitis at least well, because B vitamins, always taken p complex, and it’s always helped me.

We’re not seeing the symptoms. We want to get rid of the symptoms. We’re treating what’s causing the symptoms.

Yeah, we want to get rid of the cord.

Yeah, I want to get rid of the corn. I’m just trying to find Daniel Pozarnsky to see why did I miss here? I have you here. I just don’t see. So you sent over to me, right.

I think I sent it to you.

Let me look real quick. Yeah, so I’m missing that. I’m just, I just checked your email. Oh, maybe I forgot.

Yeah. So it’s always

the most important thing that we all struggle with, like, you know, whatever that thing is. So Daniels cases.

I’m not going to print that one out. Okay, let’s see what

they’re not hopefully who you know that the listener is not going to have to print anything. Really, I hope for their sake. Oh, right. So you guys see the list of waters, I mean, water questions. So with the medications, like I said, most of my listeners won’t be taking a whole lot of medications. If they are they’ll be paying more. It costs more money because it takes more time and energy and more commitment. Also, this is a guaran tee more last system to help you with your chronic fatigue. If you can’t get over your chronic fatigue, I’m offering to treat you in person and our Healing Center a number of times at no additional charge. And Daniel’s coming out at some point to get treated. So we can

think I’m going to come up for my birthday. It’s on January 11. And I’m going to be my birthday present to myself. All right, I hope California will be kind of opened up more not crazy. Like it is say I love that area of California. Yeah,

I’m in California and I’m open but I’m not sure what’s happening with the rest of my, my, my people over here. It’s a little hot, what’s been happening. There’s some people who are living their normal lives, and other people don’t seem to be able to. Okay, so any questions about you should drink about a quart for every 50 pounds of body weight. After you start using the herbs in hand or nutrition that we send you an ending upon the program that you’re on. If you are prescribed homeopathy, which is a very advanced program, that means that you’ll be needing to drink extra water probably quite a bit more than that for a few days right after you use your homeopathy. So any questions on these are they able to see these things it’s basically crystal geyser Whole Foods 365 day everyday value spring water Starkey’s aka pawna pa and na today by the Pellegrino company, Roxane spring water Trader Joe’s spring water boss, it’s better to get Boston glass because I say it below just to drink out of glass. But also I think it’s not very good. Be careful of that. And then there’s my comments in this local area, Alhambra’s spring water, not the reverse osmosis but the spring water. And then there’s the purely Sedona artesian spring water, which is really great don’t drink sparkling water, because it’s associated with bone disease. So you don’t really want to do that we don’t want to encourage bone disease or in


those are not really water those are just flavor what was water once and then they they raped and pillaged the water and they put a flavor in it. So now it’s not water anymore added flavors and things like that and the pH is changed. Remember our blood has to be about seven has to be an eat a balanced pH, approximately. I don’t have the exact pH for our blood, but I thought I thought it was about seven but I’m not really sure. So if your blood becomes too alkaline or twisted it quickly you actually die right away. So we have a whole buffer system in our body that allows to not get too acidic or alkaline. That’s called the carbonic anhydrase system. And it’s regulated with things. So zinc is very important. But anyway, the point is, is not trying to just get people to listen to me while I talk. The point is that it matters what kind of water you drink. And it matters what the pH of the water is.

Yeah, I got little strips. I started tested everything in the bubbly water was like a pH of six. Like, a water that has some sort of sugar in it, like pH of three, and they

get really acidic that

Yeah, yes, we get too acidic, which increases inflammation also correct. Like systemic,

way too alkaline or too acidic? I mean, either either one wouldn’t be good. Yeah, it’s not that one is better, or

that’s really the height. Everybody wants alkaline water. They think it cures cancer, isn’t that it’s the opposite. Yeah. So

what what I found among my patients, and again, that, you know, I’m only an expert in. Okay, so what it’s worth, but is that not all of them, but the majority of them are too. They’re too alkaline. their digestive tract at least is too alkaline. So with an overly alkaline digestive tract, they’re susceptible to mold, yeast fungus and Candida

infection. And this is just interesting and important. Also, if they’re susceptible to mold, yeast fungus and Candida infections. That means if they were to take probiotics,

or alkaline, then they’re going to become even more alkaline. So my favorite patient friend of all patient friends that exist on the planet, Daniel Pozarnsky. Are you taking any kind of a probiotic that we did not prescribe to you? By any chance? Yep, well, Pozarnsky Hey, but

like I do, I believe in probiotics, so I will. And I just took about I just just on antibiotics, which killed my Pro, like, good bacteria. So yes, I was taking some, so I shouldn’t be, oh,

you’re helping me a lot. You know, without you, I’d be screwed, like, nobody’s gonna listen to me. Nobody’s gonna care when I have to say, and it’s not gonna make any sense. But you’re keeping me focused here, you’re gonna, it’s hard. I mean, you’re gonna keep me on my toes. You know, I’m like, I’m like on the edge of my seat here.

I gotta take that out of the diet, or out of this.

Dr. George goodheart, who is the father of who’s the founder, I should say, a professional applied kinesiology, which is the main system of diagnosing and treating that we use in the office. It’s way more complex than a professional like me psychology. But anyway, that’s the foundation of it. He said, The body is intricately simple and simply intricate. And what he meant by that is that the body responds to specific input. And the most important part is to diagnose it’s to understand what’s wrong, and how the therapy, you know, then then you provide the therapies. So we don’t provide therapies first, and then diagnose Second, we don’t, you know, handout Prozac and other kind of meds and see, you know, doesn’t help the person or did they just commit suicide, like Peter breggin talks about the well known psychiatrist who wrote, you know, toxic psychiatry and talking back to Prozac and other similar books, instead, we diagnose then we provide the therapy and then we observe the result. I know it’s hard to imagine how all that works just over the phone, but it works really, really well. through video, Skype, zoom and over the phone. So yeah, I wouldn’t avoid any of these things that are really I don’t have your your form here with your your supplements that you’re taking. So I can’t really refer to it. But

I had it on another document that was on my computer at home that I was working on last night. I can get that to you for next time.

Yeah, no,

no worries episode. We’re making this into a serious book.

Unless like, Did I ever text it to you? Yeah, here it is. It’s right here. Okay. sinus Forte’s regimen, and cataplexy CP. So basically, you know, you’re too alkaline. So you’re having sometimes you have some digestive trouble. And so if you have anything like that’s fermented, it’ll make you more sick. Or if you have digestive enzymes, or probiotics, those will make you more sad. So just imagine, imagine this, you know, McDaniel, and whoever’s watching, if we were to just help our friend Daniel here with these, these other three things is blood sugar is digestion is protein, not just a little bit of water, but the blood sugar, the digestion of protein, we take them off the apple cider vinegar, we take them off the probiotics, we take them off the digestive enzymes, all of which are making them either too alkaline, or too acidic. They’re introducing tons of tons of bad terrible bacteria as well as good bacteria, but that good bacteria he can’t, it’s not going to work we need to have a healthy soil first. And then when we have healthy soil, that’s when we plant the seeds and the healthy soil. So we want to establish healthy soil. I gave him a few supplements. It’s not that they’re the perfect healthy soil supplements but he had that infection and now we’re you know, getting over the infection. This is for weakened immunity and exhaustion I owed me air as an iodine supplement scientists for taste for the infection itself some herbs like machination, goldenseal and stuff. Drennan is for exhaustion. cataplexy, CP is also for exhaustion. So

you don’t really need

the cataplexy CP. Yeah. And that helps with low back pain. I don’t know if you haven’t had me, but it helps if you did. And it helps with the bladder and stuff. But that’s a whole other story. So

how about So should I keep continue on with those supplements? Or do we get to switch to some new ones now?

Yeah, we’re gonna switch to some new ones soon. But you should continue them until you run out of them. Yeah, yeah. And then I can send you we can do the same thing we did. I’m not Let’s not talk about it right now. But like, after we’re not after we’re done with the podcast, we can send you some, but the highest good is to find the cause, according to Hippocrates, who is the father of modern medicine, and we’re finding Daniels cause, right? Corn, we probiotics, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, I mean, and digestive enzymes, all of which are not right for him. Right, everything. And like goodheart said, the body is intricately simple and simply intricate. So we’re doing specific therapies that are custom tailor, just a Daniel, if you’re watching this, they’re custom tailor just to you. Okay, but pay attention. Because when we talk on the phone, and we, you know, send you an email, read through the email, you know, there’s no reason to necessarily second guess what we’re doing. The reason why this is so expensive. And least in my opinion, I don’t know if you agree or not. But the reason that’s so expensive is because it’s it works. Okay, is that? Well, but you have to follow the exact system,

but not expensive, it’s just investment for yourself. Well, the reason it’s so much money is because your health is valuable, and we want you to take it seriously. And it’s well worth it. What happened to my past, I’ll go back to the top to help chart for yourself. And you know, that’s what I always tell my patients is if you invest in yourself, then then you can do the things that really give your life meaning that you may not be able to do because of your issues, your low back pain, or sure mental health issues or allergy issues.

Absolutely. So your your consciousness and your pocketbook or your pocket. Yeah, so we’re gonna make sure to access your consciousness through your pocketbook. And, you know, if you’re paying much less, you might just overlook a lot of what we’re talking about. But since it’s costing a fair amount of money, we want to make sure we have your attention and that you’re going to follow through on the water, protein, blood sugar and digestive changes that will bring us from the symptoms to the feeling good. Now, believe me, it’s okay, if you want to go a little slow, we can go faster, we can go slower, it’s up to you. So like Daniel, for example, he has a lot going on, he has a really busy clinic. He has a lot of developments in his life, he’s been busier, with more developments and more stress in his life than almost any other point of his life, just during the last 12 months or so. So you know, he’s going at his pace. If you have less stress in your life than he does, you can go at your pace. So I guess that’s and the main lifestyle changes are water, not just water, not just blood sugar, protein digestion. But remember, if we’re bringing back an infection, with some vinegar that’s loaded up with bacteria and some digestive enzymes and probiotics that are too alkaline, then that’s going to upset our ability to take in the nutrients and the foods that we’re eating, which is going to upset our blood sugar. So each of these is related to the other. They’re not just isolated. lifestyle changes, they’re not generalized lifestyle changes. They’re not random lifestyle changes, these lifestyle changes that will bring us from the symptoms to feeling good, are specific, just to you. Okay, we’re doing like this, this podcast just for you. It may seem like since it’s not what maybe you’re watching it and it’s not live like it’s for just whoever’s watching it. But it’s just for you. It’s specific just to you. We’re gonna diagnose exactly what herbs or nutrition you need, specifically for you. It’s not like a one size fits all approach. It’s not the same herbs and nutrition we give everyone. It will be specific just to you. Daniel is taking. I can show you what he’s taking. If you want to see what he’s taking, he’s taking. He’s taking these four things specific just to to him. Okay, so this sheet has a name it’s called

the next time we kind of covered water this time. What Why don’t we next time like cover protein or digestion and how that it’s linked to the process of healing me or the person listening and and up did them on you know, now I’m gonna take out digestive enzymes and probiotics and newer apple cider vinegar and see what happens.

Yeah, basically they can just get that sheet from my my web website. So let me just show them what it looks like. I’m

just gonna.com Dr. alias golden cops website, right at the top that net?

Yeah. So if you they go to the new patient forums, they could do that if they want but anyway, it’s called the patient schedule, like I said, the forum that Daniel had there, and you could see he was taking a few nutrients. So over here is the name of the product. It was either an herb, so right or it would have been a nutritional supplement. And then it says when he takes it, okay, and then it says whether he chews it or just swallows it. Yeah. And then if there’s any special instructions, let’s hope that it would be written here. Okay, very, very, very simple form. Okay, so that’s called the patient schedule. We know what to take and when to take it so he’s not confused.

So we’ll stop right there for this episode. We’re gonna make this into a series of and we’ll we’ll be back with Dr. aliah. Going to cop in about four or four weeks, and we’ll check in.

Thanks for tuning in.

Thanks for joining the podcast. Our being on

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